Monday, October 23, 2017

Fatal shooting in South Surrey

Global is reporting that a man and a woman were shot at King George Boulevard and Crescent Road in south Surrey 2:10 a.m. this morning. The man has died and the woman remains in serious condition.

"The victims were found at two locations – the man was found at 36A Avenue and Elgin Road and the woman was found in a vehicle at the King George Boulevard and Crescent Road location. Police say they believe the man and the woman were shot in the same location, in the area of 36A Avenue and Elgin Road ,and then they dispersed. The female victim had driven herself a short distance away from the scene and then called 911."

"About an hour after the shooting, a car was found on fire in the 8500-block of 204 Street in Langley. The vehicle had no licence plates and the owner has not been found."

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Donald Trump to release Kennedy assassination files

Well this is one good thing Donald Trump is doing. The Toronto Star is reporting that "President tweets intention to disclose documents by Oct. 26 deadline, although CIA said to be lobbying against move despite belief they do not contain any bombshells."

Perhaps the documents will be so blacked out there won't be anything left in them. Operation Northwoods was a declassified document that was very real and provided a motive for the Kennedy assassination. As we know, every crime has a means and a motive.

As far as means, the videotaped evidence shows the president's body guard ordered to pull back. The runner who's job is to protect the president and act as a human shield in the event of a sniper, is ordered to pull back and questions the order by raising his arms in confusion as to why. Shortly after that the president was shot dead. That provides the means.

It's interesting to hear the mainstream media minimize the release of the assassination files as catnip for conspiracy theorist. The mainstream media claims that conspiracy theorists reject the official version about Lee Harvey Oswald and blame Cuba, Russia, the CIA or even UFO's for Kennedy's assassination. That's a rather bizarre smoke screen.

The assassination of JFK is not a conspiracy theory. It is a historical fact. It really did happen. We just don't know why. We don't know Lee Harvey Oswald's motive. Nobody is claiming UFO's killed JFK. As for Cuba and Russia, why would they want Kennedy dead? Kennedy vetoed Operation Northwoods. Cuba and Russia would want Kennedy in office as opposed to someone else who would not veto Operation Northwoods. Cuba and Russia had no motive to assassinate JFK. The only ones that had a motive to kill him were the CIA for vetoing Operation Northwoods.

The evidence supports that motive. The CIA are the only ones that had the power to order the president's body guard to pull back right before he was shot.

When Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested he said he was innocent. He said he was a patsy which means scapegoat. Lee Harvey Oswald had a long history working for the CIA. It would be pretty easy for them to set him up. The fact that he was shot dead before he was able to stand trial prevented him from revealing CIA secrets in court and prove his innocence.

Operation Northwoods was a plan presented by Allen Dulles, the Director of the CIA and signed off by the Lyman L. Lemnitzer who was the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They wanted to perform terrorist acts on American soil and blame Cuba to justify an invasion during the Cuban missile crisis. Kennedy vetoed it. If he hadn't had vetoed it, they would have implemented that treasonist plot.

After Kennedy was assassinated. President Johnson took over and actually implemented Operation Northwoods in the form of an attack on the USS Liberty. That is a historical fact.

Like I said from the beginning, the CIA s a criminal organization. Even more so than the Hells Angels. If they are gong to lie to us about generations of drug trafficking, there is not limit to what they will lie to us about. CIA Drug Trafficking Whistleblower Spreadsheet.

Mongols MC in Vancouver?

Well this is news to me. A blog reader said to check out the Mongols website. They have Vancouver listed under chapters. I've heard rumours about that a while ago but nothing official. Lets hope they come to Surrey. I don't like crack dealers but anything would be better than those b*tch ass Surrey Girls. The closest those clowns will ever come to valour is on Xbox.

Jesse Ventura Rocks. The Mongols are huge in California. The United States government has no right to seize their patch. Police chase gang members but ignore drug trafficking.

Shots fired in Langley

The Langley Times is reporting that "Police were called to the scene of a reported shooting in a quiet neighbourhood of new houses near 211 Street and 79A Avenue in Langley early Sunday morning just before 4 a.m. RCMP could be observed in front of a taped-off front yard taking photos of what appeared to be shell casing markers. According to one online comment the shooting caused property damage but no injuries."

