Friday, April 28, 2017

Most overdoses on Welfare wednesday ever recorded

Global is reporting that "The B.C. opioid crisis has reached a new level, with authorities confirming Wednesday was the worst day on record for overdoses in the province. B.C. Emergency Health Services says April 26 - or this month’s “Welfare Wednesday” - had more overdose calls in a single day than ever recorded. There were 130 calls for overdose responses in total, nine more than the previous record date of Nov. 20, 2016."

This is in exact contradiction to previous reports the spin doctors were spamming the media with claiming that drug overdoses no longer spike on Welfare wednesday. The only reason it didn't spike in Surrey is because they started staggering the cheques so not everyone gt their checks on the same day. They are still using their welfare cheques to buy drugs.

Recently Surrey Crime reported that as soon as someone cashed their welfare cheque in Surrey they overdosed on fentanyl. Addicts are lining up to buy tainted drugs with their welfare cheques. We are giving the addicts money to buy drugs and are watching the predatory drug dealers selling them tainted drugs which is literally killing them without raising a finger to arrest the drug dealers for selling tainted drugs. That is not social justice. It is insane, illegal and immoral.

Renegotiating NAFTA

The Huffington Post is reporting that Donald Trump has agreed to renegotiate NAFTA as oposed to puling out completely. Terminating NAFTA is in everyone's best interest. If they are going to negotiate it, then Chapter 11 Compensation awards is the first thing that has to go. That clause has nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with giving up sovereignty and democracy. If they dont eliminate Chapter 11 then this whole moving forward claim is just one great big fraud.

On the lighter side, Oregon Live is reporting that "The Portland Timbers took on the Vancouver Whitecaps on Sunday at Providence Park, and ahead of kickoff, the Timbers Army support group unfurled a tifo that references the 1996 movie "Mars Attacks," a Tim Burton film starring Jack Nicholson. 'Destroy the Canadian Menace' dominated the stands, and was punctuated by the smaller "Do Not Run We Are Your Friends" banner. Both are lines from the movie, where the premise is Earth is invaded by Martians and the question is do they want to take over or are they just misunderstood?" That was pretty funny.

There has always been a healthy rivalry between Canada and the United States but it has always been in good fun and in good taste. Unlike back in England where football hooligan will use mob violence to fight with opposing fans. I was there and saw that at a Chelsea versus West Ham game once. That was wild so it was. Evidently I was wearing the wrong colours and got into several fights as a result. At least with the Americans we know they're mostly joking.

BTW Vin Diesel appeared with Nicky Jam at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Prescription heroin will destroy public healthcare

More lunatics are calling out for prescription heroin again. The paper cited one doctor of death as saying we need to think outside the box when it comes to the fentanyl crisis. No we don't. We simply need to give our head a shake. Not arresting the drug dealers who are selling fentanyl is not only insane, it is criminal culpability.

When I make consistent objections to our failed harm promotion system people ask me what do I suggest. I suggest the obvious - the other three pillars they threw away: Enforcement, Treatment and Prevention. The extremists talked about the four pillars program but as soon as we adopted them they threw away three of the most important pillars and charged off on a one legged horse which has seen harm reduction become harm promotion since it creates more addicts not less.

I support the New York Model because I saw it. I was there. Now the pharmaceutic fraudsters are quoting the Portugal model to rationalize the decriminalization of all drugs in hopes of providing prescription heroin at taxpayers expense. That is the most insane quest known to man. Public health care is not a Communist plot to overthrow the free world, prescription heroin is.

Think about it, if we provide addicts prescription heroin at taxpayers expense when will it end? Right now the pharmaceutical fraud has greatly profited from the methadone scam. They put addicts on methadone at taxpayers expense but never reduce the dosage turning them into lifelong methadone addicts. That money could go to buying homes not drugs.

Prescription heroin isn't just insane it is down right evil. That act of insanity will bankrupt our public healthcare system faster than you can say God help us. You can't get an mri or cancer medication but you can get free heroin. That is disgusting.

This Portugal model succeeded because of treatment not because of harm promotion. They spent tax dollars putting addicts into treatment instead of simply buying them more drugs. Extremists are now quoting the Portugal model in the same way they quoted the four pillars in the beginning which created this epidemic. They want to adopt decriminalization and throwaway everything else they did in Portugal that worked so they can continue their promotion of the drug trade at taxpayers expense. That is not something I could ever support. I support the New york Model.

Enforcement: enforce the law - arrested the drug dealers not the addicts. Treatment - spend money on treatment for addicts not more flop houses where they can buy more drugs while they are on methadone. Prevention: educate the public on the harmful effects of drugs so we stop using tax dollars to turn human beings into zombies. That is not compassion or social justice.

Wayne Moriarty nailed it. Dr. Colin Mangham is the real addiction expert.

