Saturday, April 19, 2014

White Boy Posse trial underway

The trial of White Boy posse member Randy O'Hagan in the Lorry Santos murder is underway. The court was told that it was not uncommon for members who left the gang to be killed because they would know too much about the organization. Such was the case in the Lorry Santos murder.

A member of the gang named Trevor Cromartie also referred to as TJ had left the gang and there was a hit put out on him by the gang. Sadly the shooters got the wrong house and murdered an innocent mother by mistake.

On day three of the trial testimony focused on the involvement of Randy O'Hagan with White Boys Posse member Josh Petrin. Josh was close friends with Sean Jackson aka Fat Mike. Josh got all the product from him. Sean was supplied by the Hells Angels. Josh has been charged with Mitchell Chambers and Brian Gowers murder.

Ironically enough. Josh is Native. Seemingly the WBP was more about drug trafficking than racism. Just like how Mom Boucher founded a white supremacist biker club called the SS before joining the Hells Angels but got a black man named Greg Wooley to sell drugs for him to the Caribbean community in Montreal.

Tyler Corbett is on the right in the top picture. Fat Mike is on the left. One has to wonder, if Randy and Kyle were ordered by the gang to kill Trevor Cromartie for leaving the gang, why aren't the people who ordered the murder on trial as well?

The Canadian Gas Pump Scam

This one is astounding. It's a perfect example of the boiling frog syndrome. If you put a frog into hot water it will jump out but if you put it in warm water and gradually turn up the heat, it will stay there until it boils. That's why FBI Whistle blower Sibel Edmonds calls her blog the Boiling Frog Post.

Everyone complains about the price of gas. However, this new set of record jumps in price is yet another example of how the government has helped destroy a free market with a corporate monopoly. The oil companies can charge whatever they want whenever they want because there is no competition. They have a monopoly on the market that was created with tax dollars.

The Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations states: "Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain, like all pipelines in Canada, is a franchise monopoly. That means it is protected by government from competition. Which means it can do what monopolies always do: abuse customers by jacking prices and cutting service. In theory, government regulators are supposed to protect consumers from this sort of thing. But given the reality of regulator capture it doesn’t work that way in practice."

In 1911 the United States Supreme Court ruled that Rockefeller' Standard Oil was an illegal monopoly. Now the politicians who accept huge campaign contributions form the oil companies call monopolies good business. We have no anti trust laws any more. That is the problem right there and right now it is a bigger threat to our civil liberty than Russia.

On top of that, Stephen Harper sold Canada's oil rights to Communist China so every time we get gouged at the pumps we are funding the military expansion of a Communist dictatorship. China supports North Korea just like the Hells Angels support puppet clubs.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

There are more scandals to catch up on but since Vaisakhi celebrations abound I thought it would be timely to mention Good Friday on this Easter Weekend. Several years ago an Indo Canadian friend asked me, "If Friday was the day they killed Jesus, why do Christians call it good?"

I paused for a second and thought, OK this is going to be kind of hard to explain. Then I thought, wait a sec, you really don't know? Seriously? I guess it's something we take for granted. It's something we're taught as kids in Sunday school. Wait a minute. Our kids don't go to Sunday school any more. You mean our own kids don't even know any more? That is sad.

Many martyrs have lived noble lives and have died for their beliefs. Christ's atonement was different. It's kinda like trying to get on a bus and not having the fare to pay. Anywhere other an BC this would be a problem. Justice requires the fare be paid. Yet mercy pleads give me a break. However, mercy cannot rob justice since if the driver gave that person a break he would have to give everyone the same break and everyone would ride for free. Another solution is a friend comes by and pays the fare for you so you can fulfill the demands of justice yet still ride the bus.

That's kind of what Christs' atonement did. The wages of sin are death. Christ died in our place so we don't have to. Yet all of us will die a physical death. The atonement makes the resurrection possible. One day everyone will be resurrected and judged. The body and the spirit will be reunited in it's perfect form. An immortal body that doesn't age or die. Because of the atonement everyone will be resurrected. Where we go after this life depends on the life we led and the type of person we became.

