Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christy Clark's densification fraud

We knew it was too good to be true. Christy Clark, the queen of photo ops, held a press conference promising to spend $500,000 on rental housing and build 2,900 new rental units. It sounded good until you read the fine print. We knew it was too good to be true.

The plan is to tear town perfectly good rental townhomes and build high density apartments in their place. So in essence they are in fact displacing a whole lot of families to build new units so they can charge more money and make more profit without spending any money on new land. This is the cheapest way for the Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation to make more profit at the tax payers expense.

If they were genuine and really wanted a helpful solution without turning so many struggling families lives upside down, they would buy the vacant lot across the street and build new units. That would be a press conference worth listening to. Unfortunately they won't do that because displacement and densification is more profitable for the Slumlords and the Post Media Marketing Company is more than happy to endorse the fraud for the public. God help us. No one else will.

Acorn Canada: Uniting Communities for Justice

Colin Lamontagne arrested again

The BC RCMP is reporting that "Colin Lamontagne, an honorary member of the Vertens MC, has been arrested again. Search warrants carried out on two residences in Nanaimo have resulted in the seizure of a large quantity of drugs, weapons and various other stolen items. The search warrants were carried out on Tuesday November 29th, at a home in the 300 block of Ninth St and in the 13000 block of Cedar Road. With the knowledge there may be weapons and an illegal clandestine lab, entry was led by the Vancouver Island Emergency Response Team (ERT) and the E Division Clan Lab Team."

"40 year old Colin LAMONTAGNE of Nanaimo was arrested at the Ninth St home and taken into police custody. LAMONTAGNE is presently in the charge category for Manslaughter originating from an incident in Victoria. LAMONTAGNE has been remanded into custody and charged with Aggravated Assault, Forcible Confinement and Breach of his Recognizance. His next court appearance is set for Wednesday December 7th."

"Weapons were seized at both homes. Several high end stolen vehicles were located at the Cedar Road residence. The E Div Clan Team was tasked with searching both homes for the illegal clandestine lab and located a large quantity of drugs and precursors from the Ninth St home, used in the production of GHB."

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Langford male high on drugs crashed his mobile drug lab

Scan BC is reporting that #Langford crews on scene at Veterans Memorial Pkwy & Sooke Rd after a male high on drugs crashed his mobile drug lab into several cars. Dude, don't drive high.

Another shooting in Surrey and more dead bodies recovered

The Surrey Leader is reporting that a targeted shooting in Newton Tuesday evening has left a man in hospital with a non-life threatening injuries. Surrey RCMP were called to the 12100-block of 68 Avenue at approximately 8 p.m. where they found the victim suffering from a gunshot wound. CBC reported that a burned body found in North Vancouver on Monday was a homicide.

Last Monday the Now Newspaper reported that Police are investigating after two bodies were discovered here within 24 hours, one in a ditch and another next to a grocery store. The first body was discovered around 10:30 p.m. Friday near a Safeway store at 88th Avenue and 152nd Street, said RCMP Staff Sgt. Blair McColl. He said police and paramedics tried to revive the person when they arrived on scene but were unsuccessful. On Sunday afternoon, police identified the dead man as Greg Lupel, 27, of no fixed address. He was known to frequent the Surrey area, police stated. "Mr. Lupel’s death is suspicious, and IHIT (the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team) will continue investigating to ensure nothing is overlooked," Corporal Meghan Foster of IHIT said. "An autopsy and further testing is required to determine Mr. Lupel’s cause of death, and to determine if foul play was a factor."

Meanwhile, at just before 3 p.m. Saturday, a second body was discovered in a water-filled ditch by a mother and two children walking down the 3600-block of 176th Street. McColl said it appeared as though the body had “been there some time.” An underwater recovery team was deployed to investigate. There is no known cause of death and IHIT was not called. Investigators remained on scene Saturday evening. “We have a number of avenues to cover off — whether it’s an accident, whether it’s anything else,” McColl said. “We’ve got a lot of area to cover before we make any determinations.”

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Former president of Sonoma County Hells Angels charged with sexual assault

The San Fransisco Gate is reporting that When a 49-year-old Santa Rosa woman learned her husband was about to be stripped of his membership in the notorious Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, police say she met with a member over the weekend to get answers. Instead of receiving an explanation, officials say she was sexually assaulted by the former president of the outlaw biker group’s Sonoma County chapter and forced to comply for the sake of her husband’s safety. Her attacker, 53-year-old Rohnert Park resident Raymond Michael Foakes, was arrested Monday night on suspicion of sexual assault, victim intimidation, stalking and gang participation.

Brothers Forever Forever Brothers or at least until we kick your ass out and treat you like sh*t.

Trudeau greenlights Trans Mountain expansion, Enbridge Line 3, but rejects Northern Gateway

The Calgary Herald is reporting that the Liberal Government has rejected the Northern Gteway Pipeline proposal which was to send crude tar sands oil through the Bear Rain Forest. Instead they approved the Enbridge line 3 project which would send the tar sands crude oil through an expanded existing line from Hardistry, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin.

