Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Corporate media still selling the gun control fraud

The Vancouver province is reporting that "The Liberal government is planning to introduce long-promised legislation Tuesday to strengthen controls on the sale, licensing and tracing of guns. The Liberals are bracing for political pushback from the Conservatives, as the bill would repeal some measures passed by the previous government."

This is offensively insane. In Metro Vancouver we have experienced a huge spike in illegal gun violence connected to the drug trade. None of those crimes are committed with legally obtained firearms. Blaze was under a firearm ban but was caught with firearms contrary to that ban. This never ending saga repeats itself over and over again. Criminals with lifetime firearm bans keep buying guns illegally because the bans are meaningless and have no consequences.

The guns the criminals are buying are coming in from the States. Some are from robberies. This new legislation will do absolutely nothing to prevent criminals from having guns. To claim that it will is a bold faced lie. Once again the government has created a manufactured emergency then removes civl liberty to pretend to fix the problem they created.

When the police watch the drugs coming out of Shakerz and provide drug dealers police protection in the DTES and on the Surrey Strip we know they are the root of the problem. Their criminal culpability has created the manufactured emergency to justify the pharmaceutic fraud that is burning tax dollars faster than we can borrow them.

If the police wanted to do something about illegal firearms, they would do sting operations purchasing illegal guns under cover. They refuse to do so because they want to perpetuate the problem so the government can continue to remove civl liberty from law biding citizens.

Our current system is not working. For the most part, in Canada only the criminals have guns. As I have said, I support he Swiss Model of gun control for obvious reasons.

Hells Angels associate firearms sentence reduced

Sarkozy detained in Gadhafi probe

The Canadian Press is reporting that "In the latest judicial setback for the former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy was placed in custody on Tuesday as part of an investigation that he received millions of euros in illegal campaign financing from the regime of the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi."

There's nothing illegal about making campaign contributions unless of course Sarkozy didn't report them which is obviously the case. After we helped Sarkozy murder Gadhafi under false pretense, Gadhafi's son claim his father made campaign contributions to Sarkozy which he denied. Now it appears that was true. It clearly falls within the realm of believability given the fact that Sarkozy was trying to convince the world we could trust Gadhafi with nuclear weapons because he wanted to sell him a French reactor.

As soon as Gadhafi decided to buy a nuclear reactor from Argentina instead of France, we helped France invade Libya and murder Gadhafi. That stain is on all of us.

This is the third funding scandal le chien sal has been caught in. The book “Sarko m’a tuer” (Sarko Killed Me) claims Nicolas Sarkozy received undeclared contributions from the heiress to the L’Oreal cosmetics fortune Liliane Bettencourt. Again political contributions aren't ilegal. Failing to declare them is. Before that was the Karachi affair in Pakistan.

Sarkozy was accused of getting political kickbacks from an arms deal with Pakistan. When the deal was cancelled and his kickbacks were cut off he was accused of helping organize a terrorist bombing in Pakistan that killed French engineers.

Interesting to note that the UN envoy says Gaddafi’s son can stand as election candidate which could happen the end of this year. That would be fair since NATO murdered his family.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Homeless family found dead in Van

ABC is reporting that "A homeless couple and their two young children, all dressed for bed, were found dead from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning in a parked van that had its windows covered with blankets and a shade to block out the light outside a Southern California strip mall, police said Friday. The case comes as Southern California grapples with a rise in homelessness amid soaring housing costs." Sound familiar? This tragedy happened in Los Angeles.

Housing is very expensive in any big city - LA, New York, London, Toronto and now Metro Vancouver. Homelessness and drug addiction are two separate issues. Here in Vancouver they become blurred because the police do nothing to stop the predatory drug dealers from exploiting the homeless. As we have said before, 50 % of drug addicts on the Surrey strip want to get treatment but can't. Other than Price Pro all the treatment centres in Surrey are just drug houses where addicts do drugs. If the police won't arrest drug dealers for selling drugs in public or at treatment centres, what good are they?

We see homeless here and meet people living in cars all the time. It's always heart wrenching to hear of families with young children homeless but the same goes for the elderly. When the elderly are homeless we are all diminished.

The City of Surrey held a survey about housing in Guildford. They were of course pushing high density towers their campaign contributors can get rich off of. A million dollars for a tiny condo in a huge tower at Surrey Central is insane. Low rise apartments and townhouses for young families are a much better fit for Guildford. Affordable housing is a genuine concern for everyone.

If you want to build more housing in Guildford, take your LRT and cram it up your a*s.

Vancouver gas fraud burns out of control

Another insane spike in the price of gas at the pumps leaves us with only one logical conclusion. It is time to break the oil monopoly and Nationalize our oil like Norway. Corporate monopolies are never a good thing. Global is reporting that 7 Canadian companies committed indictable offences in bread-price fixing scandal. Yet not a word is said about the criminality of price fixing within the oil industry which is far worse. The onlty time a corporate monopoly can be a good thing is when the consumers are shareholders in that monopoly. Norway is a successful model of this.

When John D. Rockefeller used hostile take overs to obtain a monopoly on the oil industry the US Supreme Court ordered the dissolution of Standard Oil Company, ruling it was in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Letting ownership of Canada's oil rights be controlled by a monopoly was a bad idea. Letting a foreign country own our oil rights was insane. Letting a Communist dictatorship profit from our oil is just plain evil. Stephen Harper is more of a Communist than Pierre Elliot Trudeau ever was. Breaking Communist China's monopoly on the ownership of our oil would be in every Canadians best interest.

