Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Common Sense Approach to Immigration

I understand that there were some clashes between racist and anti racist protesters in Quebec. The whole thing is a bit toxic. The anti capitalist protesters covered their faces and looked like anarchists. I didn't think you were suposed to cover your face at a protest any more. The anti right protesters were throwing beer bottles at police. The anarchists are no better than the Nazis. We need to shun extremism from all sides.

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "Some of the counter-protesters began throwing bricks at a man named Éric Roy, who was carrying a Patriotes and a Quebec flag." The guy was not carrying a swastika, he was carrying a Fleur de lis for God's sake. I have concerns here. Anti Capitalists with masked faces throw bricks at a guy holding the Quebec flag and an old patriot fag representing unity between the French, Irish and English. He should not have been attacked for holding those flags. The anarchists were clearly in the wrong. What does the red flag represent? Are the anti fascist really Communists? One is no better than the other. We need to shun both.

Quebec is facing a colossal amount of asylum seekers crossing the border illegally becasue of Donald's Trump's new immigration policies. Montreal's Olympic Stadium is being used to house the surge in asylum seekers. People have a right to express concerns about the amount of asylum seeks we admit. In fact that is an election issue right now in Quebec. That's why it concerns me when police rule the original protest illegal. As long as they aren't marching with swastikas or the KKK, they have a right to express their concerns.

As I previously reported, the surge in refugee applications has resulted due to Donald Trump's radical changes to their immigration policies revoking green Cards from thousands of people forcing them to leave with no place to go. Many of the asylum seekers in Quebec are from Haiti. Remember the big earthquake in Haiti we all felt compassion for? A lot of these people came to the United States after the earthquake and Donald Trump is now kicking them out. That is just plain nasty. We are talking about families with children.

Why are they going to Quebec? Because they speech French. This is a golden opportunity for Quebec. Quebec wants to preserve their language. I get it. This is their chance. Oh we dont want them because they're not white? D'accord. Mon frere, let me explain something to you. When you travel around the world and see the world population, white people are the minority. That is reality. North America has been built by immigration. Everyone here came from somewhere else.

Trudeau thinks we can handle the surge in immigration. I agree with him. Immigration is exactly what Surrey needs. A few weeks ago I was getting a new tire put on my motorcycle and took a walk around the Surrey Strip. Right now Whalley is like the Bermuda Triangle. Everyone is walking around lost because of the open drug trafficking and abuse. Most of these addicts are white trash running around stealing everything that isn't nailed down to pay for more drugs.

Since businesses are leaving the crime zone a few ethnic shops have opened up because of the cheap rent. There are a few Arabic stores selling hijabs and Halal food along with a few traditional African grocery stores. As I'm walking down King George I see a few black men taking outside the African food store and I think to myself OK finally I'm going to see a black guy selling drugs instead of just more white trash. Wrong. They had hard hats and backpacks on and had just got off work. They actually had a job unlike the vast majority of white trash in that area.

Immigration is the best thing for Surrey. The solution is simple. Give them temporary work permits and let them work. We can't put them all on welfare but if they are willing to work have at it. If they commit a crime then deport them. It's that simple.

Statistically immigrants who come here are less likely to commit crime then those born here. The world is full of problems. We can't do everything but we can do something. Like a waving flag yo. Just make sure it's not a swastika or a hammer and sickle. Peace.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Another shooting in Toronto - Summer of Mob Violence

Toronto Metro News is reporting that "Two men are in serious condition following a shooting in a downtown hotel early Saturday. Toronto police Const. Caroline de Kloet said two men were found with gunshot wounds in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency hotel at King St. W. and Peter St. near Spadina Ave. around 4:30 a.m. “One man had a gunshot wound to his stomach and the other man had a gunshot wound to his leg,” she said. Both were conscious and breathing when they were transported to hospital."

The Toronto Star is reporting that in last Wednesday's shooting Mark Peretz was shot and was the intended target. He was involved in that tragic shooting in Toronto where a mother was paralyzed from a stray bullet during a Hells Angels hit back in 2004.

Evidently there have been numerous shootings in Toronto. CBC reported that on July 31st a gunman entered a bar and shot one man dead while injuring four other men. The shooting took place on the patio of the Libertarian Public House and was caught on video surveillance.

