Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gemma Teller

Speaking of futility, this one is a prime example. This is Annie in Fort McMurray who believe it or not goes by the nickname Gemma Teller which I am told is a character on Sons of Anarchy. I hesitate even mentioning the case because she has indeed experienced tragedy in her life. However, how she is "dealing" with that tragedy has become a concern. Annie is a big supporter of the Hells Angels and their puppet club the Syndicate.

Court documents allege the Hells Angels are in control of the crystal meth sales in Fort McMurray. The Court heard the argument that the Edmonton Hells Angels agreed to remove of any rivals of Caines' drug gang, ensuring other suppliers in the area did not undercut his business and the protection of Caines and his distributors for a weekly fee of $20,000.

E-Ville would be Hells Angels in Edmonton who have been charged with drug trafficking in Fort Mac. Evidently she sells Hells Angels support gear out of her home. She has a really nice motorcycle and a really nice home. Locals wonder how she can afford that on her salary and wonder how she is supplementing her income.

That's the thing. There is so much money to be made in the drug trade there will always be a line up of people ready to take a drug dealer's place as soon as they get busted. All I can do is point people to Michael Green and TBM Fresh Start if they want to leave that life behind. If you want to leave the life, please do. Just remember the advice of Kerri Krysko who states you don't have to be an informant if you want to leave the life. In fact, not being an informant and not revealing club secrets is the safest way possible to leave that life behind.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Denial Continues

Sadly CBC has bought into the bullsh*t propaganda. CBC is a very credible news outlet. Obviously they don't have anyone on the ground in Surrey and are just repeating what Bill Fordy is telling them who is just reading off of a press release someone else gave him. Calgary has a large Somali population. Surrey doesn't. Surrey has a Somali population but it is tiny compared to the Asian, Caucasian and South Asian population.

Although most of us don't like to admit it, I'm from Surrey. I live here. I had good friends here from Trinidad. They held a couple of Caribbean dances in Surrey many years ago. I worked the door for them and helped out in the bar without hesitation. The only problem I ever had there was with a drunk piece of white trash spilling drinks and grabbing asses. After I cut him off the bar he promised to behave. Everyone else was fine. It's a small well behaved community.

Bill Fordy isn't malicious like Richard Barszczewski is. Barszczewski represents spiritual wickedness in high places. Bill Fordy doesn't. He's just an idiot that is more worried about getting laid then he is about doing his job. That's why the upper levels of corruption in the RCMP have him in that position. So he doesn't do his job and the drug dealers keep making money.

Gary Shinkaruk and Andy Richards are credible sources. They know about the Hells Angels history in this province. Andy Richards saw the upper brass in the RCMP scuttle Operation Phoenix. After scuttling Operation Phoenix the RCMP upper Brass scuttled the Western Wind bust. That established a pattern of high level corruption in the RCMP that is directly tied to CSIS.

Of course Christy Clark is passionately promoting the Surrey political fraud provincially. That's because they are joined at the hip. Christy Clark's over paid spin doctors just sent out press releases about how she is throwing a few pennies towards gang prevention to address the spike in violence. What a scam that is. She got rid of the OMGU. You can't address the problem by cutting back the Gang Task force and by eliminating the OMGU. In doing so she and her political party are pouring gasoline on the violence. Which really comes as no surprise since drug trafficking was tied to the BC Rail scandal and she and her brother were both tied to BC Rail.

The same scam keep repeating itself over and over again. The RCMP had a special department that investigated organized crime laundering money in BC casinos. When they issued a public report showing how bad it was the provincial government didn't do anything to rectify the problem. Instead Rich Coleman and the BC Liberals did away with the RCMP's Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team. That was political corruption at it's best. Or worst depending on which side of the fence you're on.