BC has oil reserves. We could quite feasibly set the example by nationalizing our oil like ICBC. We would keep all the Canadian contractors. We would just nationalize the ownership of the oil and take it back from Communist China. If Alberta wants to extort us we should simply buy our oil from Russia. We do have a port here. That is supply and demand in a free market.

Everyone likes to complain about ICBC but we need to see though the fraud the BC Liberals created. The BC Liberal government extracted a $1.3 billion dividend from ICBC to balance Christy Clark's fake fudgeit budget. Now they are saying ICBC needs to be restructured because they are $1.3 billion in debt. We're not that stupid. As Peter Rose said ICBC is breaking even. There is no emergency. There is just another fraud created by the BC Liberals.

On the issue of privatizing ICBC I have always been neutral. It you want to do it, do it. If you don't want to do it, don't. However, I will point out that comparing insurance prices in BC with Alberta is not a fair comparison. You can't compare urban areas with rural ares. A more realistic comparison would be with Toronto who have much higher car insurance rates than we do.

The private insurance companies in BC are struggling. Many of them are running deficits. In response what do they do? They dump high risk clients and raise their rates. ICBC is forced to insure the high risk clients. The high risk clients should pay higher rates not everyone else. Aside from the insurance fraud, lotus land has a lot of luxury vehicles. When those cars get in accidents it costs a lot more to fix them. Luxury vehicles should pay a higher rate not everyone else.

Consequently ICBC is not in as bad shape as the Neo Cons are trying to trick us into believing. The current price fixing within the oil industry is a much more urgent matter to confront. What we have now is NOT a free market. What Canada and Alberta could learn from Norway.

Fatal Shooting in Toronto

CBC is reporting that "A man in his 30s and a woman in her 20s are dead after a shooting at North York bowling alley on Saturday night. The man was pronounced dead at the scene while the woman died of her injuries in hospital later, Toronto police said in a news release on Sunday."

Global is reporting that the shooting took place inside PlayTime Bowl and Entertainment, located on Samor Road near Dufferin Street and Lawrence Avenue West, at around 10:10 p.m. on Saturday. "It’s not clear where exactly the shootings occurred, but the windows at the front entrance of the bowling alley were heavily damaged by gunfire." The bowling alley was full of families at the time of the shooting.

Update: The Canadian Press is reporting that the woman was a bystander in the shooting.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Putting St Patrick's Day into Perspective

Today is the Holy day so it is. I wasn't going to comment on it this year because I'm just not feeling it so I thought I'd review some Irish Traditions just so we all know what the day is supposed to be all about. It's not supposed to be about getting pissed drunk. It's a day set aside to remember Irish history and tradition. It's a salute to the Holy land so it is.

Do you know what Tiocfaidh ár lá means? Do you know the song a Nation Once Again or The Town I Loved so Well? Do you know the real meaning behind The Lord of the Dance? Well wait till I tell ye. Tiocfaidh ár lá, pronounced Chuckie ar la, means our day will come. It's usually shouted while throwing a stone, brick or petrol bomb at some invincible enemy like David and Goliath. However, it's more like the final spear of the Spartan in the movie 300. A final f*ck you before being destroyed just to say I still disagree right to the end recording your dissent.

In fact the song A Nation Once Again cites that heroic last stand. It is a rebel song mourning the loss of the nation, longing for the day when Ireland will one day be reunited. The Town I Loved so Well refers to Derry. The Lord of the Dance is an old hymn referring to Jesus Christ.

Sky Pilot in the Snow

I snowshoed up Sky Pilot today from the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola. It was an awesome hike. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the trail was groomed half way up. After that it was very steep but reasonably packed. I didn't summit but I made it to the foot of the summit. In the winter the trail goes up the back of the mountain. In the summer the trail goes up the other side.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Political Greed in Canada

I'm going to keep hammering home the fact that there is a new movement rising within Canada. It addresses greed and corruption on the right as well as the left. Last night I had a very disturbing conversation with Jarup Brar on a telephone town hall meeting he hosted. I was shocked and dissappointed to hear him promoting a Neo Con lie. Who fed him the poison kool aid?

Brian Mulroney had his Airbus and the GST. Stephen Harper had his insider trading jets and the HST. They were both conflicted. The Oliphant Commission concluded that Brian Mulrony acted in an inappropriate way when he accepted large amounts of cash from Karlheinz Schreiber over the airbus scandal which has just been resurrected with Airbus' recent acquisition of Bombardier. Details of the Mulroney fraud were itemized in Stevie Cameron's book On the Take: Crime, Corruption and Greed in the Mulroney Years.

No doubt Stevie Cameron could write a sequel about Crime, Corruption and Greed in the Harper era. Lockheed Martin is as dirty as SNC-Lavalin. Boeing is a much better business model.

Fast forward to 2018. Like Mulroney and Harper, Dianne Watts and Linda Hepner have their own insider trading scam: the LRT. Light Transit is for rural areas not dense city centres.

