Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tony Terezakis' son makes a movie

Speaking of Tony Terezakis, his son is making a movie called Born into Gangs. Tony had his son film him beating the life out of drug addicts that owed him money in East Vancouver. His ex wife found the tapes and gave them to the police. Big Tony worked for the Hells Angels. As soon as he got out of prison they capped Juel Stanton who was working in Tony's area. Capping Big Tony won't change the fact that the Hells Angels endorsed his exploitation of the homeless for so many years. That's how they made their money. Blood money.

Somehow I doubt they'll include Tony's involvement with Piggy's Palace and the Pickton Farm in their movie or anything about the Dianne Rock Story. The part of the Dianne Rock story that wasn't found in court transcripts was the claim that she was gang raped on the Pickton farm by bikers and police. Which forces us to question how involved RCMP bondage freak Jim Brown was with the Pickton farm and just how well he knew Dave Pickton.

Nevertheless, the movie Born into Gangs should be a good look inside the brutality and exploitation of the homeless that the Hells Angles in Vancouver profit from. Not to mention Ricky Ciarniello and the Devil’s Butler. Much. That'll be in my eBook due to be released December 10th.


  1. Hello,
    My name is Andreas Terezakis. I am the somewhat handsome fellow in your screenshot :P lol
    I feel not only compelled but now obliged to write this because you have taken something of mine that is important to me and not just poorly but ultimately sadly covered it in a twisted manner :( I think I speak for many here - You are not a very good reporter, in fact you are not a reporter at all. And without lowering myself to your level of juvenile name calling and hateful remarks, I'd rather speak in truth and with my heart.
    For years I've had people come to me with articles you have written on my father, and I can't stress how troubling its been for me being a young man, trying to break the mold and patterns from being born into a criminal family to always having to correct them from your wrong information. You are single handedly affecting my emotional recovery. You might say, well its your dad's fault for being a criminal. Well actually in reality, he has done his time in prison, and you and your circle of people that spread untrue statements only truly hurt those in his family that are innocent. If you reported the truth I would have no issue whatsoever.
    See, what bothers me the most is you have something so special here, you have actually found an opportunity to finally cover something positive in light of all the chaos and turmoil that flourishes throughout the criminal world in BC. Yet you have completely neglected it and turned into into a chance to promote your ebook and make sick connections that carry no validation or purpose aside from a hateful agenda. So since you haven't, I'd like to maybe help you with some facts.

    I don't know who you are but here is who I am. I've never done a drug in my life. I'm a student, father, son, brother, kick boxer, poet, recording artist, and youth worker - that is currently going on board with the odd squad for lecturing and teaching troubled youth in schools and martial art gyms across the lower mainland. With this being said, I can assure you my father didn't nor has ever "capped" anyone. And if he did, I'd be the only one who'd know. I have no reason to defend him, because unlike what you'd think being raised the way I was, I have zero allegiance to any side in the criminal realm. I gave those tapes at 14 to my mother. There'd be no story here if it wasn't for that action...So don't even try to slander me or my intentions. All my rolemodels and elders have been gunned down or died of drug use. I have no time for lies or falsehood, I write only in fact.

    This connection you have made through reading newspapers or creating them in your existence is absolutely sad. My father was charged for assaults and drug trafficking over a decade ago, did 7 years time served for it, and your connecting him to one of the most heinous serial killers in Canadian history based on what? Without getting into the specifics and only to clarify for the people that I care about that read this, An ill informed lawyer brought up my dad to Attorney Wally Oppal in some hearing asking wasn't "tony" a doorman for pickton? He was immediately shut down by the judge so moral of this story is...lawyers don't always get it right as I'm sure their agenda is a lot of the time "sided" with whatever their intentions maybe and there are many drug dealers named tony...

    1. Greetings. Claiming that I'm just promoting an eBook is even more ridiculous then the claim that you're just promoting a movie. I have had daily death threats blogging about the Vancouver gang war for many years now. Self publishing a book is no money maker. It doesn't even pay the rent. I have never made a dime from my blog or web site. I made sure of that.

      You are of age now to know and face some of the crimes your father has committed. No one is all bad just like no one is all good. Yet you yourself admit that your father was the notorious Greek drug lord Tony Terezakis and that your movie will be about a young man's struggle to brake away from a crime filled past.

      I never said your father was a serial killer. I said he was a drug dealer in East Vancouver that filmed himself beating the life out of drug addicts that owed him money. The court transcripts confirm that is true. You yourself admit that he was a drug lord. The fact that he sold drugs for the Hells Angels is common knowledge. Denying any of those facts would be a lie.

      The Hells Angels have murdered many people. Court records in Quebec showed that they put a portion of their drug profits into a fund to murder rival drug dealers. Shortly after your father was released from prison Juel Stanton was murdered. I never said he did it but I did say the Hells Angels have hired many murders in the Vancouver area. That is a true statement.