CTV reported that 24-year-old Roy Khan was shot dead on July 28th in Woodbridge just outside of Toronto. Kevin Khemraj Deonath has been charged with second-degree murder.

The Toronto Star reported that on July 17th three men were shot outside a sports bar. "Organized crime investigators are looking into whether the Monday night shooting of three men outside a Woodbridge sports bar is connected to a string of violent attacks in York Region."

The Toronto Star reported that on June 29th 2017 a massive explosion knocked a wall out of the Caffé Corretto in Woodbridge. "Arson, murder, hails of gunfire - a string of attacks in Hamilton and York region has police wondering whether southern Ontario is becoming the battlefield for a summer of mob violence." Juan Eduardo Munoz was charged in the bombing of the cafe.

"Just days before the Woodbridge explosion, mobster and baker Pasquale (Pat) Musitano’s Hamilton home was sprayed with bullets. And on May 2, Musitano’s younger brother Angelo Musitano was shot to death in the driveway of his home in Waterdown, Ont., while his wife and preschool-aged children were inside. The Musitano brothers pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in the 1997 fatal shooting death of Niagara crime boss Carmen Barillaro after their hitman, Kenny Murdock, turned against them."

Although Mark Peretz was a Hells Angels associate, the botched murder attempt he was involved with in 2004 that left the mother paralyzed was in conjunction with mobster Peter Scarcella who was a driver that killed his boss. Michele Modica was the target in the 2004 Sandwich shop shooting. He has ties to New York.

Rising above Hate and Intolerance

I didn't attend the hate rally in Vancouver today. I knew I'd get in a fight and end up in jail so I stayed home. There is nothing patriotic about marching with a swastika. Christians do not celebrate the genocide of millions of Jews. That is not something Jesus would do.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is from Austria and has a powerful message for the enemies of the constitution parading around with swastikas. His youtube message is "The country that defeated Hitler's armies is no place for Nazi flags. I have a message to the neo-Nazis, the white nationalists and the neo-Confederates. Let me be as blunt as possible. Your heros are losers."

"You're supporting a lost cause. Believe me, I know the original Nazis. I was born in Austria in 1947, shortly after the second world war. Growing up I was surrounded by broken men, men who came home from the war filled with shrapnel and guilt. Men who were misled into a losing ideology and I can tell you these ghosts that you idolize spent the rest of their lives living in shame and right now they are resting in Hell."

"I know that you weren't born with these hateful views. No one is. But the truth is it's never too late to make the choices to learn to evolve and to understand that all human beings have equal value. Don't hang around people that carry Nazi flags. Go home. Or better yet, tell them that they are wrong to celebrate an ideology that murdered millions of people and then go home."

Wear a poppy instead of a swastika. Lest we forget. "Take up our quarrel with the foe to you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold on high. If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep though poppies grow in Flanders' Field." Peace.

Turns out it was an anti racism rally in Vancouver not a hate rally. That's more like it.

The Canadian Press is reporting that "A handful of individuals opposing the anti-racism protesters showed up and were quickly ushered away by police when verbal confrontations appeared as though they could become physical. There were reports earlier this week that an extreme right wing protest was planned, but it never materialized."

Lilly Singh is a popular Canadian vlogger mentioned in Forbes magazine. In June she put out a funny youtube video addressing racism and says let's make eduction great again. Indeed.

All Lives Matter.

Imperial Mines renewed attack on Clayoquot Sound

The flip side to the 2017 Tofino Summer Jam is the glaring reminder that Imperial Metals still wants to blow the top off Catface mountain and turn it into an open pit mine. I kid you not. Catface Mountain is at Tofino in the middle of Clayoquot sound. They want to turn a protected biosphere into a toxic mess to make a relatively insignificant amount of money on an open pit copper mine. The insane plot just isn't worth it. The Mount Polley disaster was also Imperial Metals.

Ucluelet is right beside Tonino and is the home of the Broken Islands. The boat launch had to be closed a while ago because they found arsenic, selenium and cobalt from an old iron ore mine which effects everything in that area including all the shellfish. We need to Think Sustainability.

Keep an eye on Clayoquot Action. The reckless gluttony needs to stop.

Friday, August 18, 2017

William Majcher exposed Canadian Corruption

The 2017 Tofino Summer Jam highlights the BCIMC theft of the Pacific Rim Resort in Tofino and the malicious attempt to defraud the owner of a remaining parcel of land adjacent to the property pictured above. It's a sad tale of government corruption at the highest levels.