There is talk about Surrey being the city of the future. Locals have amended that motto to read Surrey: The Future Dies Here because of the Dianne Watts / Linda Hepner fraud. Reverting 104th Avenue to a single lane of traffic in either direction with an on ground train ruining down the middle is not progress. It is an obscene fraud that takes massive amounts of tax dollars and puts it into he hands of campaign contributors just like they did at Campbell Heights.

Right now the bus ride between Surrey Place Mall and Guildford is a problem free five minute ride. The status quo functions perfectly. Surrey Blogger Laila Yuile pointed out the problem is between Surrey Place and Newton. That is where the problem lies. If you want to extend Skytrain to Newton feel free but don't waste billions of tax dollars on a project we don't want or need just so your campaign contributors can get rich at taxpayers expense.

I did however have a very posative meeting with my MLA Gary Begg who I did vote for. He held an open house and met one on one with constituents. I overloaded him with about 30 issues at once but he was very knowledgeable about the problems outside the Front Room along 135A Street and many other issues that affect Surrey. His business card lists him as the Party Whip. Perhaps he will be able to convince the party to fix the BC Hydro Fraud Gordon Campbell created that Norm Farrell keeps talking about. Maybe they'll even bring back the OMGU.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Jagmeet Singh explains the history of religious persecution in India

The Globe and Mail ran a very interesting article by Jagmeet Singh about the history of religious persecution in India. It is indeed thought provoking. There is a lot of hype about terrorism.

We need to remember that CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing and had an agent that helped plan that heinous attack. We need to remember that to put the fear and hype into perspective. Terrorism is bad. So is religious persecution. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Recently I made a blog post about a beautiful picture I saw in Guildford Mall of the Sikh Golden Temple in India. Ironically it was just after Justin Trudeau's visit. In Jagmeet Singh's recent article he talked about how the government of India attacked the Golden Temple in 1984 and destroyed it. I had no idea. Where was I in 1984? That was just before I went to New York.

ThoughtCo posted a timeline of the 1984 attack on the temple called Operation Blue Star and the Sikh Genocide by order of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. An injustice to one is an injustice to all. Taking up arms to defend religious freedom is justified. Blowing up innocent civilians is not.

Kim Bolan wrote a book about the Air India trial called Loss Of Faith: How The Air India Bombers Got Away With Murder. She failed to mention the fact that CSIS provided the explosives for that attack. That was reported by CBC and the RCMP. That's a pretty important detail to leave out. If there was no bomb, there would have been no attack. CSIS has yet to be tried for that murder.

Although CSIS is actively removing the original CBC documentary from Youtube The Globe and Mail also ran the same article: "Canada's spy agency did everything it could to keep the Air-India mass-murder case from coming to trial in order to cover up the involvement of an agent in the plot to blow up the airplanes, an RCMP officer says in newly released court documents."

In 2015 Conservative MP Wai Young admitted CSIS knew there was a bomb on the Air India plane that later exploded in midair, killing 329 people. He claimed the laws at the time prevented the Canadian Security Intelligence Service from telling the RCMP about the explosive device in June 1985. That is ridiculous. They were under a legal and moral obligation to tell the RCMP about the bomb. Then they erased wire tap evidence implicating them.

The Globe and Mail named Surjan Singh Gill as the CSIS agent that helped plan the attack. The Globe and Mail also confirmed that "A Sikh separatist suspected of being a CSIS mole in the Air-India conspiracy had the explosives and airline tickets with him shortly before two bombs were allegedly checked onto flights at the Vancouver airport, an RCMP officer stated in an affidavit."

ABC Reported that "Surjan Singh Gill was the founder of the so-called Khalistan consulate in Vancouver in 1981, and one of the first supporters of the Babbar Khalsa group. He allegedly became Parmar’s right-hand man in 1982, and Canadian agents tailed Gill as he escorted Parmar to a ferry terminal in 1985. Parmar was allegedly on his was way to see a bomb demonstration." Just like how CSIS used Grant Bristow to create the Heritage Front.

The Corbett Report confirms that Air India was a CSIS job. "How did Surjan Singh Gill have the ability to found the group that carried out the bombing, deliver the bombs, pull out of the plot just before it took place, get on the RCMP list of main suspects, and avoid even being brought before a court of justice?" CSIS can keep deleting articles from the Internet but truth crushed to the earth will rise again simply because no lie can live forever.

There is a New Movement Rising in Canada so there is.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Blaze the Teletubbies' meth head

Castanet is making reference to a recently released court decision regarding fly sh*t Donahue (Blaze) McWhirter. The decision claims "Police began surveilling fly sh*t in the spring of 2014, after receiving information from four confidential informants the Lake Country resident sold cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin in Kelowna."

"During their surveillance, police observed several interactions around Kelowna that looked like McWhirter was exchanging drugs with other individuals. On Oct. 20, 2014, police saw McWhirter meet with 10 to 14 Independent Soldiers or associates at Kelowna's Rusty's Pub, (Because he got his ass kicked in Liquid Zoo) after returning from the Lower Mainland earlier that day (having just supplied his meth head pal in Guildford that hacked up Shawn Clarys dead body). Kevin Irvine and Mark Pauls, two of the men McWhirter had met with, were pulled over by police after leaving the bar and found with five ounces of methamphetamine on them."