The atonement is something we take for granted. It's like a father who worked on a railway drawbridge that took his son to work one day. There's a video clip of the story called the Bridge. A train full of people was about to cross a railway bridge. His job was to make sure the draw bridge was down so the train could cross.

As the train approached the father noticed his son had wandered onto the train track. He was faced with a heart wrenching decision. Leave the bridge up to save his son which would kill all the passengers on the train or lower the drawbridge which would kill his son but save everyone on the train. At the last minute the father decided to save everyone on the train and mourned the loss of his son. The train was safe and everyone survived without even knowning of the sacrifice the father made on their behalf. This parable is a metaphor of God's sacrifice of His son who died for us.

So the short answer to the question is Christians call Friday good because Christ died to make it possible for everyone to live again. Yet it behooves us to pause and remember the day to respect the magnitude of the sacrifice made on our behalf. Some call it folklore. I call it history.

Now I am certainly not the model Christian nor do I agree with many of the doctrinal diversions many make in the name of Christianity. Many years ago I used to work with a very witty and sarcastic Christian they called Dutchy because of his heritage. He used to boast "You can always tell the Dutch but you can't tell them much." He was a good man and a talented musician.

He put out a CD called Retro that had some stirring songs on it. One of my favorites is called the View from an Ivory tower. It starts of saying "There's a man on the TV telling me God wants me living in prosperity. Millions tune in because they like what they hear, even though his gospel is not too clear." Another one I like is called the Parade. He was very cynical of religious hypocrisy and wrote a song about it. He compared it to a big parade of lunatics chasing a snake oil salesman.

Dutchy explained the imagery in the song to me many years ago. He said the parade is led by three different Jimmies: Jimmy Swaggart, Jimmy Baker and Jim Jones. He thought all three Jimmies were the same. When discussing the parade of snake oil salesmen he says he's seen this circus before and he just wished they'd take their side show away from his front door. It's a very appropriate song. Kinda like how Christ called the religious leaders of the time liars, hypocrites and extortionists. He chased the money changers out of the temple for pimping the church for their own personal gain. That was not the intent of his sacrifice. Peace.

Pot causes Brain Damage

The Vancouver Province ran an article that has been floating around of late claiming that pot causes brain damage. No kidding. Everyone knows that pot doesn't make you smart. Stoners aren't very bright. That was the whole point behind the comedy Cheech and Chong.

However, the study claims that the size and shape of two brain regions involved in emotion and motivation may differ in young adults who smoke marijuana at least once a week. There is a difference between mood alteration and brain damage. There is also a huge difference between pot and crack or crystal meth. We used to say Crack Kills when speaking to the youth about drugs. I would sometimes add to that Pot Kills Ambition.

Pot is not nearly as harmful to the body as crack and is likely just as bad as alcohol but one thing excessive pot use does do is kill ambition. It's not surprising the new study discovered pot use affects the part of the brain dealing with motivation.

Obviously the legalization of marijuana supporters want to promote it's use. Some people even claim pot cures cancer. That is false. Pot alleviates the pain of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy cures cancer. However, I personally know someone who has numerous health problems and after getting a prescription for medical marijuana, his symptoms have significantly improved.

I totally agree that mandatory minimum sentences for growing or possessing pot is stupid. It's a waste of tax dollars and prevents us from dealing with violent crime. Yet we do need to be honest about the harmful effects of pot because there are some. Alcohol abuse is likely more damaging than pot abuse but that doesn't mean pot abuse is good. Driving stoned or going to work or school stoned is not a very intelligent thing to do.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Transit cop disciplined for posting racy pictures

Another twilight zone moment. Front page of today's Vancouver Province is a dramatic story about a female transit cop named Tabatha Swadron who was disciplined for posting "racy" photos of herself. However, when you look at the pictures, it's just her in a bikini. The Vancouver Province quoted a police spokesperson as stating “We were aware that she was involved in fitness activities and bodybuilding, but were not aware of the other ... activities.”

