Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Missing Hamilton woman found dead

Metro News is reporting that "Hope of family and friends that Holly Hamilton would be found alive came to a tragic end Wednesday, with the discovery of the 29-year-old woman's body. Hamilton police homicide unit Staff Sgt. Dave Oleniuk confirmed Hamilton's body had been found and that she is the city's first homicide victim of 2018. One man has been arrested in connection with her death, he said. But police have not yet released his name or any information on charges."

CBC is reporting that "A man has been arrested in connection with her death, police said, adding that the investigation is still ongoing." Metro News reported that "Detectives had been looking for Hamilton's 30-year-old ex boyfriend, including searching and canvassing in the neighbourhood around his Barton Street East and Fairfield Avenue apartment - the last place Hamilton was seen on Sunday night. She was found along with her white, four-door Ford Escort in an east Hamilton parking garage."

Dead body recovered from Landner slough

The Delta Police are reporting that "At approximately 9:45 am this morning Delta Police were contacted by a person out walking their dog near Ladner Harbour Park, who reported seeing a body in the water. Delta Police attended to the scene immediately. With the assistance of the Delta Fire Department and the New Westminster Police boat, police were able to recover the body." The Delta Optimist is also covering the story.

North and South Korea will march under a single flag at the Winter Olympics

The BBC is reporting that "North and South Korea have agreed to march together under a single 'unified Korea' flag at next month's Winter Olympics in the South. They also agreed to field a joint women's ice hockey team in rare talks at the truce village of Panmunjom. These are the first high-level talks between the countries in more than two years. It marks a thaw in relations that began in the new year when North Korea offered to send a team to the games. The games will take place between 9 and 25 February in Pyeongchang in South Korea."

The New York Times posted a picture of North and South Korean athletes marching together during the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Like I said before, provoking war in a time of peace is not noble. If Canada and the US want to boycott North Korea they are free to do so. If China and Russia are willing to sell North Korea oil, they are free to do so. Canada and the United States do not have the right to ban other countries from doing business with North Korea nor do they have the right to board their vessels.

Canada needs to stop selling China nuclear reactors and needs to take back it's oil rights. We are the ones supporting North Korea's nuclear expansion through China. SNC-Lavalin is the most corrupt construction company on the planet.

Walter Stadnick is a B*tch

Just so we're clear on where we all stand. Walter Stadnick is a b*tch ass weasel. He is a 5' 4" drug dealer. That is all. I cannot support ANY organization he is involved with. The whole purpose of my website and blog is to encourage people to leave the life. Riding motorcycles is great. Selling drugs is not. Living the dream is not Pimping the dream. There is a big difference.

Wally Stadnick is all "My friend Mom Boucher." I'm like F*ck your friend Mom Boucher. Boucher was a rapist and a petty thief who became a big drug dealer by betraying people on a regular basis. Wally has small man syndrome and still brags about his friendship with a drug dealing rapist. He is a snake in the grass and cannot be trusted. I have a great deal of respect for the French members in Quebec. Wally isn't French and he isn't from Quebec. He's an Anglophone from Ontario that supported the Calabrians in Hamilton over the Rizzutos in Montreal. F*ck him.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Kill the Messenger now on Netflix

Kill the Messenger with Jeremy Renner is now on Netflix. It's a true story based on the life of Gary Webb who was an award wining investigative reporter murdered for exposing the CIA's connection to Blandon and Freeway Ricky causing the US crack epidemic in the /80's.

Gary Webb is my hero. I released my free ebook on the 10th anniversary of his murder. Like I said in the beginning, the CIA is a criminal organization deeply involved with drug trafficking throughout Iran Contra from Vietnam to Operation Fast and Furious. When it comes to criminal activity, the CIA makes the Hells Angels look like boy scouts. They are the enemy within.