Domestic violence skyrockets in Edmonton

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that there has been a huge spike in domestic violence over the last two years. Global reported that there were 7,849 cases of domestic violence reported to Edmonton police in 2014 so this dramatic rise is above and beyond that.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea - Update

As the world prepares for the 2018 Winter Olympics to he hosted in South Korea, we need two raging lunatics to sit down and shut up. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver was a wonderful time for us. It brought us all together as we hosted the world in a very posative event.

Everyone knows that Kim Jong-un is a raging lunatic. He has no respect internationally because he keeps threatening to launch nuclear missiles when he can't even feed his own people. The Interview with Seth Rogen actually humanized Kim Jong-un and made him likeable. It was actually pretty funny. Donald Trump is another raging lunatic that has no respect internationally.

Recently, South Korea had some political unrest of it's own. Mass protests against political corruption saw the current president resign. I can tell you those protests would not have had such a happy ending in North Korea. If the people protested in like manner in North Korea, the government would have pulled a Tiananmen Square and shot them with live ammunition. Right now South Korea needs to focus on stabilizing their own government and preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympics. North Korea needs to be more concerned with feeding their own people then with blowing up everyone else and Donald Trump needs to keep his big mouth shut. We don't need another Gulf of Tonkin incident creating more hostilities unnecessarily at a time when we should be pulling together and shunning extremism from either lunatic. Peace - J'imagine.

I sent my own son to South Korea not to wage war but to play music because I believe playing music together is far more productive than shooting each other. Like a waving flag yo.

Update: The New York Times is reporting that "The antimissile system that the United States deployed in South Korea over China’s objections is close to becoming operational, giving the two allies the capability to defend against missile attacks by the North, the South’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday." This is the most logical solution yet.

Why in God's name would China have any objections to that whatsoever? South Korea needs aa missile defense system like Israel's Iron Dome. So does Japan and so does Canada. That is the most peaceful solution to living next to crazed lunatics known to man. If North Korea launches a nuclear missile we have t be able to shoot it down. Thats a no brainer.

The only reason Communist China would object to a missile defense system is because they are the ones supplying North Korea with nuclear missiles. This is why Canada must end its campaign to sell Communist China Canadian nuclear reactors. In doing so Canada becomes culpable for China giving North Korea nuclear missiles. SNC-Lavalin got the contract for CANDU reactors in China. I kid you not. That is a crime against humanity.

The only reason that crazed lunatic hasn't blown anyone up with a nuclear missile yet is because his technology sucks. This is why Canada must cease and desist selling Communist China nuclear reactors. That gives the the technology and materials to produce nuclear missiles. Once Canada stops selling China nuclear reactors and once the new Iron Dome is in place, we can relax and have a nice Olympics while we watch the brain dead lunatic miserable attempts to blow up the rest of the world like 5:00 o'clock Charlie on MASH.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pray for Venezuela - they still have no food

Sky News is reporting that "Thousands of Venezuelans have dressed in white and marched in silence to pay their respects to the 20 people killed in anti-government protests over the past three weeks." CBC is reporting that "The smell of tear gas and smoke from fires filled the air in several Caracas neighbourhoods on Friday after a night that saw at least 12 people die. In the humble district of El Valle, people screamed, while the sound of gunshots sent neighbours and protesters running for safety."

After Hugo Chávez died, things in Venezuela collapsed. There is no food in the supermarkets. Thousands try to leave the country as soon as they open the borders. Most want to stay in a Venezuela that has food. This is an international humanitarian crisis.

Military Trafficking Food as Country Goes Hungry

Four women in hospital after Calgary shooting

The Calgary Herald is reporting that "Four women have been rushed to hospital after a shooting in Castleridge early this morning. At about 4:15 a.m., police were called to the 0 to 100 block of Castleridge Way N.E. for reports of gunshots. When emergency crews arrived, they found three women between the ages of 20 and 40 inside the home suffering from facial injuries, said Stuart Brideaux of Calgary EMS."

"A fourth victim, with a wound to her neck, was located later this morning at a different location. Brideaux said the woman in her mid-40s had been at the original scene, but left and was located on 22nd Avenue N.E. at about 4:40 a.m. Three of the victims were taken to hospital in serious but stable condition. One of the victims sustained soft-tissue injuries and is in stable condition."

"This is the second shooting to take place on Castleridge Way this year. In February, a man was shot while leaving a house party in the same block as Saturday morning’s shooting. Shot multiple times with a handgun, he was rushed to hospital in critical, life-threatening injuries. "

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Norm Farrell on the Site C Dam and the privatization of health care

Readers have sent in links to two interesting posts on Norm Farrell's blog called In Sights. I have kept a pretty neutral stance on the Site C dam myself because I'm from Vancouver. I support hydro electric power. It is cost effective and environmentally friendly. They are a lot better than nuclear reactors. Yet I do support the freedom of speech and if people have legitimate concerns with the Site C dam then let's hear them.