I'm not sure what these other activities include but this is nothing compared to Jim Brown. Tabatha was posting pictures of herself in bikini competitions. Jim Brown was posting pictures of himself naked wearing nothing but RCMP boots while holding a knife cutting off the lingerie of a female model. Pictures of Jim Brown naked are a crime all in itself. That guy is nasty. Yet fantasizing about raping someone at knife point isn't healthy. Especially for a cop.

The Province claims there is one "dominatrix" picture of Tabatha partially masked swinging and biting on a black leather whip in a tight cat-woman suit. Hardly sounds like it's worth all that drama to me. Once again it's nothing compared to what Jim Brown did and he most certainly wasn't in a bikini competition. He was posting BDSM pictures on a BDSM site looking for sexual partners who are into BDSM. I have a problem with portraying Tabatha as a dominatrix in some bizarre attempt to minimize the sexual harassment she faced at work.

There is a huge amount of sexual harassment within the RCMP and various other police departments in Canada. It is a huge ongoing problem. That's why there's a class action lawsuit before the courts. In Tabatha's case there was alleged to have been a lot of sexual banter from male coworkers that she was subjected to and on one occasion a male officer allegedly pulled Tabatha’s head toward his crotch. Tabatha didn’t complain, but a witness did. That became a sexual harassment complaint.

So here we have sexual harassment 101. If someone makes a sexual joke and the person they're telling it to isn't offended but someone else who hears it is, that's still sexual harassment. That is the law. That's what every other employer in Canada explains to their employees to fulfill their legal obligations to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. That is why this ongoing culture of sexual harassment within the police department is so archaic and bizarre. Tabatha participating in a bikini competition does not justify sexual harassment at work.

Speaking of bizarre, how many high ranking Surrey RCMP officers with aspiring political careers have done the dance of the flaming asshole naked in front of female coworkers? What heterosexual male would want to watch another man do that? At least they gave it the appropriate name.

The fact that Don Ray is still employed with the RCMP is proof the RCMP do not take their legal obligation to eliminate sexual harassment from the workplace seriously. The fact that he's in the BC Head office in the Surrey Green Timbers building with a bar on site paid for with tax dollars adds insult to injury. The fact that Stephen Harper continues to slander and harass whistle blowers is evidence he does not take his legal obligation to remove sexual harassment from the RCMP seriously either. It's called criminal negligence. Is there a breathalyzer outside the RCMP bar in Green Timbers for their drive home? Please advise.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Turmoil in the Ukraine

There are a few stories to catch up on but I wanted to pause and linger on something positive for a while first before rehashing more conflict. We've had some interesting discussions about the recent conflict in the Ukraine. Well things got complicated. Just to recap, Russia and the EU have both been trying to win over the Ukraine to join them. Russia handed over a sum of money and protesters rallied to oppose the idea of joining with Russia. Live ammunition was used on the protesters and the elected president who was pro Russia went into exile.

Putin took Crimea which is a pro Russia peninsula of the Ukraine and committed not to take any more land by force. At the time I thought that was a fair compromise. Part of the Ukraine clearly does not want to join Russia but Crimea did. Problem solved. So we had hoped. Yet it has become a bit more complicated than that.

Other areas in the Ukraine which were pro Russia started having demonstrations of their own in favor of joining with Russia and an internal conflict has broken out. Now Putin is threatening to cut off the Gas. If you look at the map the entire eastern region of the Ukraine is pro Russia. They voted for the pro Russian president.

After Russia took Crimea, Yulia Tymoshenko, the presidential candidate that lost the last election said she is going to run again. Ironically enough the elected president in exile said that Russia made a mistake taking Crimea and should give it back. No doubt he was referring to his own political future. With Crimea in the polls there was enough pro Russian supporters in the Ukraine to elect him. Without Crimea, his opponent might have a chance at getting elected.