Three men charged in Michael Bonin's murder

Global is reporting that "Three men have now been charged in the death of a 20-year-old man from Alberta last year. The body of Michael Bonin, from Rycroft Alberta, was discovered on a rural forest service road north of Hope, B.C. on April 20, 2017. This past weekend, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) and partner agencies arrested 26-year-old Ryan Watt, 20-year-old Joshua Fleurant and 27-year-old Jared Jorgenson. All three have now been charged with first-degree murder, and will appear in a court in B.C. on Monday."

In 2015 Castanet reported that Joshua Fleurant was arrested in a Kelowna car theft ring. Johnny Newcome was busted in Kelowna for a huge stolen car ring tied to the HAs. CBC is reporting that Michael Bonin was a native of Prince George. We know the HAs control the drug trade in PG.

Kamloops Info News is reporting that the three men charged in Micheal's murder will be appearing in Kelowna court. "Fleurant also appears to have known Bonin. They were both charged with theft of a vehicle from Kamloops among other charges."

The 15 year old bystander hit in a Vancouver shooting has died.

The Dalai Lama tweets common sense

The Dalai Lama recently tweeted "I really feel that some people neglect and overlook compassion because they associate it with religion. Of course, everyone is free to choose whether they pay religion any regard, but to neglect compassion is a mistake because it is the source of our own well-being." Truth. You don't need religion to have compassion. Compassion is common sense. Life without compassion is like life without a heart or soul. It is empty and meaningless.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

81 Madchild Diss

Well it looks like the Big Red Machine have sucked out all the money they can from Madchild and have cast him aside like an old shoe. When the money is gone so are they. With friends like that, who needs enemies. GHB predator? Who the f*ck do you think sold it to him? The Battle Axe Barbies have left the house. The new kids are on the block.

This is what I mean about fake news. The police brag about busting a tiny rival with one SKS, a shotgun and a spudun when they stand by and watch this stash of weapons. Do the math. The PoPo haven't lifted a finger to bust the HAs since the OMGU was disbanded.

Spike's place made the video yo - Haney Hawgs.

They even have the Haney Clubhouse at the end of a video.

From Haney to Hellside, Alberta the PoPo suck. F*ck Ktown.

Update: It appears that Stiff Gritty was friends with Ricco, the HA associate that was recently murdered in Haney. They were all wearing Ricco dog tags at the memorial. That was respectful. It's possible Ricco was one of the guys waving a gun in the video but I have to check to see which one. I have a name of a possible shooter but I'm not going to post it because the guy has kids of his own and claims it was a case of mistaken identity. I find that hard to believe. Stiff Gritty confirms that Ricco was the nicest guy in his crew. Killing him was senseless.

RCMP vehicle crashes into hydro pole and storefront in Surrey

Global is reporting that "RCMP are investigating after one of their vehicles crashed into a hydro pole and a business in Surrey early Sunday morning. Mounties said a white Ford pickup belonging to the Lower Mainland RCMP was travelling westbound on Fraser Highway around 7 a.m., when the driver lost control after the vehicle’s left rear wheels dropped into a manhole. The pickup veered off the road and struck a hydro pole before colliding into a storefront in the 18500-block of Fraser Highway. The police vehicle caught fire and flames spread to the business."

Not to worry. He was just on his way home from an all nighter at the bar in police headquaters. No blood alcohol samples will be taken of course.

Body Cam Footage Showing Cops Plant Drugs

The Activist Post is reporting that "A Los Angeles man has escaped serious charges after being exonerated by police body camera footage which showed officers planting a baggy of cocaine into his wallet." CBS2 New released the body cam footage and Complex News on Youtube picked up on the story.

Although this incident happened in LA, the land of the Rodney King incident, the same thing happened in Toronto. 4 Toronto cops were accused of planting heroin on a suspect and they got off due to trial delays they created. The "crown" simply withdrew the charges.

