Saturday, December 16, 2017

Aussie Hells Angel arrested for drugs in Thailand

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Police have arrested an Australian Hells Angels member and bar owner named Luke Joshua Cook over an attempt to smuggle 50 kilos of crystal meth into a Thai port.

"Cook, owner of the Piss Stop Bar in Pattaya, was convicted in 2016 of helping Australian kick-boxer and former Sydney businessman Antonio Bagnato flee Thailand after he murdered Wayne Schneider, another Hells Angels member and prominent figure of Sydney's underworld, in 2016."

Exactly what I said. They killed their own guy so someone else in the club could take over his drug business. AFFA not. Antonio Bagnato was convicted of murdering HA drug kingpin Wayne Scheider and Luke Joshua Cook was convicted of helping the shooter escape. Then all of a sudden he takes over the business and gets caught with 50 kilos of crystal meth. Big surprise. No L&R there. It's all about the money. Stop the Greed. Find some self respect.

This is the dark business Thaksin warned about.

Feds bust Gambinos and Bonannos on Long Island

The New York Daily News is reporting that "Several Long Island mobsters were busted Tuesday on a host of criminal charges including loan sharking, drug dealing and running illegal casinos, authorities said." The US Department of Justice is reporting that "The defendants are John “Johnny Boy” Ambrosio, an acting captain in the Gambino family, Frank “Frankie Boy” Salerno, a soldier in the Bonanno family, and Thomas Anzaone, Alessandro “Sandro” Damelio, Joseph Durso, Anthony Rodolico and Anthony Saladino, associates of the Gambino family."

The Daily Mail is reporting that the Bonnano family and the Gambino family "are both part of La Cosa Nostra, a famed five-family criminal organisation which allows each family to co-exist and operate harmoniously. Between February and June 2016, one undercover agent claims to have bought almost a kilogram from them in 12 different sales."

Woman shot in Surrey

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "A Surrey woman was rushed to hospital after suffering a gunshot wound Friday evening. RCMP responded to a home in the 16100-block of 92 Avenue at approximately 7:30 p.m. last night after reports that a woman in her 20s had been shot." First due media is reporting that she was accidentally shot in the head by her boyfriend.

Canadian Pharmaceuticals Billionaire And Wife Found Dead In Toronto Mansion

Forbes is reporting that "Canadian billionaire Bernard "Barry" Sherman and his wife, Honey, were found dead in their Toronto home Friday, and police are reportedly investigating their deaths as suspicious. A spokesperson for Apotex, the generic drug giant Sherman started, confirmed the couple's deaths Friday." The CEO of a giant generic drug company is found dead along with his wife. What's not suspicious about that? The Great Canadian Pharmaceutical Fraud continues.

Apotex is a Canadian pharmaceutical corporation. Founded in 1974 by Dr. Bernard Sherman, the company is the largest producer of generic drugs in Canada, with sales exceeding $1 billion (CAD) a year. Aren't the mainstream pharmaceutical companies opposed to affordable generic drugs? Aren't they obsessed with rigid patents that gives them a monopoly to extort patients who are dying at will? White collar crime is big business so it is.

I've heard of hostile takes overs before but this is ridiculous.

Drugs made in China: opportunity or threat?

The National Pot is reporting that "The couple were found hanging side by side next to their indoor pool, sources independently told the National Post and the Toronto Sun."

Friday, December 15, 2017

Enhancing mutual trust is not possible until Communist China stops executing political prisoners to order

On the second page of today's Vancouver Province there was a full page ad from the Communist Government of China trying to sell us a bad deal. They were pushing this insane trade agreement that has nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with giving up sovereignty and they were rationalizing their generations of gross human rights abuses by saying we have to understand China. "To understand China, one need understand the Chinese path of human rights development suitable to China's national circumstance."

Unfortunately we do understand how extreme Communist China's human rights violations are. They execute political prisoners to order to make money in the organ harvesting industry.