However, today our focus is on the affidavit of William Robert Majcher. William Majcher is a former police undercover investigator who brought down a lawyer that laundered money for the Haney Hells Angels which was tied to the murder of Ernie Ozolins.

Canada would not charge the lawyer. Like most other white collar crime, he had to be charged in the United States. In William Majcher's affidavit he states that "during the course of my employment with the RCMP while working undercover or in handling criminal informants, I became tasked with knowledge and evidence of payoffs, bribery and case fixing that included judges, lawyers and court registry staff in various parts of Canada."

He did such a good job at the RCMP that in 2005 he was removed from the task force. After his removal, David Barnes from the Vancouver Sun reported that the task force had become ineffective at its mandate. Yet the Martin Chambers bust tied to the Hells Angels when William Majcher led the task force was incredibly successful. After he left the task force became useless.

As I have reported, as soon as a police task force finds organized crime, a government body disbands that police task force or as in this case, renders the task force ineffective. That is what happened to the BC Gang task Force after the David Giles and Johnny Newcome bust in Kelowna. If the BC NDP really care about their community they need to bring back the OMGU.

Bill Majcher's affidavit is enlightening to say the least. Bill claims that Lawyers have become key players in money laundering operations because they are exempt from a federal requirement to report suspicious financial transactions. "My experience is that it's a widespread problem."

Insp. Majcher said Mr. Rosenfeld told him it was "twenty times" easier to launder money from Canada than the United States. He was also told during the investigation that five lawyers in Vancouver regularly laundered $200,000 a month through trust accounts in return for a 7-per-cent commission. Other lawyers used offshore accounts, stock market scams and foundations to hide illicit cash, Insp. Majcher testified. Who do you think they were laundering that money for?

2 MMA fighters die after bouts

In June CBC reporting that "An Edmonton MMA fighter who was left in critical condition after being knocked out during a boxing match on Friday has died, his family has confirmed."

"Hague, 34, was taken to hospital in critical condition after being knocked out by Adam Braidwood in a fight at the Shaw Conference Centre on Friday. In a video from the match, Braidwood is seen knocking Hague down multiple times. Hague, who fought out of Edmonton, also fought in the UFC. His nickname was The Thrashing Machine."

The New York Post is reporting "A 26-year-old amateur MMA fighter died three days after he was knocked out during a fight in Massachusetts. Rondel Clark was TKO’d by Ryan Dunn in the third round of their fight in Plymouth, Mass. The fight was part of Cage Titans XXXV, a regional MMA promotion. Following the fight, Clark was transported to a local hospital but then was transferred to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston where he died early Tuesday morning.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

West Vancouver woman wins settlement after her assets were seized despite being acquitted

CBC is reporting that "A West Vancouver woman who was charged and subsequently acquitted of human trafficking, and then went on to sue the RCMP, has reached a settlement and received an apology." In 2015 CBC reported that "Mumtaz Ladha, a West Vancouver woman who made international headlines when she was charged and subsequently acquitted of human trafficking, has launched a lawsuit against the police and the province for seizing her assets."

This woman was charged with a crime then acquitted but the police seized her multi-million dollar West Vancouver home anyways after she was acquitted. This ties in directly with my post about how the BC Gang Task Force has become compromised just like the EPS. They are no longer concerned with stopping drug trafficking. They are only concerned with seizing the proceeds of crime just like in Freeway Ricky's documentary.

Toronto Shooting - Hells Angels Associate hit

City News is reporting that "Toronto police are searching for two suspects after a shooting outside a coffee shop at Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke. Police were called to the plaza around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday following reports of shots being fired. A man had been shot in a parked car near the Starbucks. Paramedics say the victim was taken to a trauma centre with critical injuries. A second man who was also in the car at the time of the shooting was hit by shattered glass. His injuries are not life-threatening. Both victims are in their 50s."

Update: Mark Peretz was the target. The Toronto Star is reporting that "One victim served prison time for the botched mob hit that left Louise Russo, an innocent mother-of-three, paralyzed in 2004." That was a Hells Angels hit. Mark Peretz was the associate and Paris Christoforou was the Hells Angel. That means a Hells Angels associate was just shot in Toronto.