15 year old bystander hit in Vancouver Shooting - Update

The Peace arch News is reporting that "Three people have been sent to hospital following a shooting in Vancouver Saturday night. In a news release, Vancouver Police said they responded to a reports of shots fired near East Broadway and Ontario Street shortly after 9 p.m. Police found three people injured. A 15-year-old Coquitlam teenager driving by the area was sent to hospital with serious injuries. Police believe that a man in his 20s, who received life-threatening injuries, was the target of the shooting. Another man in his 30s was treated for minor injuries and then released." CBC is reporting that the 15 year old was a bystander.

Global is reporting that "BC Coroners Service says a 15-year-old boy from Coquitlam who was an innocent bystander, struck by a bullet during a shooting Saturday night, has died. The teenager was inside a car driving by when shots rang out just after 9 p.m. at Broadway and Ontario Street."

Fake Terror attacks promote organized crime

Speaking of RCMP corruption, this case is the prime example. 1130 News is reporting that the Crown is appealing a court decision where the judge exposed RCMP corruption. That means the crown supports the corruption. Catherine Bruce was not wrong. She was a saint for confronting police corruption. Bob Paulson's exit interview revelaed their connection to organized crime.

Every crime has a means and a motive. When the police provide either of those in a sting operation then that is entrapment. In this case they provided both. I'm referring to the ridiculously fake Surrey Pressure cooker bomb plot. Without the police there was no means or motive to commit that crime. There has never been a more clear case of entrapment in recorded history.

I was present when the crown pulled their last dirty stunt. The accused were in my car at the time SWAT pulled us over. I'm like why didn't you serve us at the courthouse before we left or at the jail we are on our way to pick up their stuff from? The reason is because they filed an ex parte application without notifying the other lawyers so they could get a different judge as the judge who was seized on the matter and had seen the evidence would have seen through the fraud.

The RCMP spend millions of tax dollars to create fake terrorist attacks so they can divert ALL the officers investigating organized crime away from organized crime and have them on these insane task forces that lose billions of tax dollars from their budget to promote terrorist attacks. When you bribe or threaten a drug addict to commit a terrorist attack, you haven't save the world from a terrorist, you have created one. That is an obscene waste of tax dollars.

When you then stop investigating organized crime so you can perpetuate your fraud you are clearly supporting organized crime. The solution is simple. Since the RCMP clearly do not want to investigate organized crime, then give that jurisdiction someone who will.

RCMP spent $1M on Victoria terror plot investigation, including $90K on Nuttall and Korody

Not including court costs. Not including the cost of an appeal.

Hawaii receives fake missile threat

The BBC is reporting that "It was a mistake by an employee at Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency (EMA) who "pushed the wrong button" during procedures that occur during the handover of a shift. Mobile phone users received the message at 08:07 (18:07 GMT): "Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill." The alert was corrected by email 18 minutes later but there was no follow-up mobile text for 38 minutes, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports. The alert system is in place because of the potential proximity of Hawaii to North Korean missiles." This is taking the term fake news to a whole new level.

It shows why we need to step back from military action in North Korea at this time. Defending freedom is noble. Provoking war in a time of peace is not. The Pentagon loses billions of dollars from it's budget every year. That is organized crime. The most proactive way to deal with a missile threat is by building Iron dome missile defense systems not by provoking mass hysteria.

China and Russia are speaking out against a joint US Canada summit on Korea hosted in Vancouver this week for good reason. It will indeed do more harm than good. It is in fact a farce.

The Vancouver summit "is expected to put a heavy emphasis on finding ways to crack down on the many smuggling and money-laundering schemes that Pyongyang has employed to sidestep sanctions and pay for its nuclear program." AYFKM? Canada is to blame. They are selling Communist China CANDU reactors which gives them the materials and the technology to make and export nuclear missiles. Instead of provoking war by boarding foreign vessels they need to stop selling China Canadian nuclear reactors. It's as simple as that.

You want to know who is financing North Korea's nuclear missile program? WE ARE. Every time we fill up with gas at the pumps thanks to Stephen Harper who gave the monopoly on our oil rights to Communist China. Fixing that the way Norway did would be a lot simpler than provoking a war that we created. Excessive sanctions after the first wold war caused the second world war.

