Thursday, May 21, 2015

Drug plane from Venezuela crashes off Colombia's coast

The Big Story is reporting that "a small plane en route from Venezuela with more than a ton of cocaine on board crashed into the Caribbean on Wednesday after being pursued by Colombia's air force. Venezuela has become a key transit country for cocaine produced in Colombia, with several government officials and high-level members of the military sanctioned by the United States for allegedly colluding with drug traffickers."

If it was heading to Florida or Mena, Arkansas it would of had safe passage. Remember Operation Watch Tower? It must have been a Farc trip as opposed to a Narco trip otherwise they wouldn't have shot it down. Video clip.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ottawa pledges 100 more cops to fight Surrey Drug War

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Ottawa has pledged to hire 100 more Mounties in Surrey to respond to the dramatic increase in recent drug related shootings. What a crock of sh*t that is. You can fill every donut shop in Surrey with cops and it won't do a thing to stop the drug related violence as long as you continue to let drug dealers sell crack in Newton and outside the Front Room. If you don't arrest the crack dealers you are wasting everyone's time and money.

It's also a waste of time if you don't transfer Bill Fordy out of Surrey and put a professional in that will actually do the job. In the /80's when the US crack epidemic was thriving in south Seattle, I knew of two different police officers, as soon as they started putting pressure on the crack dealers and arresting them, they were transferred out of the area. We can't stop the gang violence until we stop the corruption in office that enables it and profits from it.

Welcome to the Brave New World where money talks and the bullsh*t never stops.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Police incident in New Westminster

News 1130 is reporting that there is a police incident at 1st & Royal Ave New Westminster. They also claim that it extends across New West, south Burnaby and into South Van. The Vancouver Sun reported that it was likely about "Police searching for an armed and dangerous man and woman following an attempted shooting and car chase through New Westminster, Burnaby and Vancouver."

Scan BC reported that #PortCoquitlam #RCMP are on scene with a person who has been shot in the head out front of a residence at 1100 Clerihue Road - unconfirmed. Global is reporting there was a shooting in Burnaby Tuesday night.

News 1130 is reporting that IHIT has been called in after police found a body in Richmond Tuesday.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

9 dead in Texas biker brawl - Update

CNN is reporting that Gunfire erupted Sunday among rival biker gangs in Waco, Texas, leaving at least nine people dead. Three rival groups were present. The violence erupted shortly after noon at a busy Waco marketplace along Interstate 35 that draws a large lunchtime crowd.

Seemingly it was between Bandidos and Cossacks. Law enforcement officials said the gun battle was primarily between the Bandidos and Cossacks gangs, a continuation of a long-running feud between the two groups, though members of the Scimitars and two other gangs were also involved. Texas police say 192 people are to face organised crime charges after the Waco bike-gang shooting that left nine people dead and 18 others injured.

Update: Mixed reports are coming in on this. It has been claimed that it was the police that fired all the shots which resulted in all the fatalities. That is worth finding out.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Kelowna Hells Angels and the Vancouver Longshoreman's Union

I hear Damiano Dipopolo is in a complete panic over Kim Bolan's article on the docks going viral. Dip has good reason to be scared. He might not only lose his preferred assignment, he might also screw it up for everyone else. They've killed people for less then that.

Let's face it. Everyone knew the Hells Angels controlled the docks. That was well documented in the book The Road to Hell: How the Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada which came out in 2003. Those statements have withstood all legal challenges for the past 12 years. What's new is the claim that Damiano Dipopolo and Little Ryan work at the docks. The thing is nobody cares if Little Ryan works at the docks. Everyone is freaking out about Damiano Dipopolo working at the docks. The Kelowna Hells Angels were up to their eyeballs in criminal activity and Damiano was president of the chapter at the time. No doubt the boys are going to be pissed at Damiano for screwing it up for all of them at the docks. He has good reason to be scared.

Dip Sh*t has sure burned a lot of bridges in Kelowna. Did you see him trashing Shane Bunting on Instagram calling him a b*itch? Madchild made that guy rich. He sure is ungrateful. Looks like Damiano treats his friends the same way his partner David Giles does. Birds of a feather.

The public outcry about Damiano working at the docks as opposed to Little Ryan and everyone else is the fact that the Kelowna Hells Angels were involved in so much criminal activity it has really built the crown's case for criminal organization status in BC finally. The Hells Angels have already been deemed a criminal organization in Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Manitoba. Now that all the Kelowna Hells Angels trash is going through the courts it's only a matter of time before the BC courts wake up to the same realization the rest of the country has. No lie can live forever.

