Monday, July 25, 2016

Report of cocaine laced with fentanyl at Shakerz

This story was posted on Facebook that a blog reader shared with me. They are claiming they did some cocaine at Shakerz over the weekend and ended up in the hospital because it had fentanyl in it. Highly possible since the Hells Angels run the crack outside the Front Room in Surrey where all those fentanyl overdoes occurred last weekend. Kinda makes ya wonder if Randy Jones still owns Shakerz after the name change from Tbarz since a Hells Angels associate was stabbed there after the name change. The story claims there was a fentanyl fatality at Shakerz over the weekend but I have yet to see that confirmed in the media. Has anyone else heard that?

Update: It turns out it wasn't cocaine laced with fentanyl, it was straight up fentanyl. Toxicology report didn't find any cocaine in her system. That means someone gave her fentanyl and told her it was cocaine. This is the story on facebook:

Surrey braces for more fentanyl overdoses

Front page of today's Vancouver Province was an article about how Surrey is bracing for more fentanyl overdoses because it's welfare Wednesday and everyone is going to spend their welfare cheques on Crack or Heroin and end up with some crack tainted with fentanyl. Can we not see what's wrong with this picture? It's just another way we are directly contributing to the gang war. Anciently, welfare Wednesday was a zoo in the DTES. People would get drunk, pass out and end up getting robbed of the rest of the months welfare cheque then be destitute for the rest of the month. an insane cycle of exploitation that continues to this day. So why are we enabling it?

In the DTES you can see line ups of people buying drugs after they cashed their welfare cheque. It's pretty easy to arrest the one at the front of the line selling the drugs. So why don't we? Especially now that we know those drug dealers are selling crack laced with fentanyl. Not arresting them makes us criminally culpable. Perhaps a portion of welfare cheques should be distributed as food vouchers instead of crack vouchers. That would be in everyone's best interest.

Study to evaluate effect of welfare cheque distribution on drug use

This is not social justice.

Rutland Shooting

Kelowna Capital News is reporting that One man is injured following an early morning shooting in the Rutland area of Kelowna. "The Kelowna RCMP responded July 25 at 10:10 a.m. to a report of a shooting that had just occurred in the 2700 block of Highway 97 North. Police have learned that the male victim was shot in a lower limb and was then transported by a witness to hospital." A Kelowna shooting. Well, well, well. Warriors, come out to play.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Falun Gong rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Last Tuesday I attended a candlelight vigil outside the Chinese consulate in Vancouver commemorating 17 years of persecution of the Falun Gong practitioners in Communist China. The following day they held a rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I was unable to attend but a few other non mainstream media outlets covered the event. Rebel Media posted a powerful Youtube video about the important campaign. It is shameful not a single member of the local mainstream media has picked up on this serious story. So the truth goes online and the people will carry the cause.

The United States government has passed a resolution denouncing China's practice of organ harvesting. Why hasn't Canada? Where is the local media? Text of the US resolution.

Epoch Times article - English translation

Sound of Hope article - English translation

Ming Hui article - English translation

One dead in Surrey double shooting

CKNW is reporting that "At least one person has died following a double shooting in Surrey in what is now an IHIT investigation. Two people had been taken to hospital after police responded to reports of gunfire just before 10:30 PM Saturday night on 90 A Avenue near 142A Street."

Prisons system in the US vs Norway

A friend of the family who did some serious time in the US prison system shared this video on Facebook. It compares the US prison system to that of Norway. Two different worlds. It goes along with a funny episode from the Netflix series Lilyhammer where the New York mafioso does some time in a Norway prison and says to his lawyer get me out of here. This is like a freaking Christian bible camp. It was pretty funny.

People here would say that's the last thing we want. Prisons in Canada are too soft as it is but are they realy? Take a look at Norway's reoffending stats compared to the US. In the US 76% of inmates reoffend within 5 years of being released. In Norway it's only 20 %. Those numbers tell a story. In the video one of the prison wardens state that every prisoner will one day be released into society. Do you want all of your inmates to be angry or rehabilitated?

