Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is Bob Cheema trying to buy Doug McCallum?

Déjà vu. Remember how Goldman Sachs became Obama's largest campaign contributor? In return Obama gave them 20 million in tax dollars. Not a bad investment. Well it looks like Bob Cheema is hedging his bets and is trying to buy Doug McCallum. Everywhere Doug McCallum goes these days Bob Cheema is not far behind. No wonder Rich Coleman is so happy.

Bob Cheema is the dirty developer involved with the controversial Gateway casino project in South Surrey. Just like the Campbell Heights Industrial scam, he was wanting City Hall to flip agricultural land into industrial so he could make a fortune building a casino there. A casino that just went through a $1.5 billion debt restructure.

Barnider Rapsode and Linda Hepner received "gifts" from Bob Cheema which bought their vote on the Gateway casino project despite such overwhelming local opposition to it. Guru Nanak Sikh Temple on Scott Road deplored the stand taken by Barinder Rasode and Linda Hepner on the Gateway casino. Since Doug McCallum is making promises to the Sikh community we need to ask him and each of the candidates what their position on the Gateway casino is before they are elected. Since it was such a controversial project with overwhelming voter turn out it behooves the media to ask each candidate in this election just what their position on the Gateway casino is.

Crime reduction is a good thing but solving the problem takes more than throwing it some money. It involves a change in policy. Instead of running around putting out fires by arresting drug addicts who steal to support their addiction, start arresting the crack dealers that give the homeless and mentally ill free crack then beat the life out of them for payment. Arrest the crack dealers and you will prevent a huge amount of violent crime.

The first thing we need to do is balance the budget Surrey's worst destroyed. Selling the new city hall and going back to the old one is the first step. Stopping all those extravagant trips on tax dollars is the next. Then comes getting rid of the conflicted Development corporation. So far it appears that Doug McCallum supports those three steps while Linda Hepner and Barinder Rasode don't. Then we have to change the policy and start mandating the police to arrest the crack dealers not the addicts in Newton and outside the Front Room in Whalley.

After that transformation is complete and Surrey is finally saved from the brink of destruction we need to oppose the Gateway casino bid especially in agricultural land to benefit campaign contributors. To accomplish this we need to compile a list of counselors who will support each one of these important steps which will prevent Mayor McCallum from giving Bob Cheema a sweetheart deal. After all the Mayor only has one vote and counsel holds the balance of power on that casino bid. Listen to what this concerned citizen had to say at the public meeting along with her two friends. It is heartwarming to say the least. We should elect them to city council.

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