Human remains at farm outside Salmon Arm

Castanet is reporting that "After three days of extensively searching a rural property in the North Okanagan, police have confirmed they have found human remains. On Thursday, dozens of officers swarmed the farm at 2290 Salmon River Road, northeast of Falkland, and they've continued the search into the weekend. 'During the course of executing a search warrant at a property in the 2200 block of Salmon River Road, human remains have been located,' Cpl. Dan Moskaluk said Saturday in a statement."

"On Oct. 13, police put out a warning to the public about an incident on Aug. 28, where a 36-year-old man allegedly arranged a meet-up with a prostitute in the Salmon River Road area, and threatened her with a gun, before she escaped. Police arrested the man at the time, but he was later released without charges."

"A Canada411 search of the rural property where the human remains were found turns up Wayne Sagmoen. A Curtis Wayne Sagmoen, born in 1980, has been recently charged with six charges stemming from an Aug. 27 incident near Falkland, including intentionally discharging a firearm and uttering threats. A warrant was issued for Sagmoen's arrest on Oct. 17, and he was arrested the following day."

Global is reporting that "Last Friday, police issued a warning related to Salmon River Road after a woman was allegedly threatened with a firearm earlier this year. Police said a man and woman used a “website utilized by escorts and sex workers” to arrange a meeting in the area of Salmon River Road. Neighbour Ryan McDonald said police have been to the area multiple times since August, when his wife heard a gunshot on the property."

The property is north of Vernon outside Salmon Arm. Police are still searching for more bodies.

Kelowna Orchard body identified: Castanet is reporting that the identity of the woman's body found in a Kelowna orchard last week is Russia Nicholson who locals remmber as a nice girl who had her struggles but was a very good person.

Human remains found south of Strathmore, Alberta.

Three Stooges in Drayton Valley

The Medicine Hat News is reporting that "A Medicine Hat man was one of three arrested by RCMP in Drayton Valley after a stolen vehicle fled from police and crashed into trees. Thorsby/Breton RCMP report that on Sept. 16, they located a stolen truck in the Buck Lake Area, with the truck followed by an unmarked police vehicle before it parked on a residential street in Drayton Valley. Police blocked the vehicle in, but the vehicle fled by backing up through trees and damaging not only the trees but a parked civilian vehicle and an unmarked police car in the process. The damaged, stolen vehicle crashed into nearby trees and the occupants fled from police on foot. All three were located by police."

Jayce Beaven of Medicine Hat has been charged with possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000 along with two men from Buck Lake, Murlin Becker and Levi Rain.

Drayton Valley is a small town where everyone knows everyone. Seemingly Murlin Becker knows Dusty Blades / Dusty Swanson from the Dirty Flu who became a prospect for Westrdige Hells Angels and swarmed a father in Greece beating him to death. Not a very good PR event for the club on an international event. Swanson was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder.

Dusty Black appears to be affiliated. In this picture he is posting with someone in a Hells Angels support shirt under his vest. Seemingly Jayce sells more than just stolen vehicles to Dustin.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Beijing Smog

This is what Surrey's increased coal exports are doing for China's air quality. Natural gas is clean burning. Coal is not. Beijing Vows Deep Cut in Coal Use in 2017 to Fight Smog.

Atlantic Salmon caught in Harrison river

The Agassiz-Harrison Observer is reporting that local sports fisherman Don Temple caught an Atlantic Salmon in the Harrison River on Oct. 8. This is not the first time this has happened. September of this year the Abbotsford News reported that "At least three Atlantic salmon showed up in aboriginal fishing nets along the Fraser River - including one near Chilliwack."

August of this year CTV reported that "More than a week after a fish farm collapsed south of the border, there are now reports that the escaped Atlantic salmon are being found in B.C. waters." The reason this is concerning is because Atlantic Salmon swim up the rivers and eat the BC salmon fry. That is why our spawning salmon numbers are down in BC but up in Alaska.

When you buy Atlantic farmed salmon you aren't supporting a Canadian fish farm in Nova Scotia. You are supporting one on the west coast and the destruction of our native salmon stocks. Don't buy farmed salmon. Buy wild local salmon. We need to think sustainability. That is good business.