Obviously we don't want prisons to be country clubs without consequences. Yet giving inmates opportunities to advance their education and do something positive in prison will help them when they are eventually released into society. As well as being wrong, torturing them is counter productive. Recently there were seven spoilt brats who had a quiet riot in a youth facility in BC and trashed the place. Don't reward them, make them face a logical consequence. They don't get to stay in that country club any more. They have to go to a facility less desireable now. You can make inmates face consequences without torturing them.

Locking up someone for 30 years for a drug offence is counter productive when everyone knows they were just a mule and will be replaced by someone else. The Hells Angels are the biggest drug traffickers in Canada yet they are small potatoes compared to the CIA who supply them. We need to stop kicking the cat and deal with the real issue or it will never be addressed.

Since Norway has such a successful rehabilitation rate I guess it's only fitting that the support group for former gang members is based in Scandinavia. Michael Green is the new Godfather. I'm just the elephant man. Do the right thing G.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Man stabbed at Vancouver's "safe" injection site

Scan BC reported that #Vancouver crews are responding to the Safe Injection Site at 139 E Hastings St for reports of a male stabbed at that location. Then reported that #Vancouver Police are on scene with a male stabbed in the back at Main St & E Hastings. I guess the "safe" injection site isn't very safe in more ways than one. The assisted suicide technicians help people inject poison and they create a violent crime area where people stab each other to a daily basis. Welcome to the tax paid Zombie Apocalypse. Close Insite and reopen the local police station.

Abbotsford Shooting

The Abbotsford News is reporting that "One man has been hospitalized with serious injuries after a shooting at Blue Jay Street and Cardinal Avenue in Abbotsford early Saturday morning. Police say they were called to the scene just after 2 a.m., with multiple people reporting shots fired and a single-vehicle crash. When they arrived, they found a 23-year-old man in a Cadillac Escalade with gunshot wounds. The vehicle had crashed into a power pole. The man was taken to hospital, where police say he is being treated for serious injuries."

Ruben “Doc" Cavazos out in bad standing

TBM USA and TBM Scandinavia are reporting that former Mongols National President Ruben “Doc" Cavazos is out in bad standing. My first impression was sadness. Doc Cavazos was a good guy. Why do the MCs always eat their own? One minute it's L&R Friends Forever Forever Friends, then the next minute it f*ck you you're an enemy and a piece of sh*t. The honeymoon never seems to last forever. Maybe maybe Doc Cavazos would like to join TBM now.

So then I decided to take a look at the other side of the story. Why is he out in bad standing? The Mongols web site claims he cut a plea deal and became a government informant. What?! No way. Say it isn't so. Quite often the HAs will say so and so was an informant when they weren't to rationalize why they killed them. Take Brittney Irving for an example. She was not a police informant. They simply screwed her over for a manufactured debt.

Doc Cavazos' case appears to be slightly different. He was handed a 14 year sentence under Operation Black Rain. The whole incident appears to be someone suspect. At the time they claimed they were set up and the ATF falsified evidence. The case appears to be based on the Nicola’s Shooting. We're not talking about getting caught shipping massive amounts of cocaine like the ATF did in Operation Fast and Furious. The Mongols real crime appears to be the fact that they have access to weapons and are Hells Angels rivals.

The controversial and most significant aspect of the case against Doc Cavazos is the ATF's attempt to seize the Mongols patch and trademark. This quest failed on September 16th, 2015 when Federal District Judge David O. Carter dismissed the case. However, the trademark quest continues as a new judge has been assigned to the case and the Mongols web site claims that Ruben “Doc” Cavazos flipped on January 23rd.

They state that "He seems to have gone quickly and easily. He was the very first Mongol to plead guilty to count one of the indictment. He confessed that he led a murdering, drug dealing criminal conspiracy called the Mongols Motorcycle Club. He also confessed “that the Mongols Registered Trademarks afforded a source of influence over the RICO enterprise that defendant admits he established, operated, controlled, conducted and participated in the conduct of….“As part of his guilty plea (Cavazos) agreed to the forfeiture of all right, title and interest in certain assets acquired or maintained by him as a result of his violation of (the RICO statute) including…the 'Mongols Registered Trademarks' or 'marks'” and admitted that the marks were subject to forfeiture to the United States."