The best way to ensure a peaceful Winter Olympics is by inviting North Korea.

We need to be more concerned with confronting organized crime here at home.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Fatal shooting in Nanaimo - Update

Global is reporting that "RCMP are investigating a deadly shooting in Nanaimo on Saturday morning. Officers were called to a housing complex at the intersection of Wakesiah Avenue and Second Street just before 11 a.m., Mounties said. An adult male was found dead in the parking lot. Police said the man was known to police and they believe the shooting was targeted. The victim’s identity will not be released until next of kin are notified."

"Police said they are also investigating a vehicle fire reported shortly after the incident, which may be related to the shooting."

Update: The Nainamo buletin is reporting that "Nanaimo RCMP released the name of the person killed in yesterday’s shooting as they continue to investigate the crime. Nanaimo man Troy McKinnon, 34, was shot and killed Saturday morning in the area of Wakesiah Avenue and Jingle Pot Road."

Friday, January 12, 2018

Inmate dies of fentanyl overdose in Drumheller

Global is reporting that "As the country grapples with the opioid crisis, an Alberta man is speaking out after his son overdosed on fentanyl while in segregation at the Drumheller Institution." WTF?

David Eby's speech on white collar crime - Update

Everyone is raving about BC's new Attorney General's recent speech on political corruption and white collar crime. Although I admit it clearly is a step forward, I will caution that is it only a baby step and if not followed up with two other crucial steps, it will represent one step forward two steps back. Everyone knows money laundering is a problem at BC's casinos. This is nothing new.

When a RCMP task force on organized crime issued a report exposing that fact, the BC Liberals disbanded the RCMP task force. You want to know the truth? You can't handle the truth. BC Rail wasn't just about laundering public assets at fire sale prices to campaign contributors like they did in Campbell Heights. It was about money laundering in real estate from drug trafficking. The RCMP know that. They are the ones that said we'll drop the drug trafficking charges if you renew our contract. I kid you not. The criminal culpability in BC's white collar crime runs deep.

The problem with David Eby's speech on white collar crime is that it focuses on money laundering not on drug trafficking. This is exactly what the compromised BC Gang task Force wants. Instead of confronting drug trafficking, they simply want to focus on seizing the proceeds of crime.

Operation Phoenix Revisited

To understand organized crime in Canada we need to reexamine the RCMP's involvement in Operation Phoenix. Operation Phoenix was a regional task in BC that targeted the Hells Angels. One of the targets in that task force was Weird Hal Porteous, the flaming idiot in the ridiculous music videos that featured Rob Shannon and Jody York.

The RCMP sabotaged the operation preventing any convictions because it was jealous their jurisdiction was given to a provincial task force and they wanted the jurisdiction back which they succeeded in doing. Only after they got the organized crime jurisdiction back, they stopped pursuing organized crime just like Bob Paulson admitted in his exit interview.

Allen Dalstrom was the Canadian version of Chuck Pillon. They were both police officers who objected to upper management's refusal to confront drug trafficking. They were both fired as a result. Only Allen Dalstrom received a 2 million dollar settlement to ensure a gag order was in place preventing him from discussing the police misconduct he discovered.

I have never spoken with Allen Dalstrom but I don't have to. The facts are there for everyone to see. Julian Sher's book The Road to Hell: How the Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada said it all. Dalstrom was fired after it became known that he was one of the sources in that book. In it he said when it came to organized-crime investigations, the RCMP had done “f--- all here for 25 years”. So once again we see someone fired for telling the truth. The Ontario Biker Enforcement Unit is successful because the RCMP doesn’t have anything to do with it’s administration.

So after the RCMP successfully sabotaged Operation Phoenix and prevented any Hells Angels from being charged, what have they done to confront organized crime? Absolutely nothing. In fact, they have done the opposite. They interfered with the Western Wind bust and prevented David Giles from being prosecuted. Then came the Kelowna Summer Jam.