If we want to understand Communist China's history of human rights abuses, we need to speak with the Chinese Canadians who know. All we have to do is turn to the Epoch Times. On the front page of the current edition of Vancouver's Epoch times is a headline which reads: After Decades of Courtship by the West, China’s Communist Party Only More Vile.

We can also just ask Tibet or the Dalai Lama himself. Ask Tibet about human rights abuses from Communist China. The Daily Mail is reporting that "The Dalai Lama has created an iPhone app to help his devotees keep track of his teachings - but it has been blocked on Apple's China store."

Canada already does business with China. Canada already imports vast amounts of products made in China by the container full. I have no problem with that. If Canada and China want to eliminate duty and tariffs on imported goods, I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is giving up Canadian sovereignty and handing it over to Communist corporations. That is bad business. That is what I have a problem with.

Chinatown is the heartbeat of Vancouver. China does have a magnificent culture and history that predattes the atrocities committed since the Communist revolution by 5,0000 years. I have no problem with selling China oil. I have a problem with giving a Communist dictatorship our oil rights so that they profit from Canada's natural resources instead of Canada. That is why it is time to Nationalize our oil. So that Canada profits from it's natural resources not a foreign dictatorship.

BC and Alberta could do this right now Provincially under their respective NDP Governments just like Norway has. We can keep all the private oil producing companies in Canada. We just need to take back the foreign ownership of the oil rights so that the profits from BC and Alberta's oil goes to the provincial tax revenue instead of foreign ownership.

On a lighter note, the Canadian Edition of the Epoch Times is reporting that Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in northeastern China "issued an online statement, forbidding student unions, clubs, and youth league branches from organizing any activities based on Western religious holidays, such as Christmas, according to a Dec. 14 report by China’s nationalistic, state-run newspaper Global Times. The ban would help the younger generation build cultural confidence, since recently, some have been blindly excited about western holidays."

I never did quite understand that. How a Communist dictatorship that bans religion says it's fine for their people to make Christmas nativity sets to be sold in the West. It's all so conflicted. The persecution of the Falun Gong in China is however, nothing to joke about.

Miss Canada was banned from competing in the Miss Universe pageant held in China because she spoke out about China's organ harvesting and their persecution of the Falun Gong. As we speak, a Canadian who visited China is still in prison simply for being a Buddhist. There can be no mutual trust until these atrocities are dealt with. Free Tibet.

An introduction to Tibet

Nexen is one of China’s most abusive employers

Petition Supporting Legal Action Against Former China Leader Jiang Zemin

MP Presents Petition Calling for Release of Canadian Citizen Detained in China

Thursday, December 14, 2017

US suports election fraud and drug trafficking in Honduras

The LA Times is reporting that "In what critics call a weakening of U.S. support for democracy in Latin America, the Trump administration appears to be prioritizing concerns about illegal immigration and drug trafficking from Honduras over the country’s violent and flawed election process." The CIA and MI6 overthrew democracy in Iran during Operation Ajax.

In this case the rationalization for the lie has been to confront drug trafficking. The CIA has told Donald Trump that the opposition suports drug trafficking while the corrupt president who refused to step down does not. That is a bold faced lie just like the Hillary Clinton sponsored coup in Honduras back in 2009. This lie is nonpartisan. Manuel Zelaya was putting pressure on the drug dealers. That's why the CIA got rid of him in 2009. Then they claimed he was drug trafficking when he wasn't. They were. Just like in Afghanistan.

The Intercept is reporting that "The Honduran Minster of security, who was intimately involved in solidifying the 2009 coup, is tied up in drug trafficking, according to testimony from a Mexican drug-trafficker-turned-DEA-informant in U.S. court."

Insight Crime is reporting that "Colombian drug trafficking gangs changed their routes to Honduras just days after the coup and turned it into the principal handover point for cocaine to Mexican cartels." Operation Fast and Furious revisited. Say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss. I'll get on my knees and pray we dont get fooled again.

What do you think the Americans do with the cocaine they seized in Honduras? The CIA brings it to Florida to have it destroyed. Why would thy bring it to Florida to destroy it? Why wouldn't they destroy it at source? Because they aren't destroying it. They are selling it on the streets.

The CIA have been actively involved in the Honduran drug trade since Iran Contra. If Donald Trump wants to reduce drug trafficking he needs to pull the CIA out of Honduras and put in the DEA. During the whole Narcos netflix series it became clear that every time the DEA tried to bust Pablo Escobar, the CIA prevented them until they finally ditched Pablo Escobar and started using the Cali Cartel instead of the Medellin cartel.

This is how the CIA created the Communist revolution in Cuba by supporting the corrupt Batista government. The people in Honduras have been protesting against Juan Orlando Hernández's corruption since 2015 when it became known he was taking money from hospitals and medicine to use for his own political purposes. He even went so far as to replace medicine with flour pill placebos. Teachers go unpaid as American aid is getting pocketed by corrupt politicians.

Honduras held a democratic election and the challenger won. Right before the vote counting was final they stopped the live coverage of the vote counting and said the military was going to bring in the remaining ballots from the rural areas and bring them to a central location to be counted by the corrupt president's supporters. Huge discrepancies were reported and the results mysteriously changed. Now Donald Trump says confronting illegal immigration and drug trafficking in Honduras is more important than supporting democracy which is the root of the lie that the Hillary Clinton backed CIA has told him.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, look at the absurd coverage this fraud is getting in Communist China. It is true that the people have been protesting against the election fraud tied to Juan Orlando Hernández. The Communist paper spins it into a struggle between the bourgeoisie and the workers. Their conclusion is "For the working people of Honduras, there is only one solution: break with capitalism and build a new society for all, a socialist society. Down with JOH and imperialism!" WRONG! That would be like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

There is no civl liberty in Communism. There are no human rights in Communism. There is no religious freedom in Communism. There certainly is no democracy in Communism. Once a Communist dictatorship has been implemented no other political parties are allowed to exist. That is not a democracy. Communism and Imperialism are no different. They are both the same. They are both built on greed where the government has power over the people instead of giving the people power over the government like in a free republic.

If you want to protest election fraud in Honduras use a Honduran flag not a Communist flag. Communism and the CIA are both bad because they go hand in hand one with the other.

God Bless Honduras and God damn the CIA.

LA Times: Honduran democracy is under assault

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Abbotsford fentanyl fatalities prompt charges

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Abbotsford police have seized a massive quantity of drugs and cash in an investigation that was launched in October after the deaths of five people within 10 hours of suspected overdoses. On Oct. 27, the five, between the ages of 40 and 67, were found dead inside their Abbotsford homes. Police launched a probe into high-level traffickers in the area who provide fentanyl and other drugs to local dealers."

"On Nov. 23, police raided a home, several storage lockers and three cars. The searches yielded $46,000 in cash, plus weapons, drugs and other materials related to drug trafficking. About two kilograms of drugs were seized, included fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and MDMA, and six kilograms of materials used for the production of methamphetamine and MDMA. Lab results later showed traces of carfentanil in some of the drugs seized and that some of the cocaine had also been contaminated with fentanyl."

“These arrests will have a significant impact on the drug trade in our downtown core,” said Insp. Tom Chesley. “The presence of fentanyl and carfentanil in drugs is a clear indication that drug dealers have no regard for human life, and that they are only concerned with making a profit.”

This is what the police are suposed to do. If people die from fentanyl, the police need to arrest the people that sold the fentanyl. It's not rocket science. Compare that to Surrey. Surrey is doing the exact opposite. Instead of arresting the drug dealers selling fentanyl on the Surrey strip, they are providing them police protection to sell drugs. It can't get any more corrupt than that.

In September of this year the Peace Arch News reported that "Delta Police have charged 21-year-old Delta resident Daniel Chesshire in connection to nine overdoses in South Delta last year." If Delta and Abbotsford can do it, why can't Surrey?