"The government has also cited the guilty pleas to Count One of the Indictment by numerous defendants besides Cavazos as proof that the Mongols Motorcycle Club is a criminal conspiracy and the name and patch are subject to forfeiture. The government has argued that the pleas demonstrate a nexus between the violation of which the defendant has been convicted (or to which he has pled) and the property sought.”

That appears to be the Mongols concern and it appears to be valid. First they are quite right in that Doc Cavazos does not have the authority to hand over the club's patch and trademark since he is not a founding member nor the registered owner of the trademark. The whole underlying concern with this case is the ATFs determination to disband a Hells Angel rival and seize their patch. Is it a stepping stone to seize the Hells Angels patch or are they just going after Hells Angels rivals again? Remember the CIA infiltrated the ATF. The ATF were involved in a far greater drug trafficking ring in Operation Fast and Furious than the Mongols ever were by far. Why eliminate a small competitor unless they are trying to maintain their monopoly on the market?

Seizing patches and trademarks

So what is my position on the court case applying to seize the Mongols patch and trademark? I oppose it and it's not just because they are a Hells Angels rival. If the courts try to seize the Hells Angels patch and trademark, I would oppose that as well. I haven't flipped, I have amended my position. Originally I was determined to have the Hells Angels labeled a criminal organization by law as other provinces have done. However, Kerri Krysko's argument is sound. The Hells Angels are an organization of criminals not a criminal organization. Many member of the Hells Angels are indeed criminals yet there are many more who aren't.

I think seizing clubhouses should be done on a case by case basis. The Kelowna chapter were complete f*ck ups. The amount of drug trafficking and stolen car rings they ran was astounding. That clubhouse should be handed over in a consent order. The Nanaimo chapter should get their clubhouse back. Seizing the patch isn't even on the table. Banning them from wearing patches in bars is. Likewise the Slurrey chapter are also complete f*ck ups involved in nothing but drug trafficking. Their clubhouse shouldn't even be built. Not in Surrey that's for sure.

TBM Fresh Start

As for Doc Cavazos joining TBM Fresh start he is free to do so. Everyone deserves a fresh start in life. Michael Green is a better man than I am. He is like the Godfather of Repentance. In his last article he explains that TBM has former members of the Hells Angels, Bandidos, Outlaws, Rock Machine, Gremium, No Surrender, Satudarah, Devils Choice and many other bigger and small international groups including Neo Nazis and hooligans. Quite the mixed bag indeed. Personally I hate Neo Nazis. Flying a swastika is like pissing on a good soldiers grave. Yet am I willing to embrace someone who has left that order? Yes I am.

However, TBM accepts everyone. That means they accept people who are out in bad standing as well as people who have left the life by their own choice. In theory that means they would even accept people who became police informants or who cut a deal to get a reduced sentence. As I said I do believe everyone deserves a fresh start in life. However, if you became a police informant or ratted out your friends to get a reduced sentence, I'm not going to protect you from your enemies. That's something the police will have to do since that is the choice you made. I respect law enforcement but they aren't many that I trust. There is good and bad in every organization. The Hells Angels included.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Two decades of harm reduction has Surrey knee-deep in needles

Magnificent article in the Surrey Now by Tom Zytaruk. He compares our lopsided version of harm reduction to pouring more gasoline on a fire. Handing out free needles is one thing. Handing out free crack pipes and letting crack dealers sell crack is another. The article confirms that the Whalley Strip where they let crack dealers sell crack is a magnet for crime. Wherever the police *allow* drug dealers to sell crack, crime statistics jump exponentially. Now the failed social experiment has seen a dramatic increase in crime and has left us knee deep in needles.

Needle exchanges used to be exchanges. You hand in a used needle for a new clean one. Once they did away with that policy, needles were thrown everywhere. Schools, playgrounds, even in the isles of the Whalley Safeway. Used needles are everywhere and it has become a serious health risk to everyone in the community. Even Snoop Dog thinks it's crazy.

Tom Zytaruk also cites valid concerns about the insane request to build a "safe" inhalation site for people to smoke crack. Aside from being absurd he quotes W.P. Kinsella who said “If you build it, he will come.” He then correctly applies that to a "safe" injection site in Surrey and how that will attract drug users and potential drug users from across the country and around the world. That is something we do not need or want in our community.