Protecting the integrity of the Media

There was an interesting editorial in the Vancouver Province talking about the freedom of the press. It was criticizing the Trudeau government for not doing more to protect local media. It's kind of a catch 22. Everybody wants a free handout. It's not the government's responsibility to create jobs just create an environment where business can prosper. Likewise it's not the government's job to fund the media. Yet without funding the media is often doomed to the special interest of corporate advertising. All these corporate mergers has shown us how local media has become one great big clone show. When all the local media is owned by one entity, it becomes easier to control.

I agree the freedom of the press is a sacred principle. Postmedia news is reporting profits are up but at what cost? With one sweep of the pen they eliminated the Surrey Leader and all the jobs of those credible reporters. The Surrey Now Leader has become just another corporate spin doctor for insider trading and fiscal irresponsibility just like the Vancouver Province has. The Surrey Leader and the Vancouver Province used to be the last frontier for an alternative to corporate propaganda. Now they have merged with the others in the great big clone show spamming the public with nonsense. There is no freedom of the press in Western Canada. Corporate monopolies killed it. Yet I don't think it's the government's job to fix it.

The First Amendment of the US Constitution states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." The government's only responsibility is to not make a law that restricts the freedom of the press. Preserving the integrity of the press is up to the free market and to supply and demand. If the media prints trash, the people won't read it.

The solution lies within the free market. If all the local media outlets merge into one big propaganda clone show, then private independent media outlets are free to rise up and fill the void. Rebel Media started to but then went weird. It just shows how difficult it is to create and preserve independent media.

Rebel media started off as an independent voice for Conservatives. It was great. I saw them at a Falun Gong demonstration. They were reporting on the atrocities of the Communist Government in China when no one else would. Then I read people trashing them so I had a look to see what was up. Seemingly they had a split over difference of opinion. The owner, Ezra Levant, started ranting about anti Semitism and extremism so co-founder Brian Lilley left as well as several others. Fair enough but there's nothing stopping Brian Lilley or anyone else from starting up their own outlet that is more balanced. Supply and demand yo. We know there is a demand for it. All we need is a like minded capitalist to fill the void. I use the term capitalist tongue and cheek.

I'm not talking about corporate monopolies. That's Communism. I'm talking about small business and free enterprise which is the backbone of the free market. We need a Ron Paul not a Richard Spence. We need a Preston Manning not a Brian Mulroney. When the Reform party merged with the very entity they were created to correct, the dream died. Yet there is nothing stopping anyone from picking up the torch and fulfilling the dream. That is the reality of the free market.

However, the CBC is independent and still does investigative journalism.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Salvatore Scoppa in the news

Salvatore Scoppa in the news. His name came up when his co accused William Robinson originally from Victoria was found dead in Montreal June 2013. Turns out last February Salvatore was shot himself but survived. March of this year Salvatore was tied to a fraudulent telemarketing scheme that bilked millions of dollars from the elderly in the U.S. and in Canada.

Two weeks before Scoppa was shot he and his brother Andrew were busted with over 100 kilos of cocaine. Seemingly one of Salvatore's dealers flipped and he is being investigated for a double murder. No doubt he is also the prime suspect in Will's murder as well.

Interesting wiretap evidence produced in court.

Woman’s body found following dumpster fire in Langley

Global is reporting that "RCMP were called to the area of 20150 Langley Bypass just before 6 a.m. Friday. In the process of extinguishing the fire, firefighters discovered the body of a woman. Langley RCMP Serious Crime unit has taken over the investigation." CBC is reporting that it happened in a business area so the police are combing through surveillance videos.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

10th Anniversary of the Surrey Six Murder

Eileen Mohan Tweeted "10 years ago today my Son, Chris was alive and beautiful till evil took his innocent life..I miss him so much." Her son was one of the two innocent victims in the Surrey Six murder which was a complete game changer for everyone involved and everyone in this community. CBC ran an editorial about it today as did the Peacearch News.

It all started for me February 3rd 2008 when I attended an anti gang violence rally at Bear Creek Park where they released doves in memory of loved ones lost to gang violence. I heard Eileen Mohan speak and it broke my heart. She made a public plea for a website to identify known gang members. She said they had no idea they were living beside gang members. She said if they had known, her son would still be alive today. Her grief moved me.

I knew there would be legal challenges. I knew there'd be threats. Knowing my background with the Guardian Angles during the US crack epidemic and my experience defending free speech in the courts, I knew that would be something I could do. So I did. The rest is history.