Let's start with Robert Thomas and Norman Cocks's brutal and senseless murder of Daine Philips. They and several associates beat him to death with baseball bats and hammers. They were convicted. Two full patch members of the Kelowna Hells Angels. Damiano was president.

Then there's the massive stolen car, boat and motorcycle ring the Kelowna Hells Angels were involved with. Johnny Newcome copped a plea and was convicted of revinning the stolen vehicles for the Kelowna Hells Angels through his chop shop. The judge said the volume of stolen cars that were involved was staggering. Damiano was president.

Then there's the drug charges pending. David Giles still hasn't made bail. Giles was the Vice President of the Kelowna Hells Angels, Damiano was president. David Giles took over for Lester Jones who was the previous Vice President of the chapter after Lester was sent to jail for cocaine trafficking. That's a pattern.

The first BC Criminal Organization Conviction was in Kelowna. Thomas Donald Fraser and Jason Jonathon Herrick were convicted of trafficking cocaine on behalf of a criminal organization. 6 kilos of cocaine and 400 ecstasy tablets were seized. Only the criminal organization wasn't named. Yet in one of the intercepted phone calls between the two men, Fraser phones Herrick and orders him to “bring some s**t” to “the clubhouse.” With loud music in the background, Fraser tells him the address is 837 Ellis Street, the property known locally as the Hells Angels clubhouse. “Bring lots,” Fraser said. “A quarter.”

Darryl Wilcox was charged with selling 18 kilos of cocaine. He was a Hells Angels associate. We didn't even mention uncle Joe racing through Salmon arm with a car load of guns and a cell phone jammer right before that local grow was abandoned. That's more criminal activity for ya out of the Kelowna clubhouse. Ryan Ennis, one of the guys with uncle Joe moved into Darryl Wilcox's house while he was in jail. I'd say that's a confirmed association.

Joey Verma was a Hells Angels associate who continued selling large quantities of drugs while he was in prison waiting trial for the murder of Britney Irving. Someone from the Red and White promised him a position in the Kingpin Crew because he got a VP tattoo and was recruiting for the KPC while in prison. The KPC was disbanded shortly after that.

So here's the deal. If the Liquid Zoo lost it's liquor license because it was affiliated with Damiano Dipopolo just because he was a member of the Kelowna Hells Angels, how on earth did Port security give him a port pass? That is the key question right there. There is a line up of people wanting to be Longshoremen. I'd love to have that job but can't. It is a preferred assignment and he should not be getting preferential treatment because of his membership in a criminal organization.

Damiano Dipopolo the the bell tolls for thee.

East Vancouver residents complain about dug related crime

This is the same problem that keeps repeating itself like a broken record. Residents complain about drug related crime while the police and the city refuse to do anything about it. The Vancouver Province is reporting that Residents of an East Vancouver neighbourhood say the City of Vancouver must respond to a “surge” of prostitutes, crime and drug activity that they say is endangering area families and harming children. The petitioners want the city to bar prostitution from residential neighbourhoods and contain it within a “red-light” district.

Banning drug addicted prostitution from residential neighborhoods is a no brainer. Yet creating a red light district is indeed problematic because drug addicted prostitution is nasty. The residents are fed up with the bizarre extreme they are facing and are willing to resort to any compromise to get it out of their neghourhood. Kensington-Cedar Cottage may be in East Vancouver but it is nowhere enar the DTES and it is indeed full of kids. Allowing that kind of criminal activity in a residential nehgbourhood is in itself criminal. So is rewarding outrageous behavior.

Likewise the Vancouver Province is reporting that "four men charged after a Downtown Eastside drug den was shut down and the premises sold have had their drug charges stayed by the federal Crown. Randolph Brown, Shawn Brown, Mark Chung and Dennis George Knibbs were charged on a 15-count indictment after police searched the former Backpacker Inn in the 600-block Alexander Street and seized more than $300,000 worth of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and crystal meth. An estimated $50,000 in cash was also seized."

Do you remember that case? The police sent out press releases patting themselves on the back for busting a ruthless drug ring that was exploiting addicts and the crown drops the charges. The pattern of corruption continues. Once again the problem is the public drug dealing of crack.

Handing out free crack kits or free crack pipes is not the answer and is the exact opposite of the New York model everyone raves about. Crack pipe vending machines aren't the answer either. They are promoting the problem instead of confronting it. Homelessness and rising rents are a legitimate concern. People need homes not drugs.

