Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Corporate Promotion of Kim Bolan

Yesterday the Vancouver Province ran a picture of Kim Bolan on the inside cover promoting her specifically. Every blogger has haters and supporters. People have asked me if I think Kim Bolan will get laid off in all the budget cuts at Postmedia News. I said not likely. She might eventually take the buyout but who is going to replace her? They laid off all the other crime reporters. Now they only have one and they are promoting her like a corporate commodity.

Kim Bolan sells newspapers and that's all they care about. It's a double edged sword. Corporate profit is what's going to save the freedom of the press but corporate greed will also kill it. .

Kim Bolan is a credible local crime reporter. Winnipeg has Mike McIntyre and Toronto has Chris Doucette. Mike McIntyre, also known as Mike on Crime, had Tim Petruk on hs radio show shortly after Postmedia News tried to discredit him for hitting it out of the park. Harold Monroe tried to muzzle and discredit Tim for telling the truth about Peter Leask. Postmedia News folded like a cheap tent but Tim Petruk stood solid like a rock.

I certainly don't see crime reporting as a competition or a battle of the bands so to speak. I think raising public awareness raises public interest in true crime. I don't think if Kim Bolan shut her blog down mine would get more traffic. I see the reverse. Each crime blog increases interest in the subject. When breaking news happens people check out the different crime blogs to get a different take on the story. The problem with Postmedia News is that they have turned all their newspapers into one big clone show. They all sound the same. The freedom of the press allows for the expression of alternate views.

Kim Bolan doesn't criticize the judges or the police. In exchange the police give her access to bar watch. The police don't give me sh*t. I prefer it that way. Now that we know Kayla is cooperating with the teletubbies, we can clearly see how f*cked up the province is right now. Animal Farm that. If Blaze is helping the police, then their intel is false. Buyer Beware.

Friday, May 26, 2017

NBA Enes Kanter arrested for speaking out against Turkish President

SB Nation is reporting that Enes Kanter spoke out against the Turkish president. Now, there's an arrest warrant out for him in Turkey. The news article states "Oklahoma City Thunder big man Enes Kanter is wanted for arrest by his home country of Turkey, which has accused him of being a member of a terror group, according to AFP."

This is the problematic nature of removing civil liberty for everyone accused of being a terrorist. Once they remove civil liberty from accused terrorists, they accuse everyone that disagrees with them of being a terrorist. The same thing happened in England. With one wave of the pen they labeled everyone who participated in the Occupy movement terrorists and removed their right to a lawyer or a fair trial. This is a bad precedent for everyone.

This whole fraud was fabricated simply because Enes made a post on Twitter that called Erdoğan the Hitler of our Century and accused him of staging the coup and killing off those who opposed him. Enes was right. That fake coup was staged. There ya have it folks. Disagree with the dirty politicians and they'll arrest you for being a terrorist. Get a life and let the brother play ball.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fatal shooting in East Van tied to Redd Alert

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A woman who died in hospital after a shooting in East Vancouver has been identified. Janice Nicole Bryant, a 33-year-old Vancouver resident, was shot in the street near East 7th and St. Catherines Street around 5 p.m. Tuesday."

The Gangsters Out News Syndicate is reporting that this woman was the wife of a Redd Alert member known as G for Glen Nelson. Local Sources claim that G (glen Nelson) was a redd alert member that was the most well known and started the push back in the dtes 5 years ago.

G was shot by the skeena projects last year and survived. He found out he was shot by Steele who was a BC Redd Alert leader. Steele got shot in the stomach on pender street as I reported August of last year. Local sources claim that Steele retaliated the retaliation by shooting G's wife. With friends like that, who need enemies? Redd alert as we all know sell drugs for the Hells Angels and control the drug trafficking in the DTES for them. Not that anybody cares. Just sayin.

Update: On Friday at 8:30 there will be a candlelight vigil in Janice Bryant's honor against gang violence at commercial and broadway. Executing someone's wife crosses the line.