In this murder two innocent witnesses were not just stuck by stray bullets, they were intentionally executed simply for being witnesses. That outrageous act changed everything. Everyone and their dog flipped on them and no one calls them rats for testifying. The ones who committed that heinous act are the rats not the ones who testified against them.

October 2nd 2014 there were two convictions in the Surrey Six Murder. A copy of the court decision was posted online. They were sentenced December 2014.

Since one of the police investigators had an affair with one of the witnesses, Jamie Bacon's trial was separated from the others. Jamie Bacon was the one that organized the hit. He tried to tax Corey Lal on behalf of the Hells Angels and Cory said no. Jamie's brother Jonathan was close friends with Larry Amero for many years. Before the Surrey Six the Red Scorpions worked for the UN. After the Surrey Six they started working for the Hells Angels. It's that simple.

Eileen Mohan is a remarkable person. Although she was the one that inspired my blog and website, she obviously doesn't agree with my politics. I respect that. Yet most people realize my aggressiveness is driven by my sincerity. I do care and I have seen Curtis Sliwa do what others said couldn't be done on a daily basis. Eileen has taken the higher road.

Eileen Mohan held a memorial mass for her son May 31 2008 where numerous politicians attended and spoke. May 26, 2012 Eileen organized a memorial forum at Queen Elizabeth Secondary where Kim Bolan spoke. July 24th 2014 Eileen contracted Katy Hutchison to speak at the Sheraton in Surrey. That was profound. I still wish we had Eileen Mohan for Mayor in Surrey instead of Linda Hepner. Eileen Mohan can't be bought.

Ontario Outlaws arrested in foiled murder plot

The London Free Press is reporting that "A London man police say is a member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club is charged in a murder plot, the third member of the biker club’s London chapter to be arrested in less than two weeks."

"Ryan Mark Daigneault, 41, of London, is charged with counselling to commit murder. Nobody was injured, said police, who confirmed Daigneault’s membership in the Outlaws’ London chapter. Daniel Traquair, 30, of London, is charged with possession of a restricted firearm and another weapons offence."

The Toronto Sun is reporting that "The Outlaws, a biker club with chapters across the world, opened a London clubhouse on Brydges Street in May. The club had previously kept a low profile in the city following the demolition of its Egerton Street clubhouse in 2009. But the bikers left their clubhouse shortly after The Free Press published an article on its opening, the woman who owns the building said." This is obviously proactive targeting of the Outlaws MC.

Ontario still has a Biker Enforcement Unit. BC got rid of theirs after the David Giles and Johnny Newcome bust in Kelowna. The Outlaws MC don't exist in BC. Although the Outlaws are well respected, here it's all Red and White. The Hells Angels get police protection in BC now.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

14 year-old girl dies from overdose in Surrey

The Peacearch News is reporting that "A 14-year-old girl has died following a drug overdose in Surrey. Surrey RCMP responded to a call on Thursday, Oct. 5th at 8:50 a.m. regarding a 14-year-old girl in distress. They went to the 13300 block of 103A Avenue to attend to the girl, who was then taken to hospital. She was later pronounced shortly after her arrival."

Now we are forced to question Linda Hepner and the Surrey RCMP's criminal culpability in allowing drug dealers to sell fentanyl on the Surrey strip. You really dont think anyone who buys drugs on the Surey strip isn't going to give it to minors? You really think you are absolved of criminal culpability when you turn a blind eye to the drug dealers on the Surrey strip in the name of Harm Promotion? What do you think they were doing with that 14 year old girl?

Maybe we should ask Ryan since he was convicted of drug trafficking in Surrey. Since the drug dealers on the Surrey strip are the pimps what does that make Ryan? Please advise.

Canada: human trafficking and explotation is 3rd profit maker for organized crime.

Former Hells Angel shot dead in Toronto

Global is reporting that "Police are investigating after a 43-year-old Toronto man was gunned down at a North York plaza Saturday evening. The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead on scene. He has been identified by police as James Clayton Holland. Holland has been identified as one of the owners of a pot dispensary located on the second level of the plaza. Sources tell Global News he had just locked up the shop for the night, before he was fatally shot."

