Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gemma Teller

Speaking of futility, this one is a prime example. This is Annie in Fort McMurray who believe it or not goes by the nickname Gemma Teller which I am told is a character on Sons of Anarchy. I hesitate even mentioning the case because she has indeed experienced tragedy in her life. However, how she is "dealing" with that tragedy has become a concern. Annie is a big supporter of the Hells Angels and their puppet club the Syndicate.

Court documents allege the Hells Angels are in control of the crystal meth sales in Fort McMurray. Jeffrey Caines was a main cocaine dealers in Fort McMurray. The Court heard the argument that the Edmonton Hells Angels agreed to remove of any rivals of Caines' drug gang, ensuring other suppliers in the area did not undercut his business and the protection of Caines and his distributors for a weekly fee of $20,000.

E-Ville would be Hells Angels in Edmonton who have been charged with drug trafficking in Fort Mac. Evidently she sells Hells Angels support gear out of her home. She has a really nice motorcycle and a really nice home. Locals wonder how she can afford that on her salary and wonder how she is supplementing her income.

That's the thing. There is so much money to be made in the drug trade there will always be a line up of people ready to take a drug dealer's place as soon as they get busted. All I can do is point people to Michael Green and TBM Fresh Start if they want to leave that life behind. If you want to leave the life, please do. Just remember the advice of Kerri Krysko who states you don't have to be an informant if you want to leave the life. In fact, not being an informant and not revealing club secrets is the safest way possible to leave that life behind.


  1. there is a personality type I refer to as "drama queens/kings". They deal with life by having one drama after another but never dealing with the real issues of their own life. This woman would appear to be that type.

    Some people have a need to be noticed, a need to be different but lack the skills to make it in "real" life. This is their alternative. In actuality they aren't that important, in the greater scheme of things. (that is not to say that as a human being they aren't important)

    Taking on the nickname "Gemma Teller" says enough. Dear old Gemma in the t.V. series is a nasty bit of business, who not being male, but wants to control a motorcycle club. To do this she goes with the man she believes she can best manipulate. It doesn't work.

    In a sons of anarchy type world, women are secondary to men. their clubs come first. why you would want to involve yourself in that is beyond me. Some have compared the t.v. series to a version of Hamlet, a morality play of sorts. In the end no one wins. I guess if you want to emulate that type of life style, you might want to get yourself a good shrink.

  2. The nickname is a bit weird but I don't want to pick on her because she has indeed experienced some real trauma in her life. My point is, the Hells Angels are deeply involved in the Fort McMurray drug trade. If you wear or sell Hells Angels support gear you are supporting that drug trade and all the violence that goes with it.

  3. She doesn't look too bright, but is evidently a loud mouth.... unfortunately sooner or later she will fuck up....and be dead, or methed out so bad she'll essentially be 90.

  4. There are a lot of people fooled by the Hells Angels false image. Let's hope she doesn't end up like Dianne Rock or the many other women buried on the Pickton Farm when the Hells Angels are finished exploiting her for their public relations campaign.