2nd Update: It was a wonderful ceremony especially the ending. They held the ceremony right in the middle of the intersection while police rerouted traffic. It represented the community pulling together against another attack on Indigenous women. The burning sage is sacred. It was an honour to participate in the drum circle. That was holy. Please don't blame Glen. He's hurting too. It's not his fault. He was betrayed by the Hells Angels because he became too powerful and that scared them. There is no loyalty in that game and there are no winners either. The only way to win that game is by refusing to play it. From my holy land to yours, Peace.

Kim Bolan murder plot revealed during trial

Kim Bolan has been covering the Kevin LeClair murder trial. Now she is reporting that on May 4th the police informant told the court about a plot to kill her. I'm not going to minimize the seriousness of the allegation because it is indeed serious. I will however make two observations.

The first point I'd like to make is that the witness is not credible. We have already established that. I'm not saying there wasn't a murder plot, I'm just saying if there was one, he was likely the author of it. It was probably his idea. As we have discovered, the police informant is a lying piece of garbage. He admitted lying to the police numerous times after he began cooperating with the police and he admitted plotting to rob one of his own associates.

This informant was a low level two bit drug dealer that would rob his own crew. Robbing an associate is not something the UN recommended. Neither was the plot to kill Kim Bolan. It was the low level low life's idea not the UN administration. If the plot came from the UN, it would have been executed. Killing reporters is a serious matter. A reporter in Quebec was shot in the back while he was getting into his car after work for covering the biker war there.

I personally don't have beef with the UN. Selling drugs in clubs or to people who want it and can aford it is none of my business. My beef is with the Janice Shore and the Britney Irving murders which did not involve the UN. At the time of the alleged Kim Bolan murder plot I contacted the UN asking for an interview of Clay Roueche and they told me to f*ck off. There are other things that happened at that time but I will respect confidence by not mentioning them publically.

I will however point out that during my court case a former gang associate in Kelowna found a link on Kim Bolan's blog to the court documents Ian Fraser posted online with my home address. He took a screenshot of my home address and posted it on his public facebook along with a google maps link how to get there. They joked and said I bet he's not staying there tonight. When I asked him where he got that information from he said Kim Bolan's blog.

When I mentioned it to Kim she took down the link but said it was a public court document. True but anyone can black out a home address before uploading that court document online. Keith Fraser did not do that which was a slimy thing to do. It was legal but very unprofessional. He showed absolutely no regard for my safety or the safety of my family. Just saying.

Kim Bolan also reported that the police informant told the court he would post false information on Kim Bolans blog to try and throw the police off his trail. That f*cking idiot sounds exactly like Blaze. The low life dirt bag that was present with Joey Verma when they shot Britney Irving in the back. That useless spec of fly sh*t has zero credibility in court.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pablo Escobar's son claims his father worked for the CIA

The Daily Star is reporting that Pablo escabar's son said: "In my book, I tell the story of my father working for the CIA selling cocaine to finance the fight against communism in Central America." (Just like Gary Webb discovered in Nicaragua) “What the CIA was doing was buying the controls to get the drug into their country and getting a wonderful deal."

This allegation is believable because it fits in with what we already know about Iran contra at that time. In Operation Watchtower, Colonel Edward P. Cutolo testified that the cargo flown from Colombia into Panama was cocaine. Cutolo also testified the planes were met by Col. Tony Noriega, a Panama Defence Force Officer assigned to the Customs and Intelligence Section and CIA Agent Edwin Wilson.

Oliver North supervised the CIA's cocaine trafficking in Iran contra. Everything he did he was told to do. That is why they made him a Fox TV news host after his pardon. Pablo Escobar got screwed over by the CIA just like Manual Noriega and El Chapo. The CIA have a history of f*cking people over that sell drugs for them.

Opioid conflict-of-interest controversy reveals extent of big pharma's ties to doctors

This time CBC nailed it. The CBC is reporting that "Opioid conflict-of-interest controversy reveals extent of big pharma's ties to doctors. Financial ties between doctors, hospitals and the pharma field are widely accepted - but rarely discussed."

The article names Purdue as the pharmaceutical villain manipulating medical education to further its financial interests just like Macklemore boldly declared in his music video Drug Dealer.

The Globe and Mail has also named Perdue as the cause of Canada’s opioid crisis.

