Saturday, December 3, 2016

Vancouver Hells Angel associate shot and killed

Kim Bolan from Postmedia News is reporting that "a controversial rocker and Hells Angels associate convicted of stock fraud has died, three months after being shot in Burnaby, Postmedia News has learned. Adis (Ady) Golic passed away Nov. 22 from injuries sustained in the targeted shooting. The 41-year-old was gunned down on Aug. 22 around 8:30 p.m. in the 7700-block of 12th Avenue in Burnaby. At the time, Mounties said the shooter was a white man, dressed all in black, who hopped into a dark-coloured getaway vehicle with a roof rack."

Another white guy shooting someone in gang related violence. When Kim says rocker she means the guy was a heavy metal musician. He was with the heavy metal band Skard. John Bryce, the East Vancouver Hells Angels president appeared in some of their local videos.


  1. IIRC the East Van guys have connections to stock fraud and related ripoffs going back 20-25 years....looks like they found themselves a puppet who then later decided he wanted to be a real boy....

    1. Either that or he knew too much and they were afraid he might talk so they shut him up for good.

  2. trailerrunner78's comments ring a bell. /there is something about back in the day, perhaps the 1980s/90s when a stock promoter living in West Vancouver was murdered. Can't recall if the killer was ever caught but as I recall there were "suggestions" the stock broker had ties to the east side of vanocuver.

  3. You are likely remembering Philip Mickie Smith as a convicted "hitman" for Sal C. Both, or at least Sal, was acting on behalf of the East End. Amazingly he was released and was convicted of more atrocities working with and for the same people.

    There were multiple pump and dump scams with close involvement and always to the extreme benefit of the East End HA.

    Anyone remember Jamie Holland?

    The Christmas slaying of a gift from the boys? All related.