Pat Fogarty was a literal Buffoon in charge of the BC Gang task force. He went to the media and said the Hells Angels aren't the problem, it's the other guys we have to worry about. Afer the OMGU and the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit proved him wrong the BC Liberals disbanded the OMGU and reorganized the CFSEU. The RCMP have not touched the Hells Angels after the Kelowna Summer Jam when the OMGU was disbanded.

If David Eby and the new NDP government are sincere about their desire to confront organized crime they need to bring back the OMGU and put organized crime under provincial jurisdiction. If they don't do that, all the dramatic fake news will simply be sound and fury signifying nothing. Seizing the proceeds of crime without confronting drug trafficking is just another aspect of the organized crime fraud that we currently face.

Confronting the Octopus

Danny Casolaro was an American Journalist that investigated how organized crime tied in with the government and referred to what he found as an octopus with tentacles reaching everywhere. He was murdered just like Gary Webb. Michael Riconosciuto worked for the CIA and became their fall guy when he exposed the CIAs connection to the Octopus.

Two officers from the RCMP investigated Michael Riconosciuto's case and said "We got further than anyone else ever did on this case," he says, "and nobody outside of law enforcement will ever know what we found because no one in law enforcement can ever tell anyone what we found." Michael was finally released from prison June 2017 but re incarcerated in August 2017.

If David Eby and the new NDP government are sincere about their desire to confront organized crime they need to create a provincial task force that investigates organized crime and their connection to the RCMP. The only difference between BC and Quebec is that Quebec has a task force that investigates organized crime while BC doesn't.

The New York Model was simple and was executed on two different levels. First they launched the Mollen Commission to investigate police corruption. Then they confronted drug trafficking on the street. It was successful. I saw it. That is the model I support.

BTW the police finally released the name of the associate murdered in Maple Ridge.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Adam Strong implicated in Rori Hache's murder

City news is reporting that "Police are treating the death of Dionne’s daughter, 18-year-old Rori Hache, as a homicide but have not yet laid murder charges in the case. Adam Strong, a 45-year-old charged in the case with indecent interference to a body, made a brief video appearance in an Oshawa court." The Toronto Sun is reporting that Cops were tipped off that there were body parts in Strong’s basement apartment and he was arrested Dec. 29.

A shout out to all those who suffer

As I prepare my next post on white collar crime, I just wanted to pause and give a shout out to all those who suffer. Times are tough. The cost of housing really makes it tough to get by. Sometimes you just keep working and working and working and you just don't seem to be getting any further ahead. The straight life is the hard life but it comes with inner peace and righteous pride also known as self respect.

Jamel Shabazz was a photogrpher from Brooklyn, New York and wrote a book A Time Before Crack. "A Time Before Crack documents Shabazz's memories of the people he's lost to a hopeless addiction." I still believe in the New York model. I saw it so I did.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Gregor Robertson announces he will not be running for Vancouver mayor next term

Gregor Robertson has announced he will not be running for Vancouver mayor next term. Thank God. That guy was losing touch with reality. Especially on Translink and the Mayors glutton council. Let's hope Kirk LaPointe will step up to the plate. That would give the city hope.

MSM: Fake News you can Trust

There was a somewhat bizarre full page add in today's Vancouver Province. It said "There are a lot of media outlets out there. We are one you can trust. We know the difference between real news and fake news." Fake news, that's something Donald Trump would say. As far as there being a lot of media outlets there sure aren't in Western Canada. Post Media News monopoly bought them all up and got rid of several to eliminate competition.

My first question is, what brought on this knee jerk reaction? It sounds like an oil company trying to convince us how green they are. When has the credibility of the paper been questioned?

I like the Vancouver Province. I'm not going to compare it to the Vancouver Sun because there is no comparison. They are the same now. After Post Media News put Harold Munro in charge of both papers they are virtually identical with the same set of reporters writing for both papers. I preferred the Vancouver Province when Wayne Moriarty was in charge. I honestly think it was slightly more objective then. Harold Munro is in my opinion a little too quick to cave in to the Corporate interest like in the Peter Leask disaster.