Kim Bolan is reporting that the victim was a former member of the BC Hells Angels who continued to make money after he was kicked out of the club. Once again L & R has nothing to do with it. It's all about maintaining a monopoly on the drug trade.

James Holland was the secretary of a company called GJP Holdings Ltd., which was headed by Gino, Brandy's Ex and was disolved in 2007. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist

The Guardian is reporting that "The journalist who led the Panama Papers investigation into corruption in Malta was killed on Monday in a car bomb near her home. Daphne Caruana Galizia died on Monday afternoon when her car, a Peugeot 108, was destroyed by a powerful explosive device which blew the car into several pieces and threw the debris into a nearby field."

"A blogger whose posts often attracted more readers than the combined circulation of the country’s newspapers, Galizia was recently described by the Politico website as a 'one-woman WikiLeaks'. Her blogs were a thorn in the side of both the establishment and underworld figures that hold sway in Europe’s smallest member state."

CBC News was a Canadian partner in the release of the Panama Papers

42 kilos of carfentanil seized from Pickering home

City News is reporting that "Lab results from Health Canada have confirmed that a substance seized from a Pickering home last month was the deadly opioid carfentanil. Durham regional police said they seized 53 kilograms of unknown substances from a residence on Liatris Drive on September 30 with 42 kilograms later confirmed to be carfentanil – a synthetic opioid 100 times stronger than fentanyl." Carfentanil is nasty.

A space to shoot up, but no space for addiction treatment

CBC is reporting that "Little of Ontario government's opioid crisis money has gone to addiction treatment in Ottawa. The Ontario government announced $222 million over three years in new spending to help communities' treatment and harm reduction strategies as a response to the opioid crisis. So far in Ottawa, close to $2 million has been spent on harm reduction strategies to stem the alarming tide of overdoses. The money has been used to supply naloxone and training for first responders, as well as opening up supervised injection sites. As for actual treatment, to date, $265,000 has been spent to hire a couple of counsellors, a nurse and a nurse practitioner for community-based services. No new treatment beds are expected to open."

That is the root of the problem. "Harm Reduction" has become Harm Promotion. They adapted the Four Pillars program and threw away the other four pillars. All we're doing now is supporting organized crime with tax dollars. We might as well cut the Hells Angels and the Pharmaceutical companies a cheque. It would save human beings a colossal amount of misery.

Treatment saved Kati. Lethal injection sites and Harm Promotion did not.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

American Hells Angel arrested for burglary

Wate dot com is reporting that "Brian Zielinski, an American member of the Hells Angels who goes by the name Jack Sparrow was arrested for burglary while dressed as a pirate. Me thinks he could use a drug test so he could. I guess the club isn't as well connected in the Sates as they are in Canada. Ya gotta love Captian Jack though.

The New York Daily News is reporting that "Zielinski was staying at a friend's house and started acting crazy when he was kicked out. The captain reportedly refused to leave the house and crawled back inside the building through a downstairs window. Once Zielinski was back inside the house, he allegedly became combative and Dunlap police said they were forced to tase him before arresting him." He must have mistook the residence for the Black Pearl.

Ireland braces for hurricane Ophelia - Update

The Guardian is reporting that "Ireland is bracing itself for Hurricane Ophelia with a red weather warning issued for the Republic and an amber warning issued for Northern Ireland. To underline the serious risk Ophelia poses to public safety, Met √Čireann also warned that it could be as bad the 1961 Hurricane Debbie, the most powerful cyclone ever to hit Ireland, which caused 18 deaths." I'm a bit confused. Hurricanes normally form in warmer waters.

The Washington Post is reporting that "On Saturday, Hurricane Ophelia accomplished the unthinkable, attaining Category 3 strength farther east than any storm in recorded history. Racing north into colder waters, the storm has since weakened to Category 1, but it is set to hammer Ireland and the northern United Kingdom with damaging winds and torrential rain on Monday as a former hurricane." After Ireland it's due to hit Scotland and miss England.

CNN is reporting that "Ophelia's position is the farthest east that a major hurricane has traveled in the Atlantic. The previous record was held by Hurricane Frances in 1980, according to CNN meteorologist Haley Brink. Frances formed off the northwest coast of Africa near Senegal, according to an archived National Hurricane Center report. Frances never made landfall."

CNN is also reporting that "Ophelia weakened from a Category 3 to a Category 2 hurricane early Sunday, with sustained winds of 105 mph." It's a wild world so it is. Mind how ya go.