    2. As for the money thing, you know yourself that writing a book or making a movie isn’t about the money it’s about the message. My blog gets a fair bit of traffic. With two clicks of the mouse I can have advertizing banners and make money from it. I didn’t do that because I hate advertizing and I didn’t want to make money off of this cause.

      I could have made a fair chunk of change on a book. I had a ghost writer all set up that works for Random House. The problem is, my book isn’t going to really be anything new about the Hells Angels. Just putting what I have already written together with the Gary Webb story. That’s why I’m releasing it on the 10th anniversary of his murder.

      I didn’t want someone else to water down what I write and make it sound like a Harlequin Romance. I also want to include stuff about how our civil liberty is under attack and the big publishers don’t want to touch that and to be quite frank, people don’t want to read or buy that. So if I wanted to make money off of a book I could have. I know exactly what the people want to hear. This book is where I lay everything on the table so if and when they put a cap in my ass, something is left behind to record what was said.

  2. My dad was never a doorman or associated to Robert pickton. I would put my life on that...I think being his son and once being involved in his criminal endeavors, I'd know a bit more than a person who writes on the basis of hate and slander...with a lack of information and convoluted way of making connections. In all honesty, coming from someone who was there and witnessed beatings, sadly but truthfully I'd be the first to say that most of these people were guy's like pickton - rapists, murders but I still don't agree in anyway shape or form that my father had a right to do what he did. A fact is that unfortunately things are very different in the downtown eastside, its a very different world. There are rules and the underworld does a lot of its own policing, its not like the outside world that we so easily compare it to. Police have been known to partake in some very corrupt and unworthy behaviors as criminals have, as Im sure Agent K here can agree with. Just like these cops have succumbed to becoming that in which they were meant to police (criminals), I believe you agent k have done the same - by attacking families and people through hate and lies.
    It's pretty unlikely the "old" big tones would be hanging out with pickton and his bible - It'd be more like pickton with a every bone in his bloody body broken - this I can assure you along with anybody that actually knows him. So please do yourself and a young man who has done everything in his power to change his path - a service of either deleting this article or changing it to something as to what it deserves.
    - Andreas Terezakis

    1. The claim that your father was a doorman for Piggy's Palace is a separate claim from the drug dealing claim. We know the fact that he sold drugs for the Hells Angels in East Vancouver including sex trade workers is true. There has been a huge cover up of the Pickton case and only pieces of the puzzle have started to be released now that the publication ban is finally over.

      I said that the book On the Farm claims that your father was a doorman for Piggy's Palace. That is a true statement. The book On the Farm does make that claim. I can assure you even if it was a true statement he and the Hells Angels would deny it. The Hells Angels even denied they were present at Piggy's Palace when in fact all the locals know they ran it.

      The allegation that the Hells Angels were deeply involved with Robert Pickton and Piggy's Palace is separate from the allegation that your father worked the door at Piggy's Palace. Both allegations are made in the book on the Farm.

      There are many other sources that confirm the Hells Angels were deeply involved with David Pickton and the Pickton farm. Robert was inviting sex trade workers to biker parties on his farm The Hells Angels had a grow op on site. As soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned your buddy Wally Oppal shut down the Missing Woman Inquiry ad turned it into a totally censored panel discussion instead.

      When I read and reported on the claim that your father worked the door at Piggy's Palace one of my sources said there were two Tony's and implied that it was a different Tony that worked Piggy's Palace. I contacted the author of the book On the Farm and she said Dave Pickton was clear when he told reporters that the Tony that worked the door at Piggy's Palace was a Hells Angels. He was an associate in reality not a member but often people claim associates are members in that context since they represent the club in all that they do.

      The fact that the Hells Angels were deeply involved with the Pickton farm is well established as is the fact that your father sold drugs for the Hells Angels at that time. The Dianne Rock story proves that Robert Pickton did not act alone. Good luck with your movie and your life. Just remember that time is on the side of truth and that no lie can live forever. Peace.

  3. there is very little Hells Angels dope in the East End....those days are long gone..any police officer will tell you that .

    1. That is absolutely ridiculous and is completely untrue.

    2. Its been five years since 81 were allowed to peddle their dope in the hood. Your facts are distorted by your hard on for the Angels

    3. Five years? I doubt that but thanks for admitting they have been involved up until then. They still run the Black Door. Some people say the Hells Angels don't run the drug dealers at Main and Hastings any more it's these guys or those guys but where do you think these guys or those guys get their drugs from?

      Look at the three huge cross border drug rings tied to the Hells Angels. The Rob Shannon and Jody York ring, the Randy and Trevor Jones ring out of TBarz and the Larry Amero ring out of Montreal that was supplying New York with BC Bud. All three rings were sending huge amounts of BC Bud to the US and bringing back huge amounts of cocaine to be sold here in Canada. The Hells Angels are the biggest drug dealers in Canada. Anyone who denies that is a liar.

  4. Why do you assume "they capped" Juel Stanton?

    1. That is common knowledge. He was not killed by a rival. More about the motive for his murder will come out soon.