The whole point is whoever is in charge of the Ukraine after the president went into exile is not a democratically elected president. It was a coup which makes the prospects of a peaceful solution to the conflict somewhat problematic. Instead of supporting coups we need to support the democratic process. Perhaps a legitimate referendum with the option of annexing the eastern region in blue. The west of the Ukraine does not want to join Russia but should be governed by an elected leader. The EU bankers are not to be trusted. They caused the Greek financial crisis. Nevertheless, hopefully the matter will be decided at the polls in the coming election.

Fake Pamphlet requires Jews to register

Now we cross over into the absurd. Media reports claim three masked men were handing out fliers telling Jewish citizens of Eastern Ukraine to register with the pro Russian forces. The pro Russian forces deny the requirement and claim the flyer is likely the work of provectuers. No kidding. The claim doesn't make sense at all. Everyone knows there is a huge popularity struggle going along with the tensions in the Ukraine. We also know there is a huge propaganda campaign against the pro Russian forces making statements that are simply not true. It is clear that Western Ukraine does not want to join Russia but Eastern Ukraine does.

This fake request simply doesn't make sense. Nowhere in Russia are Jews currently required to register. Why on earth would the pro Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine make that request knowing the world would oppose it passionately? The answer is they wouldn't. Even if that was their real goal, they wouldn't be handing out pamphlets making the request at this crucial time. They would wait until after they had secured their independence and after the dust had settled. Even if that was their true goal, they would not be handing out pamphlets saying so now. It doesn't make sense and is not believable. What is believable is that it is the work of provectuers. The suspects are obvious.

If the FBI paid James Cromitie $250,000 and a new BMW to plant bombs at Jewish targets in New York, "they" would certainly pay someone to hand out fake flyers in Eastern Ukraine. If it wasn't for the Russians, the USS Liberty would have been sunk as ordered by President Johnson.

Big Brother is not always right but they're not always wrong either. Stalin and Lenin were both evil. Yet so was Hitler and we don't still hate on Germany now that Hitler is gone. That war is over. Now the war continues and the greatest threat to our civil liberty is the enemy from within.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Finian's Paradise

In contrast with Finian's Inferno let's take a peak at Finian's Paradise. Yesterday I climbed the Stairway to Heaven on Seymour. This is probably one of my favorite places in Vancouver. The last stretch on the way to First Peak. From the other direction it looks like sand dunes made of snow.

I made it up to Second peak

and stayed for the sunset.

Things are very hit and miss on the coastal mountains. I've been at First peak at times when there was zero visibiity and a cold blowing wind that made me bundle up and say this is as far as I'm going today. Other days when the visibility is good, the view is awesome.

Especially the city lights from the mountaintop at night. I remember seeing them for the first time from Hollyburn Ridge. It was breath taking. It was a clear night and the moon cast a shadow. Winds were relatively calm and the silence was humbling. This is my quiet place.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Finian's Inferno

Here it is. The Hells Angels murder women and exploit the homeless part two. But first, let me set the stage which will define my beef. Just before Saint Paddy's Day I saw a video on youtube of Loreena McKennitt explaining what inspired her to write the song Dante's Prayer.

She said she was taking the train across Siberia and was reading Dante's Inferno. It's a literary classic about Dante's journey through hell. She said reading that book while she saw all the suffering and struggling around her inspired her to write the song and change it to Dante's Prayer. It's very moving. I picked up a copy of the book and thought I should make a post about Finian's Inferno. My journey through hell and the things I saw in my travels.

I've already talked about three images of murder that I can't get out of my mind. The expression on Britney Irvings face when she was found dead after being shot in the back by someone she loved, trusted and cared about. Janice Shore's caved in skull when I saw her in the hospital and the image described in court of the execution in the Surrey Six. Three gruesome images tied to the Big Red Machine and the fruits of their business.