July 2016 there was a fentanyl fatality at Shakerz in Surrey. Not only did the police not arrest the drug dealers that sold her the fentanyl under false pretenses, they didn't even name her or the bar she OD in. Her name was Leanne Yardley. She was a wonderful mother who cherished her children and a nurse just out for a break. She did a line of cocaine at Shakerz and it turned out to be straight fentanyl not cocaine. No arrests were made.

Shakerz is the drug trafficking hub that loads the Surrey Strip with fentanyl. The police know that and simply don't care. Drug and gang enforcement in Surrey is a complete fraud.

Surrey RCMP bust pot shop but roll out the red carper for crack and fentanyl dealers

Montreal Police crack down on fentanyl, Vancouver Police promote it

Christmas gun sales

In case you missed the famous December gun sale in Surrey all is not lost. There are still plenty of deals to be had and Wholesale Sports in Langley has tons of ammo and firearms on sale as they are going out of business. Too bad. They were a great outlet. They don't have much left in the way of handguns but they have tons of ammo and long guns. They even have a pump action shotgun with a drum clip for 700 bucks. Now that's what I'm talking about. Merry Christmas yo.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Prosecutors to appeal the stay on Jamie Bacon’s charges

Global is reporting that "The BC Prosecution Service (BCPS) will appeal a B.C. Supreme Court decision to stay first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges against gangster Jamie Bacon in connection with the Surrey Six murders, which happened in 2007." Thank God. That appeal must be heard and they bloody well better get on with the trial if it succeeds.

Porky Pig isn't out of the pig pen yet. Kim Bolan is reporting that the hearing that decided to stay the murder charges against Jamie Bacon was in camera. That is insane. Secret meetings that crush natural justice shrouded by publication bans are all illegal. This isn't Nazi Germany. We aren't living behind the Iron Curtain even though the courts appears to think we are.

The Charter of Rights is the highest law of this land. If the government or the courts make a decision that violates the Charter of Rights, that decision is illegal. I do believe in the supremacy of God and the rule of law. It is the total disregard for the law and for justice that we see coming from the bench that I take offense to.

Becoming learned in the law is not a matter of memorizing books of diluted jurisprudence that waters down justice into meaningless. That is not the intent of the law. Natural justice is a founding principle of law. Abandoning justice mocks the law it does not uphold it.

It is not Eilleen Mohan's fault Jamie Bacon's trial has been delayed so long. If the police make a mistake you can punish the police but to punish the victims is offensive to justice. That is why the public's confidence in the BC judicial system has been shattered.

CTV is reporting that "B.C. Premier John Horgan says a court decision to stay charges against a man accused in one of the most infamous gangland killings in the province's history could compromise public trust in the justice system. That is absolutely true. It already has.

BC NDP decide to proceed with the Site C Dam

John Horgan announced on Twitter that the NDP Government has decided to proceed with the Site C Dam. Can we al least get rid of SNC-Lavalin and get it on budget so we stop their perpetual tax fraud? SNC-Lavalin is the root of the problem.

Mike Smyth reported that "It was Clark who solemnly vowed - at the memorial service for the late former premier Bill Bennett, no less - to push the Site C dam past the point of no return. And that’s exactly what she did. Horgan was forced to admit Clark had cooked an omelette he simply couldn’t unscramble." IE it would cost too much to cancel it.

Ray Roch wrote into the Vancouver Province and said cancelling the site C Dam is no longer feasible. It would cost $4 billion to cancel it. For the same money it could be completed. At least once it's completed you have something to show for it that makes money for the province.

Hydroelectric power is a lot better than nuclear reactors. The primary concern is the massive over budget costs. Once again SNC-Lavalin is the root of the problem.

Keep SNC-Lavalin out of Surrey

What the provincial government needs to do it is confront the BC Hydro fraud that is creating a tsunami of deferred debt because Independent Power Producers sell power to the public company at above market rates. We need to get rid of the IPPs and contract that work back in to the public company so tax payers don't get ripped off billions of dollars ever year. That's what Norm Farrell's new campaign is all about.