Come to think of it, the last time the paper ran a full page add about their pledge to tell the truth was right after Harold Munro folded like a cheap tent on the Peter Leask story. That was clearly a case of "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

Likewise, this full page add came right after the fake news about the police busting a small time HA rival. It's a difficult balance in today's news industry. The MSM has to cater to their corporate advertisers without pissing off their readers who the corporations pay for them to advertise to. Thankfully I dont give a f*ck about either. That's why I'm a broke ass b*tch. Yet a poor man is better than a liar. There was another full page ad from Communist China in the paper again today. Imagine that. Right when they raised the price of gas at the pumps again.

Corporate monopolies are never a good thing. Especially in the oil industry. The only time corporate monopolies are good is when the consumers are shareholders in the corporation.

Doctor murders his wife to cover up opioid ring

Time magazine is reporting that "A New Jersey doctor running an illegal prescription opioid drug ring with a motorcycle gang had a member hire someone to kill his wife after she threatened to expose the scheme while trying to force him to agree to a divorce, authorities said Tuesday."

The Washington Post is reporting that "Dr. James Kauffman, 68, of Linwood, a small town outside Atlantic City, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder more than five years after his wife, local radio host April Kauffman, was found dead inside their home. An alleged co-conspirator, Ferdinand Augello, 61, also faces first-degree murder charges. The Atlantic County prosecutor’s office, which investigated the case along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies, said James Kauffman and Augello presided over an illegal opioid network that was run out of Kauffman’s office through an alliance with the Pagan Outlaw Motorcycle Gang." News 1130 is reportng that Kauffman’s license was suspended after his arrest.

Just like Macklemore said, My drug dealer was a doctor. One has to wonder if this bust is being prosecuted because he was tied to a rival. Face the fraud.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Jamie Bacon denied bail

Global is reporting that pig sh*t Jamie Bacon was denied bail today. This will give the court time to hear the Appeal of his Surrey Six charges being stayed and a chance for the courts to rebuild the public's shatterd trust. When that clown was out, he had 24 hour police protection. Now the clown still has police protection because everyone knows as soon as he gets out of jail he is a dead man. In the spirit of natural justice, sometimes you just have to let nature take its course.

Lindsay Buziak Memorial Walk February 2nd 2018

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Lindsay Buziak murder on Vancouver Island and the 8th annual Walk for Justice in her memory. It's on Friday February 2nd 2018. They start 10:00 AM at the Royal Oak Memorial Park Gate 4763 Falaise Drive, Victoria, BC. It will be a 7 KM walk from the Royal Oak Burial Park to the Saanich Municipal Hall. Everyone is welcome to join in part or all of the walk. This tragic case was featured on Dateline.

Police probe Guildford shooting

BC Local News is reporting that "Police are investigating a shooting in Guildford that happened Monday night. Surrey RCMP say they responded to reports of shots fired in the 15900-block of 101A Avenue just before 9:30 p.m. Although no victims were found, police say two people were seen running from the area, and an unknown vehicle was heard driving away at a high rate of speed." Two people running away. No kidding. Shots fired. No one hit. Two civilians ran away from the scene. Most people would.

Shooting inside Toronto Mall

CBC is reporting that "Two people were shot in a north-end Toronto plaza Monday afternoon while others shopped nearby, forcing a lockdown of the shopping centre and a hunt for a male suspect who fled the scene in a white, four-door vehicle. Police were called to Lawrence Square Shopping Centre, at Lawrence Avenue West and Allen Road, around 3:25 p.m. for reports of multiple gunshots resulting from an altercation near the mall's north entrance."