Update: The Washington Post is reporting that "Former Hurricane Ophelia plowed into southern Ireland early Monday, unleashing wind gusts as high as 119 mph, ripping off roofs and downing trees. The Irish Meteorological Service said it could be the country’s strongest storm in 50 years."

The BBC is reporting that "As hurricane-force gusts battered the Republic of Ireland, one woman and a man died in separate incidents when trees fell on their cars. A second man died in a chainsaw accident while attempting to remove a tree felled by the storm."

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bacchus infects Prince Edward Island like a STD

The Guardian is reporting that Bacchus, a Hells Angles puppet club has set up shop in PEI. No doubt, local law enforcement is concerned. RCMP Cpl. Andy Cook asks local residents if they want to support organized crime.

"There are other motorcycle clubs in Charlottetown and Summerside, but they don’t wear the one per cent patch that self-identify them as motorcycle gangs. Cook said so far there haven’t been any problems between the groups in P.E.I. 'Historically, here in P.E.I. everybody’s gotten along,' he said. That’s something Cook worries could change with a Hells Angels presence in the province. “The Hells Angels it’s a well documented history of them being a violent group,” Cook said. He also said the Angels have a history of drug trafficking and extortion, leading the courts to declare them a criminal organization. 'That’s the baggage the Hells Angels bring with them wherever they go,' he said." True enough. Bacchus as well.

Bacchus has a history of drug trafficking, bullying and murder whilst under the Hells Angels banner. The persona and the reality are two very different things. Many argue the persona is a mockery to justify plausible deniability when it comes to organized crime.

George Wethern, former Vice-President of the Oakland Chapter said "The Oakland Angels began issuing new charters and assisting chapters set up their own drug operations. The additions were designed to contribute to our image and business concerns, by providing a drug route link, manufacturing a drug, supplying chemicals, or distributing drugs in an untapped area."

Sorry to break it to ya guys but your clown up top is dressed as a Roman soldier not a Greek god. Same with the logo that has a condom on its nose. That means their logo is of the Bacchus who was a Roman soldier that was openly gay and secretly Christian not the Greek god. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just sayin. Warm brothers in the hood yo.

Tunnel fear mongering is false

Yesterday the Vancouver Province printed a letter from a paramedic who lives in Vanocuer and is familar with the George Massey tunnel. He wanted to dispel some of the falsehoods being spread in the media about the tunnel.

"As a paramedic, when I need to move time-sensitive patients through the Massey Tunnel, I use the emergency lights and sirens and the carpool lanes or shoulders any time of the day or night to get to the tunnel entrance quickly where traffic is flowing as often as it does on a bridge. If there is a crash in the tunnel, blocking it, I confirm that traffic is stopped and use the emergency lights on the ambulance again and drive in from the opposite direction of traffic flow — no cars! — to get the patients and leave."

"In the rare event of a fire in the tunnel (traffic isn’t moving that fast, high-energy crashes are rare, hence few result in fires or serious injuries), then people can move to the adjacent tunnel using the emergency exits. None of the recent public fearmongering justifies the outrageous outlay for a new bridge that my grandchildren will be paying for. There isn’t an infinite pot of taxpayer money."

Since traffic patterns have changed after the NDP lifted the tolls on the Port Mann bridge, there isn't a need to build a third bridge crossing on that side of the Fraser river. The NDP just saved us 2.5 billion tax dollars through fiscal restraint. So now the corporate campaign contributors are spreading false rumors about the tunnel claiming it needs to be replaced. Building an additional crossing like the Alex Fraser bridge is an entirely different matter than getting rid of a useful functioning tunnel. If you get rid of a functioning tunnel you have to build a bridge twice as big to make up for it which of course costs more money. As does demolishing a perfectly good tunnel.

Even Richmond city council is opposed to replacing the tunnel and they are the ones that have to live with it. The real reason they want to get rid of the tunnel is so they can load more coal onto the cargo ships at the Fraser docks. Once again it has nothing to do with traffic flow or fiscal responsibility. The whole thermal coal exports out of that dock is still before the courts.

As one blog reader pointed out, at least the tunnel works in the winter and doesn't have falling icicles crashing into cars whenever it freezes.