NS News: Not worth a dam

The first article is about the Site C dam and states: "Most of the British Columbia’s corporate media rides the Liberal bandwagon but the Glacier Media paper in my town, the North Shore News, takes a strong position against Site C, the most expensive white elephant ever conceived by bankrupt politicians."

The blog posts then quotes the North Shore News which said: "The project, which was approved without a proper review by the B.C. Utilities Commission, is going to cost $8.8 billion we don’t have to produce electricity we can’t use, to power LNG plants that won’t exist, at a cost too expensive to sell to foreign markets…"

That is the most logical opposition to the project I have heard thus far. Hydro electric power is normally cost effective. Why does this project cost so much money and what need will it be fulfilling? Will it be powering LNG plants that don't exist or will it be supplying power to foreign markets at below cost rates? Since the project costs so much money we need to ask who is really building it? Is SNC-Lavalin using a shell company to get the contract? Why in God's name would we give SNC-Lavalin the contract for anything? Is that what this is really about? Why would we sell power to foreign markets for less than it cost us to produce it?

Liberal supports health system privatization

The second post on Norm's blog that my readers have sent in is with regards to Liberal incumbent Linda Reimer's position on the privatization of our public health care. I totally support fiscal responsibility. Lower taxes and less spending means business and taxpayers prosper within a free market. Yet public health care is good business. It's not a Communist plot to take over the free world. It is actually a British tradition.

I have a friend whose mother lives in Arizona. He said in Arizona the hospitals have a legal obligation to provide emergency health care to everyone even if they don't have medical insurance. As a result all the hospitals are built in the rich areas and no one wants to build a hospital near a poor area because they don't want to be the ones that get all the poor people showing up needing emergency care when they don't have insurance. That in my opinion is not an example of a civilized society.

House arrest for former Ottawa judge who stole from Catholic church

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that "a former small claims court judge who pocketed a quarter of a million dollars from the cemetery funds of his Catholic church will spend the next year under house arrest."

Ronald Houlahan was an Ottawa lawyer who served as a small claims court deputy judge. This is why judges need to be accountable to the public in Canada. I remember speaking with one concerned citizen at a local criminal justice rally. He said to me "at what point does a crooked lawyer become an honest judge? Is there some kind of epiphany that is suposed to take place because I'm not seeing it. "

Peter Fassbender drops the ball

Local media are somewhat pessimistic about Peter Fassbender's reelection chances after dropping the ball since he was narrowly elected last term. He is one of Christy Clarks insiders and created quite a division within the Liberal party after Christy Clark let him hijack the nomination process and run without being nominated and elected by the party.

James Plett was the Vice President of the Surrey Tynehead riding association of the BC Liberals at the time and resigned as a result of the sweetheart deal claiming on Twitter that he was 'Sick of "Today's @bcliberals" corruption + scandal after scandal. Worse than the BC NDP of yesteryear. I quit effective now #bcpoli'

As mayor of Langley Fassbender was part of the Metro Vancouver Mayors gluten counsel that epitomized the tax and spend model of pork barrel politics. While he was mayor he sat on a committee overseeing the RCMP contract negotiations when his son was a member of the RCMP. As a result he was quickly promoted within Christy Clark's insider trading group.

After he was elected MLA he pissed off all the teachers by bypassing the collective bargaining process and emailing all the teachers directly trying to explain why they were wasting massive amounts of tax dollars on court fees justifying their illegal acts instead of paying a fair contract. He helped Christy Clark burn massive amounts of tax dollars in a legal battle which they lost for knowlingly breaking the law. That act of arrogance defied reason.

After that fiasco he was quickly shuffled over to the minister of Translink position where he perpetuated the Mayor's Glutton councils tax and spend fraud by trying to introduce a tax levy on all businesses that were located near a skytrain station. More taxes on small business. That is their MO. Most recently he started raising eyebrows by handing out tax dollars to constituents from his campaign office.

I live in Peter Fassbender's riding. I didn't vote for him last time and I most certainly am not voting for him this time. We need to elect a government that supports small business not one that chokes them unconscious with more tax and spend gluttony like the BC Liberals have done. Ever heard the term from Shakespeare me thinks thou doth protest too much? It's when someone's raging denial becomes so passionate it becomes suspicious. When the BC Liberals claim the NDP will tax and spend we know they are the real offenders of tax gluttony not the NDP.

As for the rest of Surrey The Vancouver Sun is reporting that On the NDP side, MLAs Harry Bains (Surrey-Newton), Sue Hammell (Surrey-Green Timbers) and Bruce Ralston (Surrey-Whalley) have said they’re running again in what is considered comfortable New Democrat territory for the multi-term incumbents."