Calgary shooting leaves two dead

CBC is reporting that "Two men are dead following a shooting in a southeast Calgary parking lot at 48th Street and 130th Avenue Sunday night. Few details are available but emergency crews were called to a Superstore parking lot just before 8 p.m. for reports of gunshots. The bodies of two men could be seen near a Ford Explorer. Calgary police's homicide unit is investigating."

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sea to Sky Gondola

Went up the Sea to Sky Gondola today outside Squamish.

It's right between Shannon Falls and the Chief.

The view from the top of the gondola is awesome.

I'd like to hike up Sky Pilot this year.

Vancouver Sea Lion pulls young girl into water

Global is reporting that "A young girl was pulled into the water near Richmond, B.C., by a sea lion Saturday in a dramatic scene which was captured on video." We sea seals all over Vancouver. I dont think I've ever been kayaking and not see a seal. For the most part they are very friendly yet we are always told not to feed them. Feeding the lions and tigers and bears is never a good idea whenever you visit. A sea lion came up to the dock in richmond and the family were feeding it.

All of a sudden the sea lion jumped out of the water and pulled the little girl into the water. Without hesitation the father jumoed right in after it and saved the girl. Quick thinking on the fathers part avoided a potential problem. There's no evidence the sea lion was trying to harm the girl but is is entirely possible. Moral of the story is dont feed the sea lions or get too close. This is the video.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kerri Krysko continues to shine

Well Kerri Krysko has certainly taken it to the next level. After putting out her first book Kerri On she released her second book Kerried Away and is getting ready to launch her third book sometime next year. Trolls trash because they are trash and despite all the opposition nothing can keep this young lady down. She faced opposition and like Kelly Clarkson she broke free from it.

When I first met Kerri I said meeting Kerri Krysko is like walking on the sun. Her light was overpowering. She is a Helen of Troy. Kerri's no star. She is the sun itself. When she walks in she doesn't just light up the whole room, she lights up the whole planet. Her message to the haters is simple: "Why you gotta be so mean? Someday I'm gonna be big enough that you can't hit me and all you're going to be is mean." Truth.

When Kerri wrote her first book she became known locally as the ex wife of a high ranking member of the Hells Angels. Yet she is so much more than that. She always was. Circumstances don't make the man or woman, they reveal them to themselves and to the rest of the world. Mark my word, the real Kerri Krysko has yet to be revealed. Wait for it toy soldiers. When you see it coming it will be like the sun at noonday. Word.

Call of Duty

The other day a friend asked me why I call people soulja. It's from the song soldier boy. When I first started the blog everyone used to call each other gangster. We'd be like what's up G? That was back in 2009. Times have changed. No one wants to be a gangster any more. After the Surrey Six and the murder of Brittney Irving and Janice Shore everyone has seen through the life and it's no longer cool. Now everyone wants to be a soldier. That's cool. That is honourable. Pimping crack hoes is not honorable. Defending civil liberty is.

Making a sacrifice for someone else is something people in the gang life can't comprehend. They're all a bunch of brainless happy bunnies who think It's all about me. There is no happiness in selfishness and greed. Christ said he who loseth his life for my sake shall find it. Christ also said greater love hath no man than this, that he layeth down his life for his friends. The Passion of Christ yo. Mel Gibson saw it. He freaking directed it. Actions speak louder than words.

Victoria police chief resigns

Speaking of the Friends of Craig Callen runnning for the hills, the Times Colonist is reporting that "Suspended Victoria police chief Frank Elsner has resigned, but that won’t halt the disciplinary hearings he is facing for six allegations of misconduct. The Victoria Police Board announced the resignation on Thursday." CBC is reporting that "The Victoria police chief had been suspended with pay since April 2016."

Frank Elsner is from Sudbury where he "associated with criminals and partied with drug users, bikers, and hookers. He set up elaborate drug deals, disappeared for weeks on end, was involved in a hitman operation, and had multiple aliases." This is an example of an undercover cop who goes undercover not because he hates crime because he covets that life. I do not. There is nothing in that life that appeals to me and I think married cops that go undercover to infiltrate the biker gangs because they covet that lifestyle are trash.

Donald Trump arms ISIS

The Independent is reporting that "Donald Trump will use his upcoming Saudi Arabia trip to announce one of the largest arms sales deals in US history - somewhere in the neighbouhood of $98bn to $128bn worth of arms. That could add up to $350bn over ten years."