Monday, January 8, 2018

Judges need to get tougher on those who peddle fentanyl

The Surrey Now Leader ran an appropriate editorial claiming that "We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Judges need to get tougher on those who peddle fentanyl." Very true. They cite one case where a man pleaded guilty to possessing heroin and fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking and handed him a suspended sentence with three years’ probation. The Crown had argued a jail sentence of 18 months was fit and appropriate.

The Editorial is absolutely right. Judges are part of the problem but so are the police and Linda Hepner's Fail Army. One bad decision like this and the police simply give up. They say arresting fentanyl dealers is too much work. It's just not worth our time. Then what the f*ck is worth your time? Grow ops? Give you head a shake. No one gives a rat's ass about grow ops. Fentanyl is killing people. When we turn a blind eye to fentanyl dealers we are criminally culpable for murder.

Rewind to the Surrey Crime Prevention meeting hosted by Bruce Ralston and Mike Farnworth at the Whalley Legion June 12th 2008. The residents vocally complained about the polcie driving by people smoking crack on the Surrey strip and not doing anything about it. Colleen Staresina became defensive and said it was too much paper work to arrest someone for smoking crack only to have the judge throw the case out.

One bar owner expressed his concern about the inequity of the law. He objected to the police driving by people smoking crack in his neighborhood and said that if someone lights up a cigarette outside his bar that person can be fined $2,000.00 and that fine is enforceable. He said the inequity of the law is absurd. Even in Vancouver, if someone shoots up at the safe injection site then goes outside and lights a cigarette in the doorway of the site, that person can be fined for smoking the cigarette. He raised a valid concern.

How can the police enforced parking, speeding or jay walking and not arrest people for smoking crack? Calls were made to cut the head off the snake. If you stop letting people smoke crack in public, then you will reduce the demand for the dealers to supply it. The New York model was cited often and one long time resident said she was depressed. She wanted hope. She didn't want to see and hear her community degenerate so much.

Fast forward to 2018. Instead of arresting people who smoke crack like the residents asked, the City did the exact opposite. They built a crack house for them to smoke crack in on the City's dime. The war on drugs has failed simply because we never fought it.

Surrey RCMP make huge fentanyl bust out of Shakerz and on the Surrey strip

Not. They busted a small time rival instead. Why is that not surprising. Face the fraud.

I obviously made this post as a joke after the police sent out that ridiculous press release about busting a small time rival. The fact that traffic on this post went off the roof shows that everyone knows the Hells Angels run the drug trafficking out of Shakerz and on the Surrey strip and are just waiting for the police to bust them. Only that won't happen because they only bust HA rivals now.

The BC Gang task force stopped targeting the Hells Angels drug trafficking after the David Giles bust in the Kelowna Summer Jam when the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit did such a great job they were disbanded. The Surrey RCMP haven't lifted a finger to disrupt Hells Angels drug trafficking in Surrey since Fraser MacRae. That is the truth.

In 2012 Tbarz was named as the hub of a Hells Angels cross border drug trafficking operation in a US Indictment. Well nothing has changed. Everyone knows that and everyone knows the police aren't lifting a finger to do anything about it so all these press releases about them busting small time rivals is a joke. The police think supporting the Hells Angels monopoly on the drug trade makes their life easier. Tell that to Janice Shore, Britney Irving, Geoff Meisner and Janice Bryant. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Look at the picture. It says Shakerz not Tbarz so its after the fake name change. Look at where the Harley is parked. It's practically blocking the door. No one can get in or out of the bar without noticing it. It's making a statement. Just like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant. They dont have to hide anything any more because they have the Surrey RCMP in their back pocket.

What makes it worse in today's Vancouver Province the bullsh*t was off the charts. When you open the paper on page two was a picture of the Hells Angels patch advertising Kim Bolan's article about the police's most recent lies in court regarding the Bob Green murder. On the next page was a full page article about this ridiculous'y small bust of a couple of Hells Angels rivals trying to pretend that the police are still going after Hells Angels when they are obviously not.