Alberta lawyer goes to jail for mortgage fraud

The Edmonton Sun is reporting that "a 'rogue' lawyer who was the complicit 'lapdog' of the ringleader of a $6 million Alberta mortgage fraud was put behind bars Friday for his part in the financial crime. Roy Elander, 65, was sentenced to 3-1/2 years in prison and ordered to pay $426,000 in restitution after earlier being convicted of 14 counts of fraud over $5,000. The judge ruled Elander was “instrumental” in facilitating the central Alberta mortgage fraud - orchestrated by Allan MacMullin - while acting as a lawyer for both the financial institutions involved and the straw buyers. "

The Edmonton Sun previously reported that the actual ringleader, Allan MacMullin, was given a 10 year sentence and ordered to pay more than $1 million in restitution to two financial institutions and various individual straw buyers after earlier being convicted of 38 counts of fraud over $5,000.

Another case of Mortgage Fraud in Alberta involved more than 100 people including Devinder Shory, Stephen Harper's Conservative MP for Calgary Northeast. CBC reported that the Bank of Montreal settled out of court with all but a handful of the 160 people involved after the insurance fund for lawyers, the Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association (ALIA) agreed to pay $9.2 million to BMO to settle the case on behalf of all 17 lawyers named in the suit which stopped the RCMP's criminal investigation dead in it's tracks.

Calgary Hells Angel associate Ali El-Sayed was convicted of being a "ringleader" of another mortgage fraud in Alberta. Ken LeBlanc and Ali El-Sayed's other associate Jahan Meshkati was shot dead in BC last year. Nobody likes a scammer.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Reno Lee murder

Police aren't saying exactly how or when Reno Lee was murdered but they are saying they found Lee's body north of Balcarres, Saskatchewan which is north west of Regina and the investigation began on April 23. On May 15th CJME reported that the Regina Police Service announced John Earl Desjarlais, 30, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Reno Lee.

CJME is also reporting that Four people are charged with first-degree murder: 31-year-old Daniel Theodore, 21-year-old Andrew Michael Bellegarde, 30-year-old Bronson Gordon, and Desjarlais. Desjarlais was already facing charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault in connection to Lee's death. Joni Victoria Reed, 29, has been charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder. CTV is reporting that 30-year-old Bronson Chad Gordon of Regina was arrested in Edmonton. CTV posted the above picture of Bronson who is one of the four men charged in Reno Lee's murder.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Newfoundland drug bust tied to Whiterock

BC Local News is reporting that "A White Rock man has been arrested on the East Coast in connection with one of the biggest drug busts in Newfoundland and Labrador’s history. Arlen Nathan Hodge was due to appear in Newfoundland Provincial Court today, on drug-related charges." 10 kilograms of cocaine, 300 pounds of marijuana, two kilograms of pure MDMA and two kilograms of a substance known as ‘shatter’, which is a chemical derived from marijuana were seized." The Telegram has posted pictures of the suspect.

46 Pharmacies confronted for abuses to the methadone program

Well this is a small step forward. The Surrey Leader is reporting that "The B.C. government intends to effectively shut down as many as 46 Lower Mainland pharmacies by excluding them from the PharmaCare program in the wake of a review that flagged various abuses. Letters have gone out to the pharmacies giving them three weeks to argue why they shouldn't be denied the ability to bill the publicly funded drug plan effective next month."

"A regulatory change that took effect in December now allows the ministry to refuse to do business with pharmacies with a history of problematic business and billing practices, and forces them to disclose their ownership, management and track record."

At least we're starting to talk about some of the many abuses in that system. Slum Lord Greg Woolsey brought his DTES scam to Surrey. We was one of the slum lords that forced tenants to get their methadone prescriptions filled though him. He was running bogus recovery homes in Newton. They were flop houses where addicts could do drugs and use tax paid methadone.

This recent article is referring to scams the actual pharmacies pull. Yet the biggest and most costly scam of all involves the doctors over prescribing it in the first place. The idea of the methadone program is to help addicts get off of heroin. The purpose of the methadone program is not to create a million addicts to methadone. The biggest problem is the fact that it is VERY rare for anyone to be weened off methadone once they're on the program. This means doctors, pharmacists and drug companies and making a huge amount of money by scamming tax dollars.

Another scam is the fact that recovery homes like the John Volken Academy that actually teach addicts life skills, give them a job and help them get off drugs instead of turning them into methadone addicts can't get government sponsorship. This perpetuates the tax fraud.

The review found methadone costs covered by PharmaCare have climbed by an average of 7.6 per cent a year since 2001 to nearly $44 million, making it the program's second-highest drug cost." What about all the drugs seniors need but can't get coverage for? This pharmaceutical scam is bleeding our system dry. It's like you can't get an MRI but you can get free heroin at the Not very Safe Injection site. That is messed up.