Although Saudi Arabia is an ali, the concern is who Saudi Arabia turns around and sells those arms to. It's like communist China seling nuclear missiles to North Korea through it's deal to purchase Canadian reactors. Last year Wikileaks reveals how the Clinton's family's charitable foundation received a million dollars for convincing the US to sell arms to ISIS through Quatar and Saudi Arabia. So once again, say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss yo.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sheila Fraser's review of RCMP lawsuits

Speaking of the resignation of Bob Paulson and Craig Callen. CBC is reporting that The women who were the subject of Sheila Fraser's review of four lawsuits launched in British Columbia about harassment and sexual harassment hope the the federal government and the RCMP will apply all of the recommendations and bring about actual change within the police force. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale asked the former Auditor General to conduct the review after the women contacted him in November 2015, asking for help. They said they had no confidence in the RCMP's internal mechanisms to deal with harassment."

"Sheila Fraser says the four cases illustrate the existing grievance process is "inefficient and bureaucratic" and calls for a panel of outside experts - not police - to oversee harassment complaints and measures to prevent reprisals against those who complain of harassment, and also for health services to be "delivered by an independent external party or parties."

"Fraser reviewed how the RCMP handled the sexual harassment cases of Catherine Galliford, Atoya Montague and Susan Gastaldo and the harassment case of Alice Fox. Her long-awaited report was released earlier this week, along with the report of the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission headed by Ian McPhail." This is an overview of the review Sheila Fraser presented to Parliament and this is a copy of the actual report.

The Postmedia Genocide Continues

J-Source is reporting that "The Vancouver Sun and The Province newsroom is much smaller after today. On March 24, a number of staff were handed their layoff notices. Postmedia's intention to layoff 54 staff in Vancouver, where the two newspaper's newsrooms were merged last year, was announced on March 10. On March 23, Harold Munro, the editor-in-chief of the Sun and The Province, sent a note to the newsroom explaining that layoffs would begin the next day."

The article then lists varies twitter posts from numerous reporters who received layoff notices some after working 20 years expressing their concern with the decision.

Even Kim Bolan points out that the layoffs occurred despite profits made from readers and advertisers. That's because when corporate monopolies are concerned profits are never enough. There always needs to be an increase in profits at all costs. Even at the cost of losing any and all unique identity and the risk of turning all the unique news outlets into one homogeneous clone show of each other. Clearly the clone wars have begun.

Mike Hager came up with an interesting observation. He said the massive layoff was a huge opportunity for other news outlets to scoop up great young journalists. Very true, only what other news outlets? With all the Postmedia mergers almost all the news outlets in Western canada are owned by the same entity. Other than myself and the Gangsters out News syndicate the only independent news agencies left here are the Tyhee, the Epoch News and the CBC.

As I said after the Surrey Leader Genocide, all these layoffs create an opportunity for the private market to start a new news agency. Supply and demand. All the qualified journalists could form their own company and create a new online digital newspaper like the White rock Sun and stand independent of the media merger clone show.

This article fro J-Source is two months old. I missed it because it wasn't in the main stream media. I ran across it when researching a recent obscene article the Vancouver Province ran promoting Wally Oppal again. Wally Oppal was a criminal. That's why criminal respected him.

I have nothing against Kevin Griffin. I'm just pointing out that the recent article he wrote promoting such a flaming scoundrel is a sign of the times with regards to all the Postmedia layoffs within the Vancouver Sun and Province. Everyone is afraid of losing their job and will print whatever obscene trash Harold Munro tells them to write.

I was astounded when the Vancouver sun started promoting Wally Oppal to be the head of the Missing Woman inquiry. That was obscene. Wally Oppal was a crappy judge and did an even worse job as Attorney General of BC covering up th flaming flaws in the BC Injustice system. So much so, Vern Penner and the Aldergrove Judicial review board posted a huge sign on a flat deck truck saying recall Wally Oppal.

Wally Oppal's destruction of the missing woman's inquiry was offensive to the victims, the families of the victims and the public who paid his wages expecting justice to be delivered when he did the opposite. As soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned, he shut down the inquiry and turned it into a less adversarial panel discussion where he could more effectively censor what evidence was submitted to the inquiry. After that he was seen giving a member of the Hells Angels a big hug in public.