Shootings in Everett Washington

We don't hear daily news of gang related shootings in the US here in Canada but they obviously do still occur especially in Chicago. The Herald is reporting that "No one was injured Wednesday by gunfire along Holly Drive in Everett. The shooting was reported about 4:15 p.m. near the intersection with Fourth Avenue W. People in a Jeep and a dark-colored passenger vehicle shot at each other as they drove down the road, said Everett police officer Aaron Snell. Police found the Jeep in the roadway with bullet holes in it, Snell said. The other vehicle was gone."

The paper claims that "There have been more than 35 shootings in Everett since December, and many of them are believed to be gang-related."

In June Q 13 Fox reported that Four teenagers were arrested for a May 29 shooting on Beverly Boulevard that left a 16-year-old boy in critical condition and that police initially thought might be a road rage incident but was actually gang related.

Earlier this year My Everett News reported that With 19 “gun shots fired” calls between December 6th and March 15th in Everett, Police Chief Dan Templeman is expressing increasing concern over gang related crimes and gang involvement in shootings. 14 of the 19 cases did have some ties to gangs in Everett.

When I was in south Seattle back in the /80s we saw Crips and Bloods networking up from LA while Black Gangster Disciples and the Vice Lords were moving in from Chicago. That was a long time ago. Now there appears to be spins off Crips and Bloods as well as Hispanic gangs affiliated with the MS 13 like the FX 13 or the FX3. They are currently at war with the Crips.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Evidence at the Bacon murder trial

I'm not following the Kling Klung con but I will say this. Kim Bolan is reporting that "The day after the shooting, the witness said he was driving along Highway 97 in West Kelowna with Doug Wheeler when he saw James Riach and Matt Schrader in another car."

This new evidence is consistent with what I previously reported. The trial is about the famous shooting in Kelowna where Jonathan Bacon was killed, Larry Amero was wounded and James Riach escaped almost unscratched. When all the bullsh*t was flying fast and furious, I reported that Matt Schrader drove James Riach to Vancouver after the shooting and stored Larry's boat at his house. This new evidence confirms what I said was true.

Kim Bolan is also reporting that "Video surveillance footage played in court showed five people walking toward the Delta Grand from the direction of Rose’s Pub shortly before 2 a.m., the morning of the shooting, then back toward the pub shortly after 4 a.m. 'I was with Jones, McBride, Manny Hairan and Khun-Khun,' said a witness whose identity is protected by a publication ban."

"In another video from later on in the morning, at 4:22 a.m., three people are seen walking from the Delta Grand parkade toward the entrance of the hotel. 'I see myself, Manny and I believe that’s Khun-Khun,' said the witness. A couple of minutes later, three people are seen crossing Water Street toward Clement Avenue and walking down the sidewalk. 'I believe that’s me, Manny and Khun-Khun,' said the witness."

This also confirms what I previously reported was true. Kim previously reported that "In its opening address, the Crown said Schrader had told an associate of the accused that Amero and Riach were in Kelowna that weekend." The crowns own evidence proves that is a bold faced lie.

The police's own witness repeatedly testified that it was him in video surveillance with Manny and Kling Klung the day of the murder. The police witness was the one that told Manny that Larry, James and Jonathon were in town. Matt did not. When Manny said they got he information from Matt that is not true. The information came from Matt through the police witness.

As I previously reported Matt causally mentioned to the police witness that he was just speaking with Larry and James at the Grand. He wasn't ratting anyone out because they were not in hiding. They were running around loud and proud on that stupid boat trying to pick a fight with civilians. The police informant is the one that did what he is falsely accusing Matt Schrader of doing.

The police are lying because they are pissed Schrader hasn't ratted out any of his former associates. They are fabricating false allegations against him to put his life in danger so he will flip and give them information on his former associates. Go f*ck yourselves. Matt Schrader has left the life and has a real job. Get a life and leave him alone. It's a good thing the court puts witness's statements to the test of believability. Too bad the media doesn't.

Update: Andrea Peacock is reporting that the case is still at the voir dire stage. I'm a bit confused. Evidence at a voir dire is normally under publication ban so why is everyone reporting on it? Likely that means they are not being tried by a jury since you are not allowed to report evidence submitted when the jury was not present. Yet David Giles wasn't tried by a jury and we couldn't report on his voir dire. No doubt he had a separate publication ban that was also in effect. Yet this whole attack on Schrader is suspicious as hell.