Fall leaves yield to winter

Fall represents change. The vibrant colours of fall transform the landscape in preparation of winter. It's going to be a long cold winter yo. Buyer Beware. Harm promotion isn't working.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Luc and Michelle LeBlanc found guilty of conspiracy to import cocaine

The RCMP is reporting that Luc and Michelle LeBlanc were found guilty on October 11, 2017 of conspiracy to import cocaine into Canada following an eight-week jury trial in the Court of Queen's Bench in Moncton. This is from 2013 where a Moncton couple were caught trying to smuggle 16 kilos of cocaine into Canada from Texas in their RV. They met Luc LeBlanc in Mexico and loaded up their RV with cocaine with the intent to drive it back to Canada but were stopped at the US border. The couple became crown witnesses.

Luc was already sentenced to six years in the summer of 2016 for the crystal meth and cocaine bust six months after they were caught trying to bring the cocaine in an RV through Texas. I haven't heard what happened to Jeff Galant. He's friends with the National President of Bacchus.

Body found in Kelowna Orchard

CBC is reporting that "RCMP in Kelowna are investigating after a body was found in an orchard in the 2100 block of Cooper Road around 11 a.m. Wednesday. Global is reporting that the death is being treated as suspicious. Castanet is reporting that "Police are confirming the body found off Cooper Road is that of a female, about 25 to 35 years of age."

Edmonton LRT is a bad model

A metro Vancouver resident originally from Edmonton wrote in to the Vancouver Province and pointed out that the Edmonton LRT is a bad model. He admitted working on the line as an apprentice. The letter published in the paper claims:

"I do not use public transport and also live north of the Fraser in Mission, thank God. But I have seen the devastation of badly planned light rail transit first-hand in Edmonton."

"Returning there after a 30-year absence was shocking. The gridlock, traffic and pedestrian chaos, improper software compatibility with existing systems, bad contracts, no accountability on anyone, and emergency vehicles unable to enter a hospital while the train is running is all bad. I worked on the infrastructure as an apprentice electrician and thought LRT was a great idea, but it was just poorly executed in Edmonton."

Recenly a pedestrian was killed by the LRT in Edmonton. Aside from the usual problems other cities have involving traffic accidents with the on ground railway, reducing 104th avenue to a single lane of traffic each way is insane. That is a huge step backwards not forwards.

Toronto has had its share of traffic accidents between streetcars, buses and even police cars as has Paris and San Fransisco. Skytrain avoids all of those problems.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Chilliwack shooting suspect arrested

The Abby News is reporting that "A 24-year-old Abbotsford man is in custody facing numerous charges after a shooting in a residential area near Chilliwack’s downtown core overnight Oct. 2." Another white guy that needs to be deported.

Fatal shooting victim in Richmond identified

The Peacearch News is reporting that "A body found in Richmond’s Garden City Park has been identified as a Surrey man. Ibrahim Amjad Ibrahim, 30, was found dead on Tuesday (Oct. 10) just after 4:15 a.m. It appeared Ibrahim had been shot."

More Manslaughter charges against fentanyl dealers

CBC is reporting that more manslaughter charge are being laid in Ontario for fentanyl dealers that cause fatalities. In contrast, the Surrey RCMP won't even charge the fentanyl dealers with drug trafficking right in front of them. Instead they are offering the fentanyl dealers police protection on the Surrey strip. It doesn't get any more corrupt than that.

When we first cited a Vice dot com report on the fentanyl drug trade in Calgary, fentanyl was already established. People were addicted and were asking for the drug from dealers. Unlike in BC where the dealers were tainting other drugs with fentanyl with the intent on getting addicts here addicted to it as well. If people ask for the drug knowingly manslaughter charge are a stretch but if they are given the drug unknowingly, manslaughter charges at are well within reason.

Leanne Yardley died after doing a line of cocaine at Shakerz a bar owned by the Hells Angels in Surrey. She thought it was a line of coke but it was straight up fentanyl and it killed her. Not laying charges in that case is criminal culpablity just like not even arresting the drug dealers selling fentanyl on the Surrey strip right in front of the RCMP. Lawlessness does not serve the public.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Dear Younger Me

While waiting at a seniors home I noticed a copy of Our Daily Bread a daily devotional they used to distribute through the United Church. One heading caught my eye: If I Knew Then... "On the way to work, I listened to the song 'Dear Younger Me,' which asks: If you could go back, knowing what you know now, what would you tell your younger self? As I listened, I thought about the bits of wisdom I might give my younger, less-wise self. Most of us have thought about how we might do things differently—if only we could do it all over again. But the song illustrates that even though we have regrets from our past, all our experiences have shaped who we are."