So now Harold Munro's clone soldiers are once again promoting the same criminal for an new political position. That is obscene. Perhaps Harold Munro should get his pink slip and they should give the job to Wayne Morality who is much more qualified in the eyes of the public. Now that is supply and demand. If the big newspapers fail to deliver objective journalism, it's time for the consumers to g somewhere else. All the money from corporate advertising will not benefit them if none of their readers believe their offensive trash. Harold Munro, take the buy out and disappear.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Journalist and photographer from Global arrested covering accident in Hamilton

HG Watson from J-Source just tweeted a link to a news report from the Hamilton Spec claiming a journalist and photographer from Gobal were arrested covering an accident in Hamilton.

"While covering the crash, a Global News videographer and freelance photographer were arrested at the scene. The Global journalist was later released. Police didn't respond to requests for comment about the arrests. In a statement, Global News said the agency was 'very concerned by the circumstances' of the journalist's arrest. 'While we are satisfied he was quickly released without charge, the incident merits further investigation and we will be following up directly with Hamilton Police Service,' spokesperson Rishma Govani said in an email."

Update: Metro News is reporting that "A freelance journalist was charged with obstructing police after he and a Global News videographer were arrested while reporting at a fatal collision in Hamilton on Tuesday night. Hamilton police arrested the two journalists around 7 p.m. at Evans Rd. and Highway 5 where a 10-year-old girl died after being struck by a car." I guess the reporter failed to obey the cops direct order to stop filming. That's a civl lawsuit right there. Filming a dead body is in bad taste but reporters have a right to report the news.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Journalist murdered in Mexico

Time Magazine is reporting that Javier Valdez, a veteran reporter who specialized in covering drug trafficking and organized crime, was slain Monday in the northern Mexico state of Sinaloa, the latest in a wave of journalist killings in one of the world's most dangerous countries for media workers. Valdez is the fifth journalist to be murdered in Mexico in just over two months, and the second high-profile reporter to be slain in the country this decade after Regina Martinez Perez, who was killed in 2012. In 2014 the Cartel murdered a blogger.

I dont mess with the cartel myself. Their obscene level of violence mocks God. I'm not going to be standing near them when the calamities strike. Justice will not sleep forever.

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson retires end of June

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson announced in March he’ll retire at the end of June. The Toronto Star is reporting that "The looming departure of Commissioner Bob Paulson has prompted some rank-and-file Mounties to call for a joint management approach to running the RCMP instead of the top-down hierarchical system some believe has left it unable to adapt to modern workplace expectations and norms." This is in relation to numerous sexual harassment civl lawsuits the RCMP settled out of court which displayed a pattern of unprofessionalism that permeated the RCMP right up to top management including Craig Callen and Bill Fordy here in BC.

Assistant Commissioner Brenda Butterworth-Carr's promotion to the position of BC's E Division commanding officer has been a colossal step forward. Word on the street is that the infamous swingers known as the Friends of Craig Callen are now running for cover. The question is, will the powers that be let her do her job or will they use her as a poster girl to cover up their mess and tie her hands like they have Duane McDonald and prevent her from actually doing anything while in charge. Time will tell. It always does. Yet the opportunity for a real step forward presents itself.

Bob Paulson talked the talk but he didn't walk the walk. He said he was going to eradicate sexual harassment from the RCMP but he failed to deliver that promise within his own office. The climate of unprofessionalism tolerating and promoting sexual harassment is an easy fix. Finding the political will to embrace the New York model and depart from the current harm promotion model is not. One thing is certain and that is with all the record fentanyl fatalities in Metro Vancouver, the harm promotion of the DTES is not something we should emulate anywhere else.

RCMP watchdog calls for civilian governance

CBC is reporting that "The RCMP will not be able to bring about the necessary change required to address its dysfunctional culture on its own," wrote Ian McPhail, chair of the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP. "A change in governance is required, and such change must come from the outside."

The Georgia Straight is reporting that "A police psychologist who describes the RCMP as a pathological organization has won a battle against the Mounties. The College of Psychologists of B.C. has dismissed a complaint filed by the RCMP against Mike Webster regarding his professional conduct, including his critical comments about the force."