They have also approved the twining of the existing pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby which would increase tanker traffic in the port of Vancouver. I'm not sure what the status of the proposal to pipe Natural Gas to Kitimat is. I got the impression the Liberal Government was OK with that one.

What are we doing with all the petroleum coke that is left over from all the tar sands oil we are currently refining in Vancouver? Are the tankers taking it without refining it? We know that navigating tankers all the way to Kitimat is very problematic.

Some people protest everything. People were even protesting the twining or expansion of the Port Mann bridge. That was ridiculous. People were rightfully concerned about cutting a new pipeline through the Bear Rainforest for toxic tar sands crude. They said no to the proposal. That was a huge victory. Twinning two existing lines is a fair compromise. Protesters who can't accept that are simply unable to compromise anything and don't represent the majority of Canadians.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Castro is dead: Viva la Francois Hollande

Various world leaders have come out with some pretty absurd statements in reaction to the recent passing of Fidel Castro. Justin Trudeau takes the cake for twilight zone absurdity. Obviously no one wants to speak ill of the dead and trash someone after they have died. That would be disrespectful to the grieving family. Yet it becomes a concern for world peace when we rewrite history and misrepresent Communism to be good when we have clearly seen that it is not.

I understand that Justin Trudeau's father was friends with Fidel and that Justin met Fidel when he came to his fathers funeral. I respect that. However, I have serious concerns about the Marxist Leninist atheist state Fidel created after seizing power as a dictator following the revolution. All dictatorships are bad whether they be left or right. I agree the Batista government was no better than Castro. The CIA and the United States should not have endorsed such a corrupt government. That indeed paved the way for the tide to change in the wrong kind of revolution which created a Communist state instead of a free republic.

Conservative leadership hopeful Lisa Raitt stated No @JustinTrudeau, Castro was not a 'remarkable leader', he murdered and imprisoned thousands of men, women and children. She's right. Putin made reference to the free and independent Cuba created by Castro. That is absolutely absurd. Cuba is anything but free and independent.

Francois Hollande, the socialist president of France was the voice of reason in the debate. Reuters is reporting that "Fidel Castro was a towering figure of the 20th century. He incarnated the Cuban revolution, in both its hopes and subsequent disillusionments," Hollande said in a statement. "France, which condemned human rights abuses in Cuba, had equally challenged the U.S. embargo on Cuba, and France was glad to see the two countries re-establish dialogue and open ties between themselves," added the Socialist party leader.

Cuba is not a free republic. They have political prisoners. Yet enforcing a trade embargo with Cuba while promoting trade with Communist China is absurd. China has far worse human rights violations than Cuba. Ignoring that is socially irresponsible.

La Niña is a Netflix series about FARC in Columbia. It is even better than Narcos because it is made in Columbia not by Hollywood. The story is heartfelt and real providing profound insight into that conflict. Farc is a Communist revolutionary group that has enslaved Columbia for years.

Update: Reuters is reporting that "Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not attend the funeral of Fidel Castro, his office said on Monday, days after Trudeau's warm comments about the late Cuban leader sparked a backlash."

That's kind of unfortunate. I don;t want to be a part of a lynch mob. I recognize that Castro was a friend of his father and that he attended his father's funeral. I don't have a problem with Justin respectfully attending Castro's funeral. I'm just concerned with blanket endorsements of revolutionary Communism. Like I said, Cuba's human rights record was not as bad as China's.

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart's new reality series

On the lighter side, in the spirit of diversity, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have teamed up for a new reality TV series. Now that looks like fun. A little refreshing comedy to lighten up the day. Snoop Dogg claims of the two of them he's the one that's not a convicted felon. With the legalization of marijuana in so many states it will be intersting to see just what those two cook up.

On the subject of multiculturalism, a friend from the Falun Gong recently sent me a link about a great annual presentation in Vancouver called Shen Yun. It's a magnificent Chinese cultural extravaganza each year that's well worth seeing.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Quebec police raid drug-trafficking ring tied to Hells Angels

CBC is reporting that "about 70 police officers are raiding locations linked to a drug-trafficking ring on Montreal's South Shore this morning. Police say the ring is controlled by alleged members of the Devils Ghosts, which is affiliated with the Hells Angels."

In 2015 CBC reported that five members of the Devils Ghosts were charged with drug trafficking after a kilo of cocaine was seized.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Russia moves nuclear missiles closer to Europe

The Telegraph is reporting that "Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, said on Monday he would move nuclear-capable missiles closer to Europe in response to Nato's expansion in the Baltic states. In a bold display of force against Western allies, Russian S-400 surface-to-air missiles and a ballistic Iskander system will be deployed in Kaliningrad, which is situated between Lithuania and Poland. Iskander missiles have a range of 450 miles, which means they could hit Berlin if launched from Kaliningrad."

Hillary Clinton was the one that sold him the weapons grade uranium for his nuclear missiles.