"Following Justice Davies ruling that the traffic stop and subsequent arrest did not violate the couple's constitutional rights, McWhirter pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine and MDMA for the purpose of trafficking, along with unlawful possession of a shotgun and rifle while he was prohibited. McWhirter remains out of custody on bail, but he's scheduled to be back before the courts on May 28 for a three-day sentencing hearing."

The shotgun and rifle were likely Joey Verma's since Joey was the hunter and the club wouldn't consider giving an idiot like Blaze a firearm. It was likely the shotgun they used slugs in to shoot Britney Irving in the back with. What do you think the odds are that lying spec of fly sh*t gets off again for cooperating with the Police? They sure know how to pick 'em.

Departures Season 3 now on Netflix

Well this is good news. Season 3 of Departures is now on Netflix. Departures is a travel show about two Canadian guys who travel around the world but they go off the beaten path and get an inside look at the various places they visit where the tourists don't normally go.

I like this series because they are respectful of local culture and traditions like Rick Steve's Europe. Justin's a bit of a drinker so everywhere they go they try the local alcohol. In Russia it was vodka vodka vodka. Anything in moderation I suppose. Relatively speaking.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hamilton cop tipped off drug dealers in exchange for cash

The Toronto Star is reporting that "A suspended Hamilton police officer fed drug traffickers sensitive information and favours in return for cash payments, a Crown attorney said Monday during his opening address to a Toronto jury. Craig Ruthowsky, a former member of the Hamilton Police Service’s guns and gangs unit, has pleaded not guilty to obstruct justice, bribery, breach of trust, trafficking and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence." Sounds like BC.

A New Movement Rising in Canada

There's a new movement rising in Canada. Thomas Mulcair saw it but Justin Trudeau didn't and Stephen Harper never grasped it. It represents a reawakening of the Age of Reason that Preston Manning launched before he and Harper dropped the ball and reunited with Mulroneyism. Chuck Cadman was Reform until he was screwed over by Harper. After that he was an independent.

In response to the crime, corruption and greed of the Mulroney government, Preston Manning created the Reform Party and launched a Ron Paul Revolution in Canada that revolted against pork barrel politics demanding fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets. These ideals swept Western Canada but died in Ontario who saw it as a separatist movement because they couldn't see the forest through the trees.

Realizing they couldn't make the changes they wanted unless they formed government, they merged with the very criminals they originally set out to correct just so they could take office. When they did take office the original ideals of the Reform Party went out the window. Fiscal responsibility was lost and was once again replaced with insider trading, pork barrel tax and spend politics then launched an attack on civl liberty and the Charter of Rights.

The Reform party pledged to hold referendums to survey public opinion. Stephen Harper did the exact opposite. He spent massive amounts of tax dollars on advertising to mold public opinion.

Nevertheless, people still want fiscal responsibility. People still want politicians to stop wasting money and lower taxes. The Neo Cons claim the left will tax and spend but they are the worse offenders. Brian Mulroney's tax and spend pork barrel politics was evidence of that. The left spends money on housing and the elderly. The Neo Cons spend it on themselves and their campaign contributors. The Light Rail disaster in Surrey is a prime example.

No one who lives in Guildford wants an on ground railway along 104th Avenue between Surrey Place and Guildford Mall. No one. Right now it's a problem free five minute bus ride. A LRT will create an infrastructure nightmare. Reverting 104th to a single lane of traffic in each direction is completely insane. 108th backs up in the late afternoons because it is two lanes with no left hand turning lanes. If someone wants to make a left turn, traffic becomes congested.

Making a left turn on 104th after a LRT is in place is exponentially worse. Not only do you have to wait for a break in oncoming traffic, you also have to look in your rear view mirror to see if a train is coming. It is structurally unsafe. People who drive cars prefer sky train because sky train does not impede traffic. People who drive cars should have a say because they pay Translink a billion dollars a year in a regional gas tax above and beyond federal and provincial gas tax. No private company would be allowed to continue and expand running a billion dollar deficit every year.

Who got the contract for the Evergreen Sky train line? SNC-Lavalin. That was a criminal act. Who makes LRT and makes campaign contributions to the federal Liberals and Conservatives? SNC-Lavalin. Do the math. The new movement that is rising in Canada opposes this kind of political corruption and demands politicians stop wasting tax dollars and start becoming fiscally responsible. Giving billions of tax dollars to dirty construction companies that under bid and over charge contracts while giving a kickback to the politicians in the form of campaign contributions has to end. No lie can live forever. Tunnel fear mongering is false.

It's pretty sad when the NDP support small business more than the Neo Cons do. The Neo Cons claim they support small business and a free market but they do not. They support corporate monopolies that destroy the free market and consumer taxes that kill small business. Welcome to the New world Order where the Left is Right and the Right is Left leaving behind the principles they claim to uphold. Corporate Communism is bad. Civil Liberty is good.

Mike Smyth has lost his mind

Clearly Mike Smyth has lost his mind and his conscience. He's the Dianne Watts lapdog that took over for Alex Tsakumis. We have already exposed his Gordon Wilson fraud but he refuses to concede and continues to rant like a raging lunatic. This guy needs some professional help.