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fatal shooting in Richmond

News 1130 is reporting that "A homicide investigation as been launched after a car crashed on Granville and No.2 Road in Richmond Sunday afternoon. Witnesses say gunshots rang out before a car crashed, leaving one person dead." The Peace arch News is reporting that "Homicide investigators believe a car that had been reported stolen in Surrey in March was used in a fatal shooting in Richmond on Sunday afternoon."

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day:

Leanne Yardley had a mother.

All the fentanyl fatalities had a mother.

Janice Shore had a mother.

Ashley Machiskinic had a mother.

Dianne Rock had a mother.

Chris Mohan had a mother.

Honour them.

No Justice, No Peace.

Know Justice, Know Peace. Word.

Stingray antenna outside Surrey Pretrial

Well this is rather amusing. Yesterday when we were at the Surrey RCMP Open House we walked past the Surrey Pretrial detention centre. I have been to that courthouse a million times and never realized Surrey Pretrial was right across from the courthouse. North Fraser Pretrial is in Port Coquitlam. Surrey Pretrial is a different facility. It's location is pretty ingenious with the ability to transfer prisoners underground from the detention centre to and from the courthouse.

So I'm standing in front of Surrey pretrial reading the sign out front. As I look up the first thing I see is a stingray antenna. Have a look for yourself. It's the same antenna they have installed outside my house. It's the same antenna they have on top of the courthouse in the DTES.

When I made the post about Stingray antennas being used in Surrey someone said it's just a Yagi antenna. Yes it is, but what the hell do you think this antenna is connected to outside the Surrey Pretrial? It's not a radio antenna. They use it for intercepting cell phone communication.

I have to admit I'm not entirely opposed to its use at Surrey pretrial. From an intelligence gathering position it's a pretty smart location. It's the ones outside my house and all over Surrey recording regular civilians wireless communication without a warrant that upsets me.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Surrey RCMP Open House

We went to the Surrey RCMP Open House today. For the most part it was a huge success. They had the bomb squad on site with their robots and gear as well as the ERT and the CFSEU. They had a police dog demonstration, lots of quads and even a helicopter take off right from the courtyard. It was all very posative.

I was somewhat disappointed to see a harm promotion booth on site. That is once again taking us in the wrong direction. The DTES is a failed model Surrey would do well to avoid like the plague.

When we walked down the hall of fame and saw the pictures of the previous and current Surrey Police Chiefs I pointed to the last three: Fraser MacRae - good, Bill Fordy - bad, Dwayne McDonald - good. We've come full circle. As I said before, Fraser MacRae was a Rock Star. Bill Fordy was a flaming idiot. Dwayne McDonald was rock solid. He was our new hope.

Dwayne McDonald is a good man who did great things in Kelowna but someone has his hands tied and is preventing him from doing anything in Surrey. After his huge success in Kelowna he was was transferred to IHIT and the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit was disbanded by Christy Clark. He did such a great job the powers that be made sure he would never do that again. They dont want him interfering with the Hells Angels drug trafficking network.

All this sound and fury about the fentanyl crisis but nothing ever gets done to stop it. Instead we only bend over backwards to promote it. That is not the New York Model. Everyone knows Shakerz is still the hub for the Hells Angels drug trafficking network in Surrey. Randy and Trevor Jones were named in the US cross border drug trafficking indictment and Tbarz was named as the hub of that drug ring. It still is. The name change was just a smoke and mirror distraction to avoid having the bar seized under proceeds of crime in the US indictment.

Everyone knows Tito is a Hells Angels associate that is in charge of the drug trafficking out of Shakerz. Everyone knows they have runners that go from there to the Dell bowling alley who in turn have runners that supply the Whalley strip with drugs. Everyone knows that a Hells Angels prospect actually works at the Front Room a few days a week and that a Hells Angels associate named Wolfpack Roockie supplies the Lighthouse shelter with drugs. Everyone knows that.

I can verify that the police have known that for a year and have refused to do anything about it. So my question is why? Who has Dwayne McDonald's hands tied and is preventing him from doing his job? Once we answer that question we might actually be able to get something accomplished in Surrey. Until then, we never will.