That's what I want to talk about in my journey through hell. The predatory drug dealers that exploit the homeless. In that ridiculous troll rant, someone claiming to be Bryce was bragging about the treats they sell and claim they don't exploit the homeless living under a bridge. Yet that is indeed exactly what they do. When they bring that much cocaine into the country to be sold here as crack, they are responsible for all the violent misery that brings. They actually profit from it. From crack addicts being tortured in the basements of Prince George crack houses to the violent collection methods of the predatory drug dealers in East Vancouver and Whalley outside the Front Room it's all the same. It's Blood money.

The same goes for the dirty politicians that accept campaign contributions from the dirty developers and Casinos that launder drug money. However, the Hells Angels is a criminal organization. Manitoba has already deemed them as such and Saskatchewan is considering following suit to curb their violent monopoly on the drug trade.

When you look at the three rings: Robert Shannon and Jody York, the Randy and Trevor Jones indictment and the Larry Amero charges in Montreal we see three huge cross border drug trafficking rings where the Hells Angels were bringing massive amounts of BC Bud across the border and bringing back massive amounts of cocaine into Canada to be sold here as crack. That's not even counting the crystal meth like Kerry Ryan Renaud was cooking for John Punko and the Vancouver Hells Angels in Surrey.

Last year the police busted 16 grow ops in Kelowna alone all tied to the Hells Angels. 7 of them were licensed medicinal grow ops. That's a lot. I don't care if the Hells Angels run a few grows. I care when the Hell Angels take over grows and say no one can grow except us and start taxing every other grow under the sun. That is messed up. It is pure greed. I also care about the Hells Angels trading all that BC Bud for cocaine in the States and bringing it back here as crack. That destroys lives and communities. Sure there's more money in that trade but it's just not worth it. Again it all boils down to greed.

Another example of how the Hells Angels exploited the homeless in East Vancouver is when they sold the Drake hotel to the city of Vancouver. The city bought the hotel and turned it into social housing which was a good thing. The bad part was the fact that they paid the Hells Angels $2 million more than it was worth. That was tax dollars ear marked for social housing right into the Hells Angels pocket. No doubt they call it good business. I call it exploiting the homeless.

Don't tell me the Hells Angels don't have anything to do with the violent debt collection that goes on in East Vancouver or Prince George. Members of the Crew cut off fingers for drug debts on behalf of the Hells Angels in Prince George. Anthony Terezakis sold drugs for the Hells Angels in East Vancouver. Tony ran the drugs in the Cobalt and the American Hotel. Those are cheap hotels the homeless stay in when they can get a place indoors. Tony filmed himself beating the life out of drug addicts who owed him money. The Hells Angels are directly involved in the brutal violence in Whalley and East Vancouver. That is what I see in my journey through hell but that is not all.

Remember the Pickton Farm? There is a lot more to that story that Wally Oppal refused to be admitted in the not very public inquiry. There's a similar case in Australia involving the Hells Angels torturing someone on a Pig Farm there. Another similar case in Oakland. All frighteningly similar to the Surrey House of Horrors.

So the troll pretending to be Bryce made two totally false statements. He said the Hells Angels don't kill women and don't exploit the homeless living under a bridge when clearly they do. I personally don't believe that was Bryce because Bryce wouldn't publicly brag about their drug trafficking. He would deny they do it like Ricky C always does and claim they just ride motorcycles. Even though Bryce's own son is in jail for drug trafficking.

However, I do take great offense to the troll pretending to be Bryce claiming that I wear a white hood and burn crosses on people's lawns. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have spent a year and a half living in African American and Caribbean communities. I used to rock the A train up to 155th Street in Harlem, NYC. I lived behind the Front Line in Brixton and lived in Lakeshore village in south Seattle. I love a good curry mutton with some rice and peas and a Guinness stout.