Bruce Ralston is a well respected MLA in Surrey. Bruce has been active in his community and reelected as a MLA for many many years. After the last election the NDP started to clean house. They saw Gordon Wilson's exuberant salary advocating for natural gas to be a waste of tax dollars and it clearly was. I support natural gas because it is clean burning. However you don't have to pay someone $12,500 a month to say that.

That job was a sweetheart appointment. He got it after his wife wrote a book promoting Christy Clark. Before that Gordon Wilson and his wife Judy were in a financial bind because of their own defamation in another case they lost in court. It's a toxic cesspool really.

Which makes us wonder why Mikey lapdog would even consider opening that can of worms. Why bring more attention to the Gordon Wilson fraud? Does he really think the public is that stupid? Evidently he does. Just another credibility meltdown in a day of Post Media News.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Saskatoon Police warn of cocaine laced with fentanyl


The Saskatoon Star Phoenix is reporting that "A man and a woman are dead and four other people have been hospitalized for drug overdoses, the Saskatoon Police Service said in a media release on Sunday evening. Police have arrested three men and they face drug trafficking-related charges. Police have also issued a public safety advisory. They are warning anyone who may have purchased cocaine from a drug dealer named “Lil Joe” or “Joe Bro” or have contacted a dealer with the number 306-881-7300, that the drug they purchased could be laced with fentanyl. Police say the dosage of fentanyl in the drug may be lethal."

OK so this is new. The Saskatoon Police recognize when a drug dealers sells someone cocaine and laces it with fentanyl without telling the buyer, that is morally wrong. For them to name the drug dealer and post his phone number is new. Saskatoon has been hit with a surge in fentanyl fatalities like everywhere else because the drug dealers want to get addicts addicted to fentanyl so they can make more money. As a result, Saskatoon Police are considering murder charges.

Compare that to BC where the police do nothing. A local nurse named Leanne Yardley bought a line of cocaine from a drug dealer in a local Hells Angels strip bar named Shakerz and died because it was straight fentanyl. There was no cocaine in it. When we broke that story the police here did absolutely nothing. They did not name her or the bar she bought the drugs from.

After we broke the story a Doctor of Death from Fraser Health said "In addition, people report taking a variety of drugs including, but not limited to heroin, crack cocaine, COCAINE, amphetamines, ecstasy and GHB. At this time, we are warning people that all drugs may be contaminated with lethal substances."

Parents of overdose victims complained that the police here refused to charge the fentanyl dealers with anything at all. This obscene abandonment of the Four Pillars program which has seen harm prevention turn into harm promotion has seen Surrey and Vancouver have the highest overdose death rate in the world. This is not a successful model for anyone else to follow. It is a lethal fog of fraud that has choked reason unconscious from the public's mind.

If a drug dealer sells drugs laced with fentanyl arrest them. Enforcement is a crucial element of the Four Pillars program. That is the New York model. That is the model I support. Harm promotion is not what the Portugal model was about. The Portugal model was about treatment. Something we refuse to implement here in metro Vancouver because except for Price Pro, all our local detox are flop houses for addicts to do drugs. Drug dealers are selling drugs at detox centres. We need to arrest the drug dealers so those who want treatment can get it.

I ill note that if anyone is putting fentanyl in cocaine in Saskatoon it is highly likely it is someone who works for the Hells Angels. Stop the greed.

CIA caught meddling in US election

CNN is reporting that "Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee announced Monday they found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia and that they are shutting down their yearlong investigation. The committee's Republicans are also disagreeing with the intelligence community's assessment that Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to help the Trump campaign over Hillary Clinton, a notion that aligns with President Donald Trump's viewpoint on election meddling."

Once again the source of the fake news has been revealed. This insane obsession with the ridiculous notion that Russia hacked the US election is coming from the CIA. The CIA is once again in a conflict of interest.

As Jesse Ventura pointed out the CIA are not authorized to operate on American soil. The CIA are the ones that supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton was the author of Operation Fast and Furious. A CIA Operation tied to the ATF that was caught selling the Mexican cartel guns and bringing back tons of cocaine into the United States as payment.

The question we must ask is why in God's name are we listening to the CIA about anything? They have been deeply involved with drug trafficking since Iran Contra. All they do is lie. When the MSM keep blindly printing every ridiculous press release the CIA sends out, they destroy their own credibility. Operation Mass Appeal was no different. The CIA is a criminal organization far worse than the Hells Angels ever were.

Instead of focusing on real news like the continued execution of political prisoners in Communist China for organ harvesting, the MSM blindly focus on a cheap whore that has absolutely no relevance whatsoever. Welcome to the Brave New World of absurd propaganda.

Edmonton Prison faces sexual misconduct lawsuit

CBC is reporting that Edmonton Prison guards have been hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit similar to the many class actions lawsuits at the RCMP. This lawsuit claims that four female prison guards have filed a class action lawsuit against six male prison guards claiming that the Edmonton prison "is a workplace rife with discrimination, harassment, bullying, abuse of authority and sexual assault. The four plaintiffs detail repeated failed attempts to get help or protection from management or the union, alleging some of the biggest abusers all had prominent positions in the union and for the most part still do."

In November 2016 the National Post reported that "An Edmonton Institution inmate alleges he was intentionally shot in the testicles with a rubber bullet during a weekend lockdown as retribution for his part in a $5.6-million lawsuit against the Attorney General of Canada."

It's interesting Edmonton has been singled out again. When it come to investigating organized crime, locals believe the EPS is compromised just like the BC Gang Task force after they disbanded the OMGU. That's why all the gang busts in Alberta are from ALERT. Perhaps we should contract out our gang enforcement in BC to them. At least they will do the job.

Canadian Sailor in sexual assault case found guilty

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bombardier bites the dust

Global is reporting on another scam from Bombardier. We really need to stop pouring tax dollars into that perpetual tax fraud. Bombardier is almost as bad as Lockheed Martin. We need to let Boeing take over Bombardier so that black hole can start making some money. Boeing is Good. Bombardier Sucks. Don't get me started on Airbus. Boeing is a better business model.

Bombardier under fire for $32.6M US given to executives while taking government cash

Caisse, Bombardier's largest shareholder has sizable investments in SNC-Lavalin.

Protesters gather outside Bombardier HQ over CEO pay scandal

Bombardier implicated in Brazilian price fixing case

Bribery trial points to higher-ups at Bombardier

Greta Matassa elevates Surrey

I was surprised to see accomplished Jazz vocalist Greta Matassa performing in Surrey today. Seemingly she was at Frankie's Jazz Club in Vancouver on Friday and Saturday night. Today she was at Northwood United Church for their Jazz Vespers.

Gretta is from Seattle and has taught vocal jazz at the Blaine Jazz Festival for years. She's awesome. Now it's called the Drayton Harbor music camp. If you have a kid that wants to learn Jazz, send them there. It is well worth it.

Paragliding off Mount Seymour

I snowshoed up Mount Seymour today and saw three paragliders launch off a ridge just below first Peak. It was pretty awesome. Hike up, glide down. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Legal Pot company acquires Spire Secure Logistics

Spire Secure Logistics has announced that they have just been acquired by Friday Night Inc. a Canadian public company which owns and controls cannabis and hemp-based assets in Las Vegas. The CEO of Spire Secure Logistics is former police officer Andrew Richards.

"Tim Humberstone, a former law enforcement leader and respected expert in Canada’s regulated cannabis sector is joining Spire Secure Logistics, a company specializing in security, intelligence, and compliance. As Chief Strategy Officer, Tim will lead Spire’s growth in Ontario and support clients across Canada with his depth and breadth of specialized knowledge and relationships."

I'm a little bit confused. Andrew Richards is a local rock star. People call him Andy but I get the feeling he prefers to be called Andrew. I don't like some of his friends but Andrew is competent. His pal JD Hawg is a complete sleazebag but I won't get into that. Much.

The reason I'm a bit confused is that this announcement comes right after Kim Bolan wrote that article about Weird Hal Porteous advertising on Facebook to help people get Medicinal grow op licenses. Now I hear vague references claiming Weird Hal is no longer a member in good standing. I am suspicious to say the least. Andrew was Kim's source for her article.

I have no problem with the Hells Angels being involved with legal pot. I never did. I had a problem with them trading all the BC Bud for cocaine in the US and bringing it back to Canada to be sold here as crack. That was my concern. If the Hells Angels want to make money from legal enterprises then feel free. I won't stop them. Cops getting involved with legal pot is a little bit conflicted but hey, it's a free world. So we are led to believe.

Jodie Emory has Tweeted her concerns about cops cashing in on legal pot while she and her husband are still being tormented by them. "Kash Heed, former B.C. solicitor general and former West Vancouver police chief, is a strategic consultant with National Green BioMed, which has applied to grow medicinal marijuana near Mission. The company, which recently gave $1 million to the University of B.C. to to study the therapeutic effects of cannabis, is chaired by Herb Dhaliwal, a former Vancouver MP and federal cabinet minister."

Doug Ford named new leader of Ontario Conservatives

CBC is reporting that "Former Toronto city councillor Doug Ford was named the Ontario Progressive Conservative leader after a turbulent party convention on Saturday, but runner-up Christine Elliott says she won't concede and that there were serious irregularities in the race."

Ontario has lost their mind. Doug Ford is an idiot. His brother Rob was an abusive drunk. The last leader of the Conservative party in Ontario resigned amidst sexual harassment allegations. From there, Doug Ford is a step backwards not forwards. Christine Elliott was the voice of reason - a beacon of light. Doug Ford is a cloud of darkness.

CBC is reporting that "If you're perhaps mildly confused about how the Ontario Progressive Conservatives choose their leaders, take comfort in the fact that you are certainly not alone. The process is relatively complex. It's designed to ensure that a candidate has support throughout the province, rather than in limited geographic areas. That's partly why, despite the fact that Christine Elliott won both the popular vote and also the majority of ridings, the former MPP still lost to the PC's newly elected leader, Doug Ford, by a razor thin margin."

It sounds like the provincial process is a shady version of having to hold second and third ballots without actually holding them. I do not believe that anyone who voted for Caroline Mulroney in the first round chose Doug Ford over Christine Elliott in the second round. That is not believable.

The natural consequence is simple. Had the Ontario Conservatives elected Christine Elliott as their leader I would have voted conservative. Now I will not. It's that simple. Reform Ontario.