2017 Tofino Summer Jam

This summer the Gangsters Out News Syndicate will be launching the 2017 Tofino Summer Jam. "If ya get jammed up, don't mention my name." Young Jeezy - Soul Survivor featuring Akon yo.

We will he spotlighting the misconduct of Greg Harney and the BCIMC Fraud as well as Clayoquot Action's campaign to stop Imperial Metal's obsession to turn Catface mountian into an open pit mine. So come to Tofino this summer on a warm San Francisco night.

Return to the sacred battleground of Clayoquot Sound. Take an eco tour and see the majesty of Catface mountain in the middle of the protected biosphere and stand with us once again to defend right from wrong. Let's do the timewarp again yo. Truth crushed to the earth will rise again. Word.

Kamloops turns up the heat

Kamloops the Week is reporting that Kamloops RCMP Cpl. Jodi Shelkie said officers from the Uniform Gang Enforcement Team were in the Tournament Capital to help stop criminal activity and prevent organized crime groups from further establishing a presence in the community. “The joint efforts over the weekend targeted those individuals participating in illegal activities and resulted in both enforcement and disruptive measures being taken,” she said.

Let's see if they keep up the pressure on Johnny Newcome's latest chop shop in Kelowna. Although Crimestoppers' new Free Hugs poster campaign is somewhat bizarre, End Gang Life have some other thoughtful posters and videos. Proactive would be arresting the drug dealers selling drugs tainted with fentanyl. Stop the insanity: embrace the New York model.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Tristin Hopper nailed it: Harm Promotion Sucks

Tristin Hopper is an award-winning reporter working for the National desk of the National Post. He just put out a timely article claiming that Vancouver’s drug strategy has been a disaster. Be very wary of emulating it. He nailed it. The Vancouver model in the DTES has been a colossal failure. It is not a model to emulate. The Pharmaceutical Fraud continues...

Thursday, May 11, 2017

6 Hells Angels arrested in Langford

Global is reporting that "Six full-patch member of the Hells Angels gang were arrested during a traffic stop on Vancouver Island. Investigators say West Shore RCMP officers stopped a limousine on Highway 1 near Leigh Road in Langford on Saturday. They say the limousine was stopped after it was seen committing a Motor Vehicle Act offence."

"During the traffic stop, police gathered evidence which led to the arrest of all occupants of the vehicle. When the vehicle was searched, police found a loaded handgun with several full magazines and various suspected drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and other suspected controlled substance in tablet forms."

It will be interesting to hear which names were involved. Langford is home to the Devils Rejects.

Korean election results are in

The Guardian is reporting that "Moon Jae-in, a left-leaning liberal who favours engagement with North Korea, has won South Korea’s presidential election, raising hopes of a potential rapprochement with Pyongyang. The former human rights lawyer won 41.4% of the vote, according to an exit poll cited by the Yonhap news agency, placing him comfortably ahead of his nearest rivals, the centrist software entrepreneur Ahn Cheol-soo and the conservative hardliner Hong Joon-pyo, both of whom have conceded defeat.

South Koreans who backed Moon, 64, will be hoping the election result will mark a clean break from the corruption scandal surrounding his disgraced predecessor Park Geun-hye. Hours before polls closed, the national election commission forecast that turnout would exceed 80% – the highest since Kim Dae-jung was elected in 1997."

So we have just witnessed a wonderful example of democracy in action within South Korea. There were massive peaceful protests in South Korea where the people demanded the president resign over corruption allegations. He resigned and they had an election to vote for a new president. That is a perfect example of democracy. In contrast, that would never have happened in North Korea or in China. In Tiananmen square when people protested for democracy the Communist government dispersed the crowd with live ammunition.

North Korea calls itself the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. That isn't even a bad joke. It is a bold faced lie North Korea is not a democracy or a free republic. It is a totalitarian dictatorship. There is no voting for leaders, there is no free speech, there is no lawful assembly. There is no civl liberty. No protection from unlawful arrest. Those rights do not exist in North Korea or Communist China. Communism is bad. History had recorded that.

North Korea says it will have dialog with U.S. under right conditions

Spotlight on the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea