Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kamloops drug raid in question

A blog reader posted a link to this story in an old blog post so I decided to repost it here for everyone to see. The original story was about a Kamloops drug bust tied to the Hells Angels. Police found and seized 15 pounds of marijuana, 10 ounces of cocaine and 40 firearms. Now it appears that the drug charges have been thrown out because they were seized from a van that left the home and they can't prove they were in the posseion of the owners of the home.

Seemingly there was sophisticated surveillance cameras on site and the defense is trying to poke holes in the police's search of the home in hopes to have the firearm evidence thrown out. The main discrepancy appears to be over how long the police waited after knocking on the door before entering. They obtained a search warrant. That doesn't appear to be in question. The question is how long did the police wait. Pretty minor given the seriousness of what was found during the search. Did they obtain a warrant? Yes they did. One of the obvious concerns in waiting too long after knocking is that you give the residents of the home time to get their guns which would be somewhat of a safety concern for the police executing the search warrant.

Seemingly one the audio of the tape one cop joking said we should throw some of the ammunition in the fireplace. He was joking. Did he do it? No he did not. That comment is simply not relevant to the legality of the search.The interesting part is the fact that the primary suspect, Mr Hillbilly Bling, was eledge to be associated with a Prince George gang called the Crew and was dealing meth, cocaine and heroine at the kiko level. As we know, the Crew in Prince George is a puppet club for the Hells Angels. Police displayed Hells Angels stickers seized from the home when they displayed the evidence at the press conference.

OK so this guy does indeed look like a flaming idiot. That's why the Hells Angles chose him .A guy like that simply could not make it on his own. The only way he could import multi kilos of cocaine, meth and heroin is if the was doing it with the help and protection of the Hells Angels.Please note that in addition to 40 serious firearms and drugs being seized, police also seized thousands of dollars worth of stolen electronics. This once again fits the pattern we see being repeated across the country. Hells Angels drug dealers involved with stolen property. Who's the rat now? People who steal are rats not the people that report them to the police.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hells Angels Nova Scotia murder trial

The Nova News is reporting that there has been another delay in Leslie Douglas Greenwood's new murder trial since one of his lawyers has withdrawn from the case. "Greenwood is charged with the first-degree murders of Barry Kirk Mersereau and Nancy Paula Christensen. The couple was shot to death in their Centre Burlington, Hants County home in September 2000. It’s alleged that the double murder was connected to the Hells Angels. Greenwood was convicted of the Centre Burlington murders following a three-week Supreme Court jury trial concluding in May 2012. The convictions were later overturned in September 2014 by the Court of Appeals. That decision stemmed from the use of hearsay evidence in the first trial.

The Chronicle Herald reported that Last month, Greenwood's trial for his role in two killings in a McDonald’s parking lot in 2010 ended in a mistrial. In this case, "Michael Lawrence and Curtis Blair Lynds — entered guilty pleas to killing Mersereau and Christensen, who were shot to death inside their Centre Burlington, Hants County, home. Lawrence also pleaded guilty to killing Charles Maddison, 75, and is serving life. Greenwood, who said in an interview that he started selling LSD at age 13, was a known associate of former Hells Angel Jeffrey Albert Lynds and was picked up — along with several others — after Lynds gave several statements to investigators in the spring of 2010. Those statements ended up leading to arrests in another two killings, including that of Randy Mersereau, Barry’s brother, who was gunned down earlier in 2000.

The Truro Daily reported that the Hells Angels ordered the killings as a payment for Greenwood and Michael Lawrence's drug debt. Jeff Lynds admitted to Randy's murder for the Hells Angels but was not charged for that offense. He is said to have committed suicide in prison. CBC reports that Lynds says he lured Mersereau to the home and claims he shot Mersereau five times with a hand gun provided by the Hells Angels who ordered the hit.

Randy Mersereau was a Hells Angel who sold drugs. He continued to sell drugs after he left the club so he was murdered along with his brother and his brother's wife. The three common elements of all these recent news stories are 1) the Hells Angels 2) Drug dealing and 3) Murder. The murder of rival drug dealers on occasion to forgive a drug debt. I.E. if you commit a murder for the Hells Angels you can have your drug debt forgiven as in the Britney Irving case.

Hells Angels Australia drug bust

ABC in Australia is reporting that "Officers from the anti-bikie taskforce allege they found a quantity of methylamphetamine, an automatic handgun and $158,000 in cash when they searched the rented Q1 apartment on Saturday. Police allege Samuel King is a patched member of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle club. He was charged with two counts each of possession of a dangerous drug, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of property used in the commission of a crime." The Gold Coast Bulletin posted a video of the search.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nuclear power plant spills highly radioactive water

The Canadian Press is reporting that "an apparent overflow at a nuclear power plant north of New York City spilled highly radioactive water into an underground monitoring well, but nuclear regulators said the public isn't at risk." Of course they aren't. Radioactive waste is good for you. They're going to start putting it in our toothpaste and make us pay for it. Hydroelectric dams are much better than nuclear reactors. Fukushima is still leaking. Natural gas is better than coal.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Macbeth's Soliloquy

"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day. Out out brief candle. Life is but a walking shadow. A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing."

Macbeth was wrong about life but he was sure right about Daryl MacAskill. That idiot doesn't even know the difference between a Mormon and a Jehovah's Witness which simply proves he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. No child, church, friend or associate is responsible for anything I say or do. I am solely responsibly for what I post.

I've been kicked out of many schools and churches over the years but I have never been kicked out of the Guardian Angels or any pub for that matter. That's because I'm not an angry drunk. In fact I don't get drunk. I don't even smoke that sh*t any more. I grew up. Many others didn't.

As for Daryl son of an ass kill, Behold we shall end the conflict.

"I believe in Christ like I believe in the sun at noon day. Not because I can see it but because of it I can see everything else." CS Lewis. In fact, I can see right through you. It's not hard to do.

Langford drug bust

The Goldstream Gazette is reporting that A 22-year-old man remains in custody after West Shore RCMP officers seized half a kilo of cocaine from a residence on Lynburne Place in Langford Wednesday evening. CFAX is reporting that the search warrant was obtained after a traffic stop.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hells Angels lose bid to take back their Nanaimo clubhouse

The Vancouver Province is reporting that the Hells Angels have lost another bid to take back their Nanaimo clubhouse, which was temporarily seized by the B.C. government eight years ago. As long as the case doesn't go in front of Ron Skolrood we should be OK.

Hells Angel arrested in Vancouver

The Vancouver Province is reporting that a B.C. man who is now a member of the Nomads chapter of the Ontario Hells Angels has been arrested in Vancouver. Damion Ryan was out on bail on drug and weapons charges filed in the Ottawa area when he was picked up by Vancouver police on Jan. 29. His parole violations were drinking and using a cell phone. Pretty minor offenses. However, this is a member of the Hells Angels who was arrested on drug and firearm charges and is an associate of Dean Wiwchar, who’s a suspect in the 2012 Duhre murder..

Dean Wiwchar was also charged with drug trafficking along with another Hells Angels associate named Rabih Alkhalil. Rabih Alkhalil is Dean Wiwchar's co accused in the murder of Johnnie Raposo in Toronto and in the Sheraton Wall Centre murder of Sandip Duhre in Vancouver. Nic Nero is another drug dealing Hells Angels associate Dean and Rabih are accused of contracting in the Johnnie Raposo murder. Philip Juan Ley pleaded guilty to firearm charges in another case that involved Dean Wiwchar

Damion Ryan’s name surfaced last year in a B.C. Supreme Court ruling in a gun case involving his associate Dean Wiwchar. Ryan accompanied Wiwchar and his co-accused Philip Juan Ley, to Mexico on April 18, 2012. Drug dealers murdering rival drug dealers. There is nothing innocent about that. Damion Ryan was wounded in a gangland shooting at an Oak Street restaurant in Vancouver on Dec. 12, 2010.

Judge wants CSIS to obey her order

Good luck. The Vancouver Province is reporting that the judge in the B.C. legislature terror plot trial criticized CSIS on Tuesday for failing to comply with a court order. CSIS lawyer Donnaree Nygard told the judge she had no further information to provide as to why CSIS has yet to obey the order. I'l tell you what they are waiting for. They haven't destroyed all the evidence yet like they did in the Air India trial. CSIS is in contempt of court. Again.

Women suffering in the DTES

Saturday night an old friend asked me to help him take some youth into the DTES to hand out blankets and clothes to the homeless. We used to do it quite regularly but I haven't gone for years. I just get so frustrated with the futility of it all. All this talk is worthless as long as we hand out free crack pipes, promote unsafe injection sites and let drug dealers sell crack and everything else under the sun all around them. We are enabling such sorrow it drives me insane.

Every year there are more and more homeless on the street. This year I was amazed at the number of women suffering in the DTES. Not crack hoes, just regular women living in cars with a child. We were set up at Pigeon corner and I sensed many women uncomfortable around the male leaders so I stepped back and let some of our female leaders take over. The compassion, the hugs and the genuine concerns was refreshing to see. They spoke of the fear and violence they are subjected to there. This is why I am so ashamed we closed the police station behind Main and Hastings to public access. They have no safe place to go when stalkers are harassing them. Suppressing crime statistics like that is an abomination. Things in the DTES have changed. They don't take care of their own any more. It is time to bring back project old timer.

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