Ricky C on the other hand was posing with David Black holding a Nazi flag with a swastika on it. Mom Boucher and Salvatore Cazzetta along with Biff Hamel were part of a White supremacist biker club called the SS before they all became Hells Angels. The Whiteboy posse is a puppet club that sells drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels. They use Nazi logos and are white supremacists. The Hells Angels are the ones affiliated with the Klan not me. I despise the Klan.

Finian's prayer isn't that you remember him. Finian's prayer is that you remember all that have suffered like Janice Shore, Bob Roth and Ashley Machiskinic. Forget Finian, Remember them.

Christ said Blessed are those that mourn for they shall be comforted. He also said Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Mother Teresa had a pure heart. She could see the face of God in those who suffer. Can we? My prayer is that we all can see the face of God in those who suffer and think about how our actions affect them and the society we want to live in.

Kelowna's most wanted

Kelowna's most wanted? Schrader? You've got to be kidding. Surely there are a lot more serious criminals out there that the police should be looking for like Damiano and or whoever put Joey up to murdering Britney. I know I've made fun of Matt in the past but I said I'd give him a chance and I meant it. I heard he got a real job. Breach of recognizance is pretty open ended. That could be something as simple as missing a court date for driving while his licenses was suspended. If he has a job he has to get to work. Give the guy a break. Some people do need a fresh start in life. There are a lot more serious criminals out there that we should be focusing on.

The guy never threatened my daughter. He and I were just smack talking a while back. I know the police were keen on nailing him back then. I wish they were as keen on nailing the real criminals instead of kicking the cat. The guy is harmless. Look in his eyes. He's just an ordinary guy. The elephant ears drive me crazy but a girl I used to date has a son with the same thing. They drive me crazy but her son is actually a nice guy. The Hells Angels are a much more serious concern than someone who used to be a low level dealer and is sincerely trying to make a go of it.

Update: Turns out that's exactly what it is. He missed an appointment with his PO after his driving while prohibited charge. It wasn't even for missing a court date and had nothing to do with drugs. Sometimes we really do need to give people a chance.

The Battle Axe Barbies however, who worship the deranged Shane Bunting, they're still idiots. Shane and his social misfit followers don't know a thing about rap music. I was introduced into rap back in Harlem when LL Cool J was making his debut. He's still around. LL, Tupac, Fat Joe, the Game, A Tribe Called Quest, TI, Ja Rule those are rappers. Shane Bunting is just an idiot that tries to put his white nerdy fantasies about kidnapping, torturing and murdering women to music. Eminem broke into the market and so did Malkemore. Not Shane and his misfit Barbies.

Mystery Diners

A few weeks ago I saw an episode of Mystery Dinners with a friend. I don't watch much TV but this episode was somewhat profound. The owner of a restaurant was concerned one of their employees was stealing from them so they had the show come in and plant secret cameras to find out who it was. The owner suspected an employee who was a ex con.

They had someone come in posing as a customer be really rude to him then leave their wallet on the table before they left. They wanted to see what he would do with the wallet. He picked it up and put it in the lost and found. Then the secret camera saw another employee go into the wallet and take the money out of it while it was sitting in the lost and found.

When the customer came back for their wallet they asked where the money is that was inside it and the employee that stole it threw the ex con under the bus and said it must have been him. He's an ex con. Fortunately the hidden cameras saw other wise and saw how the young girl had been stealing from the company on various occasions. Sad but enlightening. Sad how a young girl would blame someone else for her actions but enlightening that an ex con proved to be honest. People can change and we do need to give them a chance if they really have changed.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kaos Krew member busted in Edmonton

We interrupt this two part series with a not so important news bulletin. The Edmonton Journal is reporting that Peter Goodsell, who police claim is a member of the Hells Angels puppet club Kaos Krew was arrested after a traffic stop in Spruce Grove that netted marijuana, cocaine, cash and a large knife. It was only three ounces of marijuana and about 35-40 grams of cocaine but the cocaine was divided into 30 bags for reselling which would imply trafficking.