The song the devotional refers to is quite nice and reiterates a discourse by Rev. Peter M. Wallace printed in the Huffington Post called 52 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self. Number 2 reads "It’s a good thing that we don’t know everything that’s going to happen to us. If I had known all the pains and heartaches I would encounter in life, even amidst the joys and victories, it would surely have been too much to bear." Truth. "For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow."

When I first read the devotional my cynical mind chuckled and I looked back on my life and could see myself eagerly interject "Don't walk down that road! Don't do it! Don't go there." Kind of like an avalanche warning on a ski hill. Yet the devotional is correct in that all our experiences have shaped who we are and above all, children are never a mistake. I am grateful for the experiences I have had but many of them I sure as hell would not like to repeat or relive.

The second half of the devotional gets religious and mentions the forgiveness of God which doesn't really concern me. Not to be sacrilegious but that's just not where I'm at right now. For me it's about being true to your own set of values and being at peace with yourself. Outlaws for life.

Sunday shootings in Surrey and West Vancouver

CBC is reporting that "Police in the Cloverdale area of Surrey and officers in West Vancouver are both seeking tips after bullets struck homes in the two communities Sunday morning. It doesn't appear that the two incidents are related, despite sharing similar details. In Surrey, in the 17200 block of 65th Avenue, police say that someone fired shots around 11 a.m. PT at another person in a vehicle. The vehicle was hit along with a nearby residence. No one was injured."

"Hours earlier, at around 3:30 a.m. in West Vancouver, a British Properties residence was struck with bullets in the 2600 block of Finch Hill. Police say multiple shots struck the home, resulting in damage inside and out. "​Fortunately, no one was injured despite several people having been at the home earlier for a house party," said a release from West Vancouver police."

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Body found under Edmonton garage Identified

I Heart Radio is reporting that "A former Kitimat resident has been identified as the man whose remains were found buried under a garage in northwest Edmonton last week. City police there say 42-year-old Derek James Winnig had been reported missing back in May."

"Acting on a tip, police discovered the body last Friday, buried in a pit about two metres below the concrete floor of a garage. Police are treating the case as a homicide, but have not released the cause of Winnig's death." This case is dodgy as f*ck.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Circle of Life

I just wanted to pause for a moment to ponder the solemnities of eternity. As I said, I've been busy multitasking several different things and have some family matters that are requiring me to spend some time to help see them through. As I do so my mind reflects on the circle of life.

I remember visiting my father before he passed away while he was in extended care. I was helping feed him his dinner and my mind visualized him feeding me pablum when I was a baby. Then it was my turn to feed him. The circle of life.

Now my mother is progressing to the point where she needs more care and we are trying to iron things out so she gets the care she needs. It's all about letting the elderly die with dignity. I'm not talking about euthanasia. That is a separate debate and I'm not going to dispute it.

Dying with dignity means comforting the afflicted. I've heard the term balm of Gilead. It was used in a metaphorical sense referring to how acts of compassion can be a healing balm to those who are suffering. Life does not end at death and what we do in life echos in eternity. Of that we can be sure. As I reflect on the circle of life music is my balm of Gilead.

2 B.C. seniors live in a van and struggle to make ends meet

CBC is reporting on two elderly women who are homeless and are living out of a van. Substance abuse is not an issue. They used to have a home in White rock. "Money troubles, disputes with landlords, family estrangements, and unlucky circumstances eventually led them to their current homelessness." Affordable housing is the problem especially in Surrey.

More than 100 seniors living on Surrey streets

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Final data from this year’s Metro Vancouver Homeless Count reveal that there are at least 114 seniors living on Surrey streets. Although that number is likely even higher, as the survey is largely recognized as an under-count. Surrey’s homeless seniors make up 23 per cent of the region’s total of 503 in this year’s Metro Vancouver Homeless Count, conducted in early come March." This needs to be addressed.

Evicting tenants from good homes in Clayton Heights is not the answer.