We need to separate ourselves from the New Con because it's the same as the Old Con.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Fatal shooting in Surrey

CBC is reporting that "A man is dead after a shooting in a Surrey residential area Friday night. Surrey RCMP officers were called to a report of shots fired near a home at 137A Street near 67 Avenue around 7 p.m. A man was found suffering from gunshot wounds at the scene. He was taken to hospital, where he later died."

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) has identified Pardip Brar, 23, as the victim of Friday night’s deadly shooting in Surrey. Brar, a Delta resident, was known to police. There was a shooting in the same area in mid-February."

Shots fired in Newton Sunday morning.

The Green way up: From Australia to Norway

Speaking of Australians and Netflix, I just found a very interesting series on Netflix called The Green way up. It's about a group of Australians that go on a trek from Australia to Norway all on homemade biodeisel. These are really good guys and they have a really good idea. Like I said, Aussies are rugged and fun. I've never met an Aussie I didn't like.

I'm not exactly sure what biodeisel is but if Alberta can export toxic tar sands bitumen and petroleum coke why can't Surrey produce biodeisel? This is something we need to look at. With all the deep fryers in North America there is no reason we can't turn all that waste oil into biodiesel. Right now it just goes in the garbage.

Within Surrey and Vancovuer's recycling program they collect food scraps as well as paper and plastic. At first we all thought the food scraps was just for composting. Not so. They turn that food scrap into fuel. Global is reporting on a new bio-fuel facility in Surrey.

Update: This series is awesome. I wish I knew about it when it was happening. We could of set up a Gofund me page for them. However, it appears that season two hasn't happened yet. Season one was a trip across Australia without filling up at a single petrol station. Season two is no doubt going to be even more challenging because they'll be picking up used cooking oil from restaurants in foreign countries with a different language.

Unfortunately I'm not sure if season two is still on the table. The domain name has expired and there hasn't been any activity on their twitter or Facebook for a few years. Nevertheless, I highly recommend the series. It's a great idea and they are a bunch of great guys.

One of the young guys related the challenges they were having with their primary vehicle to going on a bad date with a girl who complains the whole night then doesn't offer to pay for her food. Dude, if you take a girl out for dinner you can't make her pay. If she offers to pay you can't let her. That's just not right. Are we not men or are we DEVO? Don't support the Devolution of the species. It's not a matter of being pussy whipped it's a matter having having a little self respect.

Apparently here in Metro Vancouver you're not supposed to put used cooking oil in the dump. They have a separate collection facility to put it. There is even a biodesiel company here in the lower mainland now. I had no idea. This is good. Onward and upward.

US Police scam Vancouver company that sells encrypted BlackBerrys

Kim Bolan has exposed another police scam. She reports that "The owner of a Vancouver company that sells encrypted BlackBerrys popular with B.C. gangsters is facing charges in the U.S. of racketeering, conspiracy and drug trafficking. Vincent Ramos, who started Phantom Secure in 2008, is even alleged in U.S. court documents to have sold his specialized devices to “some members of the (Mexican) Sinaloa (drug) cartel.” Ramos, 41, was arrested in the U.S. on Wednesday, as police in Metro Vancouver raided his business and home."

Only he's not being charged in Canada he's being charged in the US. "The U.S. alleges Ramos, Phantom Secure and others whose names are blacked out engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity involving gambling, money laundering and drug trafficking. And Ramos is also alleged to have knowingly and intentionally conspired with other persons to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine.” Only they are referring to a sting operation which constitutes entrapment.

The police posed as drug dealers and asked him Is this system secure? He said yes. They said can you wipe our blackberries clean? He said yes. He was not involved with any drug trafficking at all. That's like arresting all Internet providers because someone who used their service was looking at child porn or selling drugs online. The ISP is not liable for what customers do.

US police coming into Canada to search his home and business. That crosses the line. They'll search him but they won't search Shakerz. That means their motives are suspect.

Obviously I don't support drug trafficking yet I don't support US police taking someone from Canada and trying them in a US court on bogus charges they made up. Edward Snowden is in hiding because he exposed the fact that the NSA were breaking the law and lied to congress. The fact that they want to throw him in jail and not charge the NSA is evidence of just how screwed up the US is right now and how far they have deviated from their scared constitution.

The US authorities like to spy on everyone. They don't like it when anyone creates a method of encryption that they can't access. Normally when they reroute a cell phone with their Stingray antennas they can access encrypted messages. Perhaps they are unable to hack this system.

After Operation Fast and Furious where the CIA and the ATF were selling the Mexican cartel guns and bringing back tons of cocaine into the United States as payment it is pretty obvious that the US authorities are not concerned with disrupting drug trafficking. They are only concerned with eliminated drug dealing rivals and betraying those that worked for them.

Since the RCMP is watching the drug trafficking out of Shakerz supplying the Surrey strip with Fentanyl it is obvious that they are not concerned with disrupting drug trafficking either. They just want to be able to seize the proceeds of crime for letting it flourish.

This news release once again perpetuates the police propaganda pretending to use tax dollars to stop organized crime when they are in reality doing the exact opposite. They are promoting organized crime while they kill the constitution and civl liberty in the process.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Trudeau appoints Brenda Lucki to lead challenge-plagued RCMP

It comes as no surprise that Justin Trudeau has appointed a woman to help cover up or move past the generations of sexual harassment at the RCMP. It's probably a good thing. That is one problem that desperately needs to be fixed. However, there is another problem that has yet to be addressed - organized crime.