So here we are again Déjà vu. Pat Fogarty issued a ridiculous head up his ass public rant about how the Hells Angels aren't a problem in Kelowna any more it's the other guys we have to worry about. Then the Gang Task Force and the OMGU proved him wrong in every possible way. So what do they do? They get rid of the OMGU and cut back the Gang Task Force putting another political puppet in charge saying everything is OK perpetuating the same old BS. Nothing has changed and nothing will change because no one really cares. Money talks and the bullsh*t never stops.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Beat Goes On

Scan BC is reporting that #Surrey #RCMP are investigating a report of multiple shots heard with two vehicles fleeing at a high rate of speed from Tamanawis Park in Surrey. There was another shooting in Surrey last Tuesday that I missed and one in Victoria late Wednesday night early Thursday morning. It's hard to keep track of them all.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hells Angels open clubhouse in Lanford - Update

BC Local News is reporting that the Hells Angels are moving into a new clubhouse in Langford on Vancouver Island. The local residents are somewhat concerned. Looks like it's time to seize another property under criminal organization legislation. That's what happened to the Naniamo clubhouse.

Interesting to note a new puppet club has started in Langford called the Devil's Army. That would explain the 41 instead of 81 for DA instead of HA. At least the media found the HA connection in ownership which means it can still be seized.

Update: OK so BC Local News is waffling and took down the article claiming it was a Hells Angels clubhouse because it is a Devils Army clubhouse. However, there really was no mistake. It is a Hells Angels clubhouse.

The Devil's Army is a Hells Angels puppet club just like the Renegades and the Crew were. To claim that the Devil's Army MC is not a Hells Angels puppet club is a bold faced lie. Everyone who lives in that neighborhood have every right to be concerned because the Hells Angels are a criminal organization Manitoba has established that. Their puppet clubs are worse then they are because the puppet clubs do the dirty work for them so they don't get arrested.

The next thing we need to address is the name choice. Somewhat juvenile and pathetic. All this obsession with the devil is somewhat childish. When I finished high school I had a room mate that used to passionately quote Vincent Price's introduction to Iron Maiden's song 666 the number of the beast. He was JOKING. Adults who pledge allegiance to the father of all lies never grew up. That's like pledging allegiance to Charles Manson, Clifford Olsen, or Robert Pickton another Hells Angels fall guy. Somewhat fitting since these losers ride behind Rainbow Ricky in their annual Gay Pride parade remembering how one of their members was killed for trying to tax the Vietnamese grows on the Island. Everything they do revolves around criminal activity.

The Devil's army.. how about God's army where two of you shall chase a thousand. Martin Luther King said he has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat. When someone said "I made a G today" the prophet Tupac said in his Ghetto Gospel "Yeah but you made it in a sleazy way. Selling crack to the kids." Selling crack is sleazy young Jeezy.

Let’s not idolize a bunch of losers that sold their God given birthright for a bowl of soup and a few seconds of fame before they’re screwed over and betrayed like Billy Moore and Jay Hall. There is no L & R there. Just Lies and Regret. Regret for having ever trusted the Big Red Machine.

"Shinkaruk said the Devil's Army is headed by long-time Hells Angel associate Ricky Alexander, 54. Alexander was convicted in April of 2001 of possession of a prohibited firearm and ammunition after being stopped in Vancouver with what police believed was a hit list in the glove box of his rental car and a loaded pink handgun in his waistband." Beware of the Devil's reject with a pink handgun. That's a rather bizarre fetish. He must be the other 1%. You can tell he's not from Surrey.

Update: Just to document and solidify the new clubhouse's criminal affiliations, Rainbow Ricky and the Hells Angels are having a Gay Pride house warming party for them. Rainbow Ricky wearing nothing but leather chaps. Now that really is scary.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nobody likes a liar

Nobody likes a liar. That's what pisses me off so much about the Hells Angels. They are compulsive liars and false accusers. Just like the father of all lies whom they serve. Shakespeare once said "Me thinks thou doth protest too much." In context, that saying means a person was denying their lie so passionately it became suspicious. Under Shakespeare's pen Julius Caesar said "Et tu Brute?" Meaning you too Brutus? You have betrayed me too, as Brutus was pulling the knife out of Caesar's back. Back in Belfast, when someone killed someone or blew something up they would always accept responsibility. Didn't matter which side. It could have been the Provos, the INLA, the UDA or UVF. Someone would say yeah that was us. The Hells Angels never accept responsibility for any of their many murders. Never. In fact they have even been known to attend the funeral of people they contracted the murder of. That is the epitome of a rat.

The thread about Brandy Sarionder's murder has gone off the charts. So has the denial. Even if Brandy did commit suicide, which I do not believe she did, anyone with a brain and a heart would say damn those Hells Angels. Their harassment of her killed her. That is clearly true. Yet it goes far beyond that. Gary Webb committed suicide. He shot himself in the head twice. That is not believable. In Mena, Arkansas a crooked corner was caught falsifying death records deeming many murders as suicides. Yes there are a lot of people that do commit suicide. Yet murdering someone and making it look like a suicide is nothing new either.

In Halifax Larry Pace admitted to murdering William Wendelborg for the Hells Angels. They knocked him out with a baseball bat and injected him with a lethal dose of cocaine. Larry plead guilty to accessory to murder and served ten years less statutory release. Larry now goes by the name Lars and lives in Kelowna. When I posted that a troll lied and said he was under witness protection and I shouldn't post that. He didn't cut a deal he served his time. That troll lied because they wanted me to take the truth off the internet. The reason that case is relevant is because Chad Karylchuk‏ sold drugs for the Hells Angels and died of a drug over dose. That murder was never investigated even though it fit the same MO Lars did in Halifax years before.

Which brings us to Brandy. If Brandy really did commit suicide we should reach out to her and her family of friends to mourn her loss. Especially since she was such a celebrity who stood up to the Hells Angels boycott for so many years. We should feel rage for the harassment and abuse the Hells Angels inflicted on her.

In my previous thread I commented on the troll that called in to the Vancouver Province as soon as I made my post about her death pretending to be Brandy's friend and lied about her. They said she was planning on opening a new club but couldn't find an investor. She did open a new club - the Granville Strip. Business was booming. Now the dissinformation machine is denying Brandy was involved in that new club. Yeah an independent club just popped up all by itself after the Hells Angels have effectively wiped out all the other independents in the Province. Not likely.

Independent of my sources which claimed she did help get it going, this fake troll review is proof the troll was under the impression that Brandy was involved with it and is the reason why they were trashing it and recommending the Orange Number 5, a Hells Angels dive instead. Obviously anyone who works at the Granville Strip is scared to death and is going to deny Brandy was involved at all simple because they are all now fearful for their life. It's not very surprising how that works when someone gets murdered and that murder isn't even investigated.

23rd shooting in Surrey

News 1130 is reporting that there was another shooting in Surrey at 94th Avenue and 124th Street. A number of shots were fired around 3 a.m. Neighbours also heard people arguing and cars driving erratically. The Surrey Leader is reporting that it is the 23rd shooting in seven weeks.

Scan BC is reporting that #Richmond #RCMP are investigating after shots were fired on Railway near Blundell Rd. Several casings on the ground. No victims found

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Two tonnes of cocaine seized off Scotland

Yahoo News is reporting that Nine men have been charged with drug trafficking after the British coastguard seized more than two tonnes of cocaine off the east coast of Scotland today. That is one ship load of coke. In June 2011, a Franco-British operation led to the discovery of 1.2 tonnes of cocaine aboard a yacht in Southampton which is in southern England. April 15th 2015 another two tonnes of cocaine bound for Europe was seized on a yacht in the Caribbean. Four tonnes of cocaine bound for the UK and Europe in less than two weeks. That's huge. Heads are gonna roll.

Putin's Night Wolves antagonize Europe

Putin's Night Wolves are in the news again. This time they are going on a ride to Germany and Germany understandably objects. That's because the Night Wolves are political and this is an antagonistic act meant to open old wounds. Hitler was a prick. We all known that but so was Stalin and that was a long time ago. Give it a rest. This defiant ride is in reality a childish war game like those clowns flying bombers over the article circle to see if we will scramble our jets to meet them. F*ck off. Grow up. Don't be such a prick. You don't have to be a bully to be strong. In fact people see bullies as weak because that is exactly what they are.

I have respect for Big Brother because I remember our past history. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Their ride to Poland is totally offensive. We remember how under Stalin's leadership Russia tricked and trapped Poland into bondage for a generation. Poland had been invaded by Hitler. Stalin told the Polish underground resistance to strike promising his troops would outflank Hitler and together they would liberate Poland from Nazi occupation and be free. Not. Stalin didn't show up. Until all the underground resistance had been killed so he could invade Poland himself with no local resistance. It was a piece of sh*t back stabbing move that robbed Poland of their liberty. Yes we remember that.

Big Brother is not always wrong but he certainly isn't always right either. Don't worry Germany. It's pretty easy to shoot a man dead off of a motorcycle. As they always used to say in Belfast, I have always believed int he right to bear arms. Peace.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nepal Earthquake triggers avalanche on Everest

MSN New is reporting that tens of thousands of people were spending the night in the open under a chilly and thunderous sky after a powerful earthquake devastated Nepal on Saturday, killing nearly 1,400. The earthquake triggered an avalanche at Everest base camp, killing at least 10 people and sparking panic. A Google executive is among at the 10 killed at base camp. Google has launched a "person finder" tool for Nepal to help people find loved ones and "is working to get updated satellite imagery to aid in the recovery effort". A Facebook page has also been created, which has been liked more than 5,000 times. Quebec climber Gabriel Filippi, present at Everest base camp, said on his Facebook page that Quebecers there with him were unharmed.

Jeff Gallant and Luc LeBlanc

In January 2013 A man and woman from Moncton faced drug smuggling charges in Texas after being arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border with just under 16 kilos of cocaine - Anthony William Knockwood, 41, and Heather Patricia Keirstead, 25.

In August 2013 RCMP intercepted a recreational vehicle on Highway 15 near Shediac, New Brunswick. A search of the RV enabled police to seize approximately 19,000 methamphetamine pills, 11 kilograms of cannabis resin and 3 kilograms of cocaine. As part of the investigation, investigators also executed search warrants on August 15 at 40 Inglis Street in Shediac and at the Old Cosmo Bar Complex on Westmorland Street in Moncton. These additional searches resulted in the seizure of drug trafficking paraphernalia.

A 41-year-old man from Dieppe, Luc LeBlanc and a 25-year-old man from Moncton, Jeffrey Bujold, appeared in Moncton Provincial Court on August 16. The two men have been charged jointly with 3 counts of trafficking controlled substances and 3 counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking under sections 5(1) and 5(2) of the Controlled Drug and Substances Act. Jeff Gallant owns the Old Cosmo in Moncton, New Brunswick and is seen in the above picture posing with Luc Leblanc. Knockwood was the head bouncer at the Old Cosmo for years. July 2012 Jeff Gallant was arrested with just under a kilo of cocaine in a traffic stop in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. Yo bro, my mother was born in Amherst. My father's mother was born in Woodstock. Take your cocaine and cram it up your a*s.

This French news report states that Luc LeBlanc and his wife Michelle have been charged with conspiring to import cocaine into Canada between 1 November 2012 and 30 April 2013. In an indictment filed January 21, it is alleged that Mr. and Mrs. LeBlanc worked with Anthony and Heather Knockwood Keirstead two individuals arrested at the Mexican border January 21, 2013.

Jeff Galant is on Charlie Bacchus' friends list. Charlie Burrell is the National President of Buttkiss. Imagine that. Bacchus are puppets that sell drugs for the Hells Angels.