The article had a huge picture of a rifle and a shot gun the police seized along with a picture of a tiny very old revolver. It was an old .22 for God's sake. A freaking pea shooter. They might as well have seized a spud gun. Look everyone. We just saved the world from a spud gun.

As for the picture of the SKS and the shotgun, those are not restricted weapons. Every family should have those. You can get them really cheap. Are the police going to post pictures of mine next? No one cares about the bullsh*t. If you want to make money and sell newspapers then have at it. Just stop lying and face the fraud. The police are not trying to disrupt drug trafficking. They just want to be able to seize the proceeds of crime in exchange for letting it continue.

A bag full of Hells Angels guns found in Surrey and it barely makes a headline. While a tiny bust of a Hells Angels rival gets full page coverage. Welcome to Linda Hepner's Fail Army.

Charges laid after human remains found in Manitoba house fire

CBC is reporting that "A 19-year-old man has been charged after a suspicious house fire in a Manitoba First Nation led police to find human remains over the weekend. Just before 1 a.m. on Sunday, Ste. Rose du Lac RCMP got a report about an assault and a house fire at the same home in O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation (Crane River), about 225 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg. When police got there, the house was fully engulfed in flames and the woman who had reportedly been assaulted could not be found. Police later found human remains inside the house, which police said Monday still haven't been identified. On Monday, RCMP said in a news release that a 19-year-old man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, arson with disregard for human life, assault and two counts of breach of recognize."

OK so he was charged with assault and arson with disregard for human life. How about murder?

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Shots fired in Burnaby and Vancouver, fatal shooting in Surrey

The VPD is reporting that "Vancouver Police are investigating a double shooting which happened just before 8:00 (Saturday) evening. Two men in their early 20s were in a parking lot in an industrial area at East Kent Avenue South near Borden Street when they were shot. They were taken to hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Investigators believe that the shootings were targeted."

BC Local News is reporting that "Reports say that RCMP are investigating after bullets hit a home in Burnaby Saturday night. Police responded to Griffiths Avenue and Halligan Street after reports came in of shots fire at 10:30 p.m."

Global is reporting that "A section of Cloverdale was closed to traffic Sunday morning as the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) looks into the city’s latest homicide. Surrey RCMP said it responded to an incident in the 17800-block of 64 Ave. at 12:25 a.m. where a man was found in distress, and later died." Sh*t be cray yo. Another Saturday night in the wild, wild west.

News 1130 is reporting that "On January 4th, Surrey RCMP were called out to the nearby area of 64th Avenue and 174th Street after reports of shots being fired. Officers found a man in a car, injured in what was described as a targeted attack." So a shooting in the same general area on January 4th where someone was injured and another two days later where someone was killed.

Judicial corruption in Ontario and BC

Canada Court Watch reported that in June 2009 Robert Freedland was photographed protesting outside the Shepard avenue courthouse wearing a kangaroo costume. lol Now that's the proactive use of imagery. His complaints involve accusations of court bias towards lawyer overbilling and include allegations of transcript altering. The common thread in all these judicial complaints is the complete lack of public accountability within the Canadian judicial system.

Evidently there has been many allegations of transcript altering in Ontario. I have never heard of that in BC. Here the trial is recorded and a third party types up the transcript upon request. There appears to be misconduct probes in Ontario. I have never heard of that in BC. We have huge problems with accusations of misconduct. I've just never heard of an actual probe to resolve the matter. We have to wait for lunatics like Peter Leask to age out and retire.

Greg Harney is a lawyer in Victoria that faces over billing allegations tied to the BCIMC Fraud.

William Majcher exposed Canadian Corruption

Affidavit of William Robert Majcher

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Vernon shooting

Castanet is reporting that "A woman was rushed to hospital after she was shot in an apartment on the 3700 block of 24th Avenue of Vernon early Saturday morning. Vernon RCMP Const. Kelly Brett said a 49-year-old woman “sustained life-threatening injuries" when she was shot shortly after 1 a.m., and she remains in the hospital."