The Huffington Post is reporting that "The force has continued to face embarrassing revelations about sexism and sexual misconduct in RCMP ranks, even one year after commissioner Bob Paulson apologized for discrimination against female officers and agreed to a $100-million settlement of two class-action lawsuits."

In BC we are well familiar with the magnitude of sexual misconduct within the RCMP. The Friends of Craig Callen (FOCCers) as they were known locally kept getting promoted amidst continued allegations of sexual misconduct. Bill Fordy wasn't corrupt. He was just an idiot that cared more about getting laid than he did about doing his job. Bob Paulson, Bill Fordy and Craig Callen went on a "fishing trip" at a resort on Pitt Lake and they didn't bring their wives.

Bob Paulson worked on the Pickton case. He was in charge of the witness protection of Dianne Rock. Unfortunately he was too preoccupied with his partner to believe Dianne Rock's claim of being gang raped on the Pickton farm by bikers and cops so she left protective custody and ended up dead. The Catherine Galliford case was settled out of court along with a gag order.

In Bob Paulson's exit interview he admitted that during his tenure as RCMP Commissioner he took every officer in charge of investigating organized crime off of organized crime and put them on the bogus terrorist creation unit that loses billions of tax dollars from it's budget every year to bribe and threaten former drug addicts into performing terrorist attacks.

Since it is clear that the RCMP refuse to investigate organize crime, it is time we gave that jurisdiction to someone who will. The only difference between BC and Quebec when it comes to corruption is that Quebec has a task force that investigates organized crime while BC does not.

Wreck Trek on Netflix

I just powered through a TV series on Netflix called Wreck Trek. It only had a two out of five star rating and I had to fast forward through all the toxic drama but the original quest was somewhat interesting. Six people bought three junker cars from the scrap yard and drove them all the way from Berlin to Capetown, South Africa.

I was somewhat shocked and disappointed they threw Lucy under the bus in the last episode. Lucy was rock solid the entire trip. Throwing her under the bus like that was uncalled for.

Lucy was from Sydney. Australians are rugged and fun to be around. I have never met an Australian that I did not like. The mission was spearheaded by an American named John Lovejoy. He obviously had skills for putting the whole thing together but his unrealistic expectations and unending critical comments became toxic.

At one point Lovie said the Australian accent sounded like rednecks and it may have offended Lucy. Ya just got to remember that sometimes the Americans talk sh*t and they don't really mean it. They're just joking. White Americans sound like rednecks not Australians. Everyone loves the Australian accent. When I was in New York I had a long goatee and one of the guys called me Colonel Sanders. I just looked and him and the guy's looked at me and I knew I had to do something or that name would stick and they would eat me for breakfast. The guy's street name was Dragon. I really liked him. Every time he called me Colonel Sanders I called him lizard instead of dragon. He stopped calling me Colonel Sanders pretty quick after that.

The British do it too. They like to take the piss out of people which means mock them. It's just sarcasm. It was however, sad to see everyone trash Susan all the time. Susan is a wonderful person. Everyone kept saying Susan is stupid and Susan is a bad driver over and over again. It was just plain toxic. Lovie was the most vocal about Susan's driving. Yet he crashed his car twice and Susan did not. Susan helped keep everything together.

Both of the girls were absolutely rugged. They made it all the way through the Congo on those dusty roads with a broken window. Dust was everywhere inside the cars and all over them. They were both rock solid rugged. You have to give credit where credit is due. Negative reinforcement just isn't healthy. You can disagree with someone or confront evil but trashing them just for the sake of trashing them is toxic. You don't feel good about yourself so you have to cut someone else down? You can never build a healthy self image by tearing down others.

Jonathan was from England. He was a good bloke so he was. The fact that the could speak French was a huge asset. It looked like Lovie was a bit jealous of his ability to speak French and kept complaining that he should just shut up when talking to locals. Yet having him in some of the French speaking countries they went through after he left would have been a big help. When you are driving through the middle of nowhere and start speaking English to random people expecting them to know English is a bit rude and unrealistic.

Rob was a really good guy too. It was sad that after one of the cars died the series became kind of an episode from survivor where two people had to be cut. That just fostered the negative criticism. Tony was the resourceful mechanic. He admitted near the end while he was complaining about Susan that it was like having to put up with your girlfriend without getting any. It's pretty obvious Tony and Lovie were wanting to get laid. Lovie was choked Lucy kept talking to her boyfriend on the phone near the end. She missed her boyfriend. That's pretty normal.

Sharing a room with an attractive young women without getting any is enough to drive any normal man insane. Next time take your girlfriend so you can relax and have fun without being so obsessed with a crazy timetable. When I do my trek across Canada and the US on my motorcycle it's going to be leisurely and I'm going to take lots of pictures. That's why I'm going alone. No drama. Just enjoying the beauty of nature and the Zen of the moment.

Stormy Daniels is a cheap whore

The Main stream Media has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. They are still spamming the public with nonsense about Russia while they promote China's Corporate Communism around the globe. Stormy Daniels knowingly had an affair with a married man and is still continuing to milk it until the cows come home. Donald Trump is a sleazebag just like the rest of them but Stormy Daniels is a cheap whore and the MSM is nothing but tabloid trash. Gary Webb RIP.