Thursday, January 9, 2014

Barinder Rasode takes the cake

Now that I have made it perfectly clear how much I oppose Dianne Watts and Alex Tsakumis' bullying and name calling of Barinder Rasode let me now proceed to explain three positions that Barinder supports which I oppose. Remember I’m talking about positions on issues, not personal attacks. Let's examine the root of the Monster Mash.

The most recent disagreement I have is her new position on the Welcome Home Addiction Recovery Academy. She says that after the recent public outcry about drug related violence in Surrey she no longer supports the Welcome Home detox centre and I’m left wondering what the hell this woman is smoking.

This detox centre is exactly what we need. We need to help addicts get off drugs. What people are complaining about is half way houses and groups homes in the neighborhood. These are places criminal go after they get released from prison while they serve the rest of the terms and conditions of their probation. Group homes and detox centres are two completely different things.

What we also need to do is get drugs out of those government group homes just like Kerri Krysko said her dream is to see private transition homes set up that are drug free. I didn’t know the current government transition homes weren’t drug free.

This ties in to Stephen Harper's new bill to make prisons drug free. As much as I have concerns about Stephen Harper taking away our civil liberty, I can not comprehend how anyone could possibly oppose his desire to make prisons drug free. That is astounding.

The Welcome Home Addiction Recovery Academy is founded by a local businessman named John Volken. For many years he ran United Furniture Warehouse which was a very successful family business. Now he runs a private drug addiction recovery program which is funded and supported by his new business Price Pro in Newton. This is a wonderful program we need to support. The guy gets enough opposition from the government because he actually helps addicts get off drugs instead of promoting the methadone pharmaceutical scam forever.

OK so group homes for prisoners that are not drug free are bad. Detox centres to help people get off drugs are good. John even has people enrolled in his detox program work at Price Pro. He helps them get off drugs and helps them develop life skills to get an actual job. We should be doing everything in our power to support this program. Barinder Rasode saying she no longer supports that program because of crime in Newton just doesn’t make any sense.

Now for the nitty gritty. Barinder recently started running interference for Team Godzilla in the news by saying we know our policy in Newton was wrong but we’re not moving the slot machines. She was arrogant and defiant. Putting slot machines in a poor neighborhood to exploit seniors is predatory.

Which brings us back to Gateway Casinos and the Mega Casio proposal. As soon as all hell broke loose at the public meeting on the mega casino in south surrey, Barinder starts bragging to the media claiming that the Indo Canadian community in Surrey influenced City council to change their mind and oppose the mega casino. Oh really? Well she voted for it so I guess the Indo Canadian community didn’t influence her.

Casinos are not good business. Especially Gatway casino. They lost $1.5 billion. That’s not only bad business, it’s a bad investment. Now that they went through a debt restructuring, they have to suck that much more money out of the community to make a profit.

The Vancouver Sun reported that the project was held by a numbered company associated with developer Bob Cheema before Gateway took over the project. “According to financial disclosure records, both Cheema and Gateway Casinos donated to the Surrey First team in 2011. Cheema, through his company Bill’s Developments, gave $8,000 while Gateway Casinos donated $16,500.”

At the public meeting Dianne Watts choked. Her party supported the project and she wasn’t suppose to vote because she was sitting in the chair. Only a couple of her party members choked when they saw that much public opposition which forced her to vote. She new it would have been political suicide to support the project seeing that much opposition to it so she reversed her decision. She wasn’t planning on having to vote publicly because she was sitting in the chair and her party was supposed to support it.

After the vote Liberal MLA Rich Coleman freaked. Dianne Watts promised to support it. That was the agreement. That is why she received campaign contributions from them. Dianne Watts lied when she claimed she never supported the project originally. When her lie was exposed the Surrey Leader had to print a retraction.

So evidently Coleman and Cheema are upset with Watts for screwing them and are supporting Barinder Rasode over Dianne Watts. That is why I cannot support Barinder Rasode as mayor or counselor. Because of her position on the Gateway Fraud. That means if it came down to a vote between Watts and Rasode, I’d pick Watts because at least Watts was concerned enough about her political career to flip on that proposal. I still don’t trust Watts at all because of her bullying and her lies. I’m just saying I can’t support Rasode because of her position on Gateway.

Personally I’d like to see a new card of seven city counselors run in the next civic election. Not SET or SCC but something new. Seven not eight because I think Judy Villeneuve is a keeper. The rest were just Watts’ clone drones and need to be changed. Ross Buchanan has moved out of Surrey. I think we should run seven new candidates for city counsel to “direct” the mayor and proceed with that. We need to support business not tapeworms or dirty developers and we need to address crime by arresting crack dealers. It’s that’s simple.

Stay tuned for more of the Surrey Monster Mash.


  1. "This ties in to Stephen Harper's new bill to make prisons drug free. As much as I have concerns about Stephen Harper taking away our civil liberty, I can not comprehend how anyone could possibly oppose his desire to make prisons drug free"

    Dude, this has to be a joke, right? Prisons are ALREADY SUPPOSED to be drug free. They are not because people smuggle drugs in in ways so imaginative that it boggles the mind. Staff are often 50% of the supply chain. There is no BILL which will change that. Drugs along with a whole list of other things are already CONTRABAND in a penal institution.

    At the same time, having known people who worked in prisons, I can tell you the staff would love it if you gave free weed to all the inmates, they'd start a lot less trouble if they were sitting around in their cells all day smoking dope and watching TV. The problem would be having Domino's deliver.......

    More comedy from Harper's gang of merry prankster's..........

  2. I wish it was a joke. I'll have to dig for the link. Prisons are supposed to be drug free. Harper wants to make it so and the nit wits are complaining about that to. Prisons aren't drug free and neither are the half way houses. that's the problem.

  3. The whole casino debacle stinks. Yes, Watts choked. She said it was a done deal.Apparently it seems she thinks Newton can handle a casion better than the south part of Surrey. That decision wasn't fair, wasn't right and has hurt the people of Newton, which by the way, has the greatest population/taxpayers in the city. We need positive change in Surrey. So, who